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Blake Abbie Credits His Father Robert Alexander Abbie for His Beliefs and Confidence

By Liam Scott on January 25, 2023
Blake Abbie’s Father: Be the First to Know All About Blake Abbie’s Story and His Father

Blake Abbie was born in Edinburg to his father Robert Alexander Abbie and his mother June Wong-Abbie. His father provided him with assurance, belief, and confidence. Robert ostensibly always maintained a relatively comfortable financial position while supporting both his family and his passions. His parents were 26 years apart in age, and his father died in 2020.

Blake Abbie is a Vancouver-based writer who is half Chinese and half Scottish. Though he's gained a reputation in the fashion world, he originally studied opera singing and Germanic studies at the University of British Columbia, much like co-star Tina Leung, who convinced him to participate in the show. This led to a career in modeling and, eventually, a position at Total World talent agency.

Later in his career, he moved on to fashion magazines like Industrie, System, and Document Journal. He even went on to appear on Netflix's Bling Empire: New York in 2023. But it wasn't his first appearance on television. He was also cast as Thomas in the Chinese version of Meteor Garden, a popular TV series. In just two months, the Netflix/Hunan TV coproduction received five billion views in China alone.

Abbie admitted that she does not identify as Asian American, but rather as Chinese and Scottish. Robert Alexander Abbie was from Edinburg, and her mother, June Wong-Abbie was from Hangzhou, China. His parents were 26 years apart in age. On the reality show, we get a sneak peek at Abbie's mother's trip to New York City. But, the absence of his father has piqued the interest of fans. So, if you want to learn more about his late father, we've got the details for you.

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Meet Blake Abbie’s Father, Robert Alexander Abbie: He Taught Him to Appreciate What He Had and Not Let Anything Interfere With His Day-To-Day Happiness

Blake Abbie (@blakeabbie) is the only son of his father, Robert Alexander Abbie, and mother, June Wong Abbie. He was born on October 30, 1990, in Montreal, Canada, and was raised in Vancouver. His parents gave him complete freedom to be who he wants to be while instilling some ideals in him. Young Abbie is now content with what he does and who he is.

He admitted that it was his father who gave him assurance, belief, and confidence. If Abbie's father taught him anything, it was to appreciate what he had and not let anything get in the way of his daily happiness. Robert would never put any pressure on Blake by simply maintaining an open line of communication and supporting his life choices as long as they made him happy.

Robert Alexander Abbie was born in mid-June 1934, indicating that he spent a significant portion of his early formative years in horror as a result of WWII (1939 to 1945). His father died six months after his 86th birthday in December 2020, at 86. He was 26 years his wife's senior. The reality star's parents are of different races. His mother is Chinese while his father was Scottish and originally from Edinburgh. He learned English, French, and Mandarin as a child in Montreal, and he spoke Mandarin to his mother. Blake's father enjoyed fishing and climbing China's icy sacred mountains. He does not have an Instagram account. But, like his wife, he was frequently featured on his son's Instagram.

However,  Abbie's father moved from his hometown in Scotland to Canada as a young adult to play professional soccer before eventually becoming a corporate employee in the 1960s to advance his career. Despite leaving a mark on the world, it appears that he and his family did well for themselves in the years that followed through sheer hard work, dedication, and a bit of luck. Unfortunately, the exact path Robert took from there is unknown, but Blake has made it abundantly clear that his father wore many hats throughout his 86 years. According to some sources, his father was a money manager by calling.

In other words, Robert ostensibly always maintained a relatively comfortable financial position while supporting both his family and his passions. Because Blake and his family prefer to keep a lot of things private, it's difficult to estimate their individual net worths, despite the fact that their combined estimate is around $20 million. Taking into account all of Robert's known professional experiences, as well as the fact that he appeared to work hard for a good chunk of his life and appeared content until the end, despite having to stay in a nursing home and be on dialysis in the last couple of years, we believe his net worth could be close to $10 million.