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The Witty Truth Behind Why Everyone Thinks Andrew Santino Might Be Gay

By Ethan Young on January 30, 2023
Is Andrew Santino Gay? An Insider in Andrew Santino’s Sexuality and the Reason Behind the Assumption

Despite all of these rumors, and refusal to reveal Andrew Santino's relationship with his actual wife until now, we can be certain that he is not gay. He made fun of himself by claiming that he was gay as a child. It makes people wonder about his sexuality, and many people eventually describe him as gay.

Andrew Santino is an outstanding stand-up comedian and podcaster from Illinois. He currently hosts the popular Whiskey Ginger podcast. Santino's numerous associations in the entertainment industry have brought him enormous recognition throughout his career. Andrew began his career as a writer, penning scripts for MTV's Punk'd. He is a brilliant actor as well as a writer. He has appeared in numerous TV shows and films, including How I Met Your Mother, Trilogy, I'm Dying Up Here, House Party, and Dave. He is well-known for Game Over, Man!, The Disaster Artist, and Me Time.

The comedian, 39, is a barrel of laughs who is well-known for his flamboyant stand-up comedies, movies, and podcasts, has recently been caught up in a whirlwind of rumors. His fans have begun to form opinions and assumptions about him being gay. It's probably because his jokes contain a lot of homosexual content. Let us discover whether Andrew Santino is gay or straight.

Andrew Santino Is Not Gay: His Secretive Relationship With His Genuine Wife Makes Fans Wonder Whether He Is Gay or Not

We can be certain that Andrew Santino (@cheetosantino) is not gay despite all of these accusations and the fact that he has been secretive about his relationship with his genuine wife up to this point. However, because Santino has not addressed this further, no conclusions can be drawn. The rumor first spread around the world in 2014, thanks to his role as Sally's gay brother in the comedy series How I Met Your Dad.

Rumors also spread to Andrew's stand-up comedies. He's been including a lot of homosexual jokes in his shows, as most of his audience has been wondering if the comedian is homosexual in real life. Because the majority of the stories are inspired by real-life consequences, such things may have raised questions. He didn't give any specific hints, but all of his homosexual jokes made Santino more vulnerable to widespread rumors.

After the podcaster performed a stand-up comedy set titled Everybody Was Gay in Third Grade, rumors about his sexuality gained traction. Then, in 2017, he posted a video on YouTube mocking himself and calling himself gay as a child. The phenomenal comedian, who was cheering the crowd on, joked about how everyone, including himself, was homosexual in third grade. He claimed to be a homosexual who wore sweatpants and played a recorder.

After a while, the I'm Dying Up Here star began posting photos with one of his comedian friends, Chris D'Elia. They were seen hanging out far too frequently and continued to post pictures of themselves together. People were asking him question after question, but he didn't respond with a yes or a no. As a result, many of the events were taking place at the time.

However, one day he announced his engagement to Chris. However, through an Instagram image, Santino announced that he was marrying Crish and starting a family (now deleted). In the caption, he declared Chris the love of his life and revealed that they will marry this summer on the Amalfi coast at San Cosma. He also stated that he and his partner would leave LA after the wedding and relocate to Laxey.

People were taken aback after witnessing such an unexpected piece. But they had no idea that the comedian was playing a prank on his audience. He was well aware of the false rumors, so he simply took a moment to fool around. Later, it revealed that Santino is not gay and was in fact married to the love of his life. He also made no mention of his wife's name or identity.

The comedian keeps his personal life as private as possible. This was one of the reasons his marital relationship was never revealed. When the Internet went crazy over his gay rumors, he dug deeper and admitted to having a wife, the identity of whom he had kept hidden for years. During a podcast episode with Whitney Cummings, he admitted that before meeting his now-wife, he never wanted to get married.

Watch Andrew Santino: Cheeseburger alum described how he and his wife met as friends and did not intend to marry at first. But they eventually married and are having a great time together. The stand-up artist has mentioned his wife on his podcast. He did, however, clear his name of the rumors. He and his wife work in completely different fields, and they are both working hard to advance their careers. On the other hand, his mysterious married life makes people wonder whether he is gay or not.