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With a Connection Shipped by Fans of Too Hot to Handle: Germany, Are Stella and Tobias Still Together on Their Love Journey?

By Ethan Young on March 11, 2023
Are Stella and Tobias Still Together? Behind the Scenes of the Love Saga of Stella and Tobias, No-One Knows What’s Going On Now

It is unclear if Stella and Tobias are still together because they have not provided an official update on their relationship status. However, the couple follows each other on Instagram and appears to be friendly and such interactions give us high hopes for their relationship's future.

Netflix's Too Hot to Handle: Germany is one of the most popular shows in the Too Hot To Handle franchise. The series has a lot on the way. The first season of this show featured some stunning people meeting and finding their ideal partners.

The on-screen journey was far from easy for Tobias Klein and Stella Stegmann, but it did allow them to foster a connection that they had never experienced before. The show's recent release has piqued the couple's fans' interest in whether Stella and Tobias are still together or not. So, let's find out.

Stella and Tobias Have Not Provided an Official Update on Their Relationship Status, so It Is Unknown if They Are Still Together

It is unclear if Stella and Tobias are still together because they have not provided an official update on their relationship status. The couple does, however, follow each other on Instagram, and Stella has been very complimentary of her possible boyfriend in the comments section of his Instagram posts. Such interactions give us high hopes for the future of their relationship. At the very least, the two appear to be friendly. She admits in Too Hot to Handle: Germany that she has always been a bad girl and is destined to be alone.

Stella Stegmann is currently based in Munich, Germany. She is a highly successful model and influencer. In fact, she has over 252k fans on Instagram (@stella_tiana), along with more than 143k TikTok followers. The reality TV star appears to be growing closer to Anna Strigl, and the two are frequently seen on each other's social media.

On the other hand, Tobias Klein is an IT consultant, though he is also a digital content creator with about 36.5 thousand followers on Instagram (@tobiasxklein). He currently resides in Heilbronn, Germany, and is promoting his Netflix debut with zeal.

Klein was eager to pursue a relationship with Stella from the moment he entered the Netflix series. The cast members thought they were on a different show called Tropical Paradise on their first day on the show and were more than happy to become physically intimate with potential partners.

Tobias knew he had a lot of competition for Stella's affection, so he took advantage of the first chance he got and kissed her in the shower. Stella herself was open to exploring any and all possibilities, so she did nothing to discourage the attention she was receiving from others.

In fact, Stella kissed Anna 32 minutes after discovering which show she was really on but chose to stay with Tobias. The couple's chemistry quickly became apparent, and they lost €14,000 as a result of their physical activities on one of the first nights of the sex ban. Tobias, on the other hand, soon found himself wishing for more and wondering if his partner was more interested in him than he was in her. As a result, when newcomer Lorra Sophie decided to take him on a date, he eagerly anticipated the opportunity.

Tobias had a great time with Sophie and continued to flirt with her, but he ultimately chose to stay with Stella. He admitted to finding the new cast member physically appealing, but he was unwilling to lose the latter over a possible exploratory new relationship. The couple did decide to celebrate the occasion by kissing soon after, and they lost an additional €12,000. However, their rule-breaking streak came to an end as they became more conscious of their actions and were content to open up to each other on a deeper level.

Nonetheless, with the arrival of the second batch of newcomers, things became even more difficult for the couple. Tobias was extremely jealous when Marco Cali decided to go on a date with Stella, despite his best efforts to trust his partner.

However, the occasion seemed to boost Stella's courage, so she decided to indulge herself even more. While she was happy to be with Tobias, she ended up joining the two new male cast members in the communal shower, which surprised everyone, including Tobias.

Meanwhile, Marco hoped to spark a romance with Stella, but the latter was regretting her recent actions and hoped to settle things with Tobias alone. Tobias decided to drop the incident after a candid conversation with Stella and some clarifications from Marco. Because of their progress throughout the show, the couple was the first to receive approval for their rule-exempt watches and were even named finalists. As a result, it's unclear whether the couple is still together.