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Almost Getting Away With His First Wife’s Murder, Many Believe That Bobby Lozano Did It for His Second Wife!

By Bridgette Dane on November 25, 2022
Bobby Lozano's Second Wife: Who is Bobby Lozano's second wife after the death of his first?

With no words on Bobby Lozano's second wife, the news of him murdering his first wife on their wedding anniversary made headlines around the world. On the evening of July 6, 2002, Virginia Lozano, a.k.a. Viki, was found dead from a gunshot wound in her bedroom at her Denton, Texas, residence. After that, he allegedly married another woman and now his second wife is a secret!

Robert Cruz Lozano AKA Bobby, and Virginia, also known as Viki, met when they were quite young. They met in the summer after Viki graduated from high school and married when she was only 20 years old. They seemed to have a great life in the years that followed. Bobby went on to become a police officer while Viki worked as a teacher. The couple gave birth to a boy called Monty in August 2001. Their seemingly blessed life, however, came to an abrupt end on July 6, 2002.

A frantic call from police officer Bobby Lozano led officials to his home in Denton, Texas, in July 2002. His wife, Viki Lozano, was discovered dead inside his home from an apparent gunshot wound. Even though the investigation lasted for many years, Bobby appeared to be the only possible suspect.

After a local newspaper article in 2008 drew further attention to the case, authorities revisited it. This time, the prosecution proceeded with a trial. Viki had popcorn husks on her clothes and a piece of popcorn in her mouth, according to the investigators. She was certainly eating in bed, but there was no popcorn in the room. So it raised suspicion toward Bobby.

As this news made headlines back in the day and people remember this incident from time to time, fans online were wondering who his second wife is. Read this article to know more about Bobby Lozano's second wife!

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Bobby Lozano’s Second Wife: According to the People Who Knew Him, He Was Dating Multiple Women While Still Being Married to Viki.

Despite all the fuss, Bobby Lozano's second wife is a mystery, however, the news of him killing his first wife on their own wedding anniversary made headlines all over the world. Virginia Lozano AKA Viki was discovered dead from a gunshot wound in the bedroom of her Denton, Texas, home on the evening of July 6, 2002.

Viki and her husband, Denton Police Detective Robert "Bobby" Lozano, had just celebrated their 16th wedding anniversary the previous evening. Bobby Lozano, a former Texas police detective, was prosecuted and convicted in a Denton courtroom for the murder of his wife, Viki. As the case is remembered; a real-life detective attempted to murder his wife by shooting her to death in their bedroom with his service revolver, speculators online believe that Bobby Lozano had a second wife.

Their 11-month-old baby was sleeping in another room, while her mother, Anna Farish, was teaching piano lessons in Plano. Bobby Lozano was found not guilty of manslaughter or negligent homicide by the jury. Defense attorneys attempted to persuade jurors that Viki Lozano committed suicide. However, prosecutor Susan Piel claimed Bobby Lozano's explanation that he began cleaning his revolver but chose to wait until he returned from a tanning salon was a cover-up to conceal the time of his. Bobby stated:

I need to stop and leave all this stuff on the bed because I had an emergency tanning session, because I have not tanned since yesterday,

Bobby informed his colleagues that she had shot herself while cleaning his revolver. Despite being his friends and coworkers, few believed him, particularly those who were aware of his womanizing tendencies. But justice would take its time. According to The Dallas Morning News, Lozano was charged with murder in 2002 but later had the charges dropped by the district attorney on the grounds that a medical examiner had decided Viki committed suicide.

When new Denton County District Attorney Paul Johnson took office in 2007, he assigned the case to prosecutors Cary and Susan Piel. According to ABC affiliate WFAA, Bobby Lozano was successfully convicted in 2009 and given a 45-year jail term.

According to the investigation, Bobby cheated on Viki with a number of different women. In actuality, on the afternoon of July 5, 2002, he met Cindy, a police officer with whom he was having an affair. The next day, Bobby took Viki out to dinner to celebrate their anniversary before leaving Cindy around midnight and coming back a few hours later. Bobby's girlfriends all stated that he was motivated by money. Not only that, but only months prior to Viki's passing, he had discussed getting married to Cindy.

Interviews with others who knew Viki also turned up some unsettling information. Bobby was against Viki having children because he thought she would put on weight, even though she had always wanted one. He was strict about Viki's diet and weight, measuring her body fat percentage with calipers and keeping track of what she ate. Bobby would also benefit financially from his wife's death through large life insurance policies, thus attempting murder.

As per Bobby Lozano's second wife, he actually might not have any, and the multiple women he has been with might be the reason, people online believe Bobby Lozano has a second wife for whom he killed his first wife Vik.

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