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Alexa From Love Is Blind’s Mom Is Just 6 Years Older! Here’s Why She Left Her Biological Mom

By Ethan Young on February 16, 2023
Alexa From Love Is Blind’s Mom: Peek at the Influencer’s Skeptical Family Background and All About Her Mother

Alexa from Love Is Blind's mom, Morgan Alfia is not much younger than her. Her stepmother is only six years older. When Alexa was young, her biological mom and dad divorced. Alexa's stepmom is a social media influencer and a co-owner of Neon Strong, a gym and physical fitness center that offers classes in cycling, strength, dance, and yoga.

Alexa Lemieux is a reality star and a social media star who owns an insurance agency in Dallas, Texas. She previously lived in Israel, where she has family, and graduated from Tel Aviv University in 2016 with a degree in communication and media studies. She is well-known for being cast in the 2022 Netflix hit series Love Is Blind.

Aside from the love triangles and feuds, Alexa Alfia's stepmother Morgan Alfia drew the majority of the audience's attention. Love Is Blind Season 3 Episode 6 gave us a brief glimpse of Alexa's family. We've been hearing talks about her family of extroverts who live a luxurious lifestyle ever since she struck up a friendship with Brennon Lemieux. When we finally got to meet her family, her words came true.

Alexa's skeptical Israeli family was forthright about their culture, way of life, and the type of life they expected for Alexa after marriage. Her stepmother Morgan, on the other hand, was the most talked about a family member on the show. Fans want to know more about Alexa from Love Is Blind's mom. Continue reading to learn more about her.

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Alexa From Love Is Blind's Mom Is a Co-owner of the Gym & Is the Mother of Six: When She Was 13, Alexa Cut All Contact With Her Biological Mother

Alexa Lemieux (@mrsalexalemieux) from Love Is Blind's mom Morgan Alfia (@mtalfia) is a gym and physical fitness center owner and a social media star. She is frequently seen posting photos on Instagram. She enjoys dressing well, just like any other wealthy and ambitious woman. She is very close to her family and is frequently seen on social media posting about her husband, children, and stepchildren. She owned and operated an Allstate insurance agency prior to her pregnancy, which she eventually sold to her stepdaughter - who we all know as Alexa from Love Is Blind - before Emma was born.

Most viewers' attention was drawn to Morgan Alfia, Alexa Alfia's stepmother, rather than the romance or family feuds. She has battled body shamers throughout her time on the show. Aside from the gym, she makes money by promoting products on social media and has a net worth of $700,000. Now, the couple is moving on and planning to start a family together, hopefully putting all of the haters to rest once and for all.

Alex's stepmom is a co-owner of Neon Strong which offers classes in cycling, strength, dance, and yoga. Morgan had previously exercised regularly prior to becoming pregnant, and she was looking forward to starting her exercise routine and thought cycling classes would be great for cardio. The classes rekindled her enthusiasm for fitness. Morgan then decided to open an exercise studio that combined all of the elements she liked in other studios in one location.

Alexa is 27 and her mom is 33 years old. Her stepmother is only six years older. When she was young, her biological mother and father divorced. She severed all contact with her mother when she was 13 years old, and the ensuing hostility drove her to live with her grandparents in Israel. She had never experienced parental love until she went there. Morgan Alfia, her stepmother, now lives with her. There is also a significant age difference between the social media star and her husband. Adam is 53 years old, and there is an 18-year age difference between the two.

Adam and Morgan have been married for 7 years and have known each other for 10 years. The couple married at The Joule Hotel in Dallas, Texas, in 2015. They have lived the majority of their life in North Texas. In 2007, she graduated from John Horn High School. Adam has six children in total, five with his first wife and one with his second wife Morgan. On the other hand, Alexa's mom has also been discussed on Reddit. Reddit user says her stepmom looks like the plastic surgery version of Alexa times 10. However, another user says, she is only 33, so it is unlikely that she required extensive plastic surgery.