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Did Bonnie Cordon Really Get Plastic Surgery?

By Harper Lee on December 15, 2022
Bonnie Cordon’s Plastic Surgery: Be an Insider in Bonnie Cordon’s Secret Plastic Surgery

Bonnie Cordon, the Young Women General President, has recently sparked rumors of undergoing plastic surgery like Botox, Lip filler, and Rhinoplasty due to her current appearance. While many people have been speculating about the changes in her appearance, the 58-year-old politician has neither accepted nor denied the rumors.

Bonnie H. Cordon is first recognized as the fifteenth general president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) Young Women organization. Making her mark in politics, Bonnie was a full-time missionary in the Lisbon Mission of Portugal. One of the uprising women in politics, Bonnie is currently stirring up some rumors with her appearance.

Born in Idaho Falls, Idaho, to Harold G. Hillam and Carol Rasmussen, Bonnie Cordon was a student at Brigham Young University. Her career began as a missionary and from 2010 to 2013, she worked alongside her husband, Derek, as president of the Brazil Curitiba Mission. Soon later, she was active in her ward and stake Primary, Young Women, and Relief Society organizations, as well as teaching early morning seminary.

During Cordon's reign as Young Women General President, the church announced changes to the Young Women program in October 2019, including the retirement of class names Beehive, Mia Maid, and Laurel; having local Young Women presidents report directly to the bishop; a new Young Women theme; and a new activity program to replace Personal Progress. Cordon took part in the first-ever 'Sister-to-Sister' question-and-answer global live event in 2019 as part of Brigham Young University's Women's Conference.

Everyone's attention is on Cordon since she made her way to the Young Women General President. Fans have speculated that Cordon has undergone plastic surgery as her appearance has changed a lot recently. Well, how true is that? Let's find it out.

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Bonnie Cordon Is Accused of Undergoing Cosmetic Procedures Such as Botox, Lip Filler, and Rhinoplasty!

People have noticed that Young Women General President Bonnie Cordon (@bonniehcordon) looks different than usual since she appeared in the First Presidency's Christmas Devotional in the Conference Center in Salt Lake City. It didn't take long for rumors of plastic surgery to start spreading. While most fans thought it was the curve, shading, and shapes, the rest are certain the general president had undergone plastic surgery like Botox, Lip filler, and Rhinoplasty.

When comparing Cordon's recent photos to those from earlier in the year, the general president's nose does appear to be different. The signs of rhinoplasty are clearly visible, as it is slightly slouched and longer than it is now. However, Bonnie Cordon has not commented on the rumors of plastic surgery.

Rhinoplasty is a popular cosmetic procedure performed by famous people that actually changes the shape of the nose. This procedure can be used to either improve breathing or change the appearance of the nose. The upper part of the nose is made of bone, while the lower part is made of cartilage.

Rhinoplasty can alter the bone, cartilage, or skin of the nose or any combination of the three. Because the procedure is not overly complicated or dangerous, many people choose it to achieve their desired nose shape. Rhinoplasty is now one of the most popular cosmetic procedures and it wouldn't be much surprised if Bonnie chose to do it.

People on social media are notorious for being critical of individuals' looks and appearances. One such well-known figure, Sister Bonnie Cordon, suffered the consequences of her poor plastic surgery as well, particularly lip fillers. In 2019, one Reddit user posted a 'graphic' photo of Cordon with the caption,

Sister Bonnie H. Cordon baring her testimony of lip fillers and plastic surgery. #ironic.

Along with Rhinoplasty and lip filler, many people also believe Cordon received Botox, which is a common plastic surgery procedure among celebrities. However, the Young Women General President, who is flaunting her newly acquired nose and lip, has yet to comment on the rumor.

Pres. Bonnie Cordon’s Unusual Mission, Which Includes an Unexpected Companion!

Can you imagine going on a mission with your sibling? Bonnie H. Cordon, General President of Young Women International, didn't have to imagine it; she lived it! Beginning in 1981, Sister Cordon's parents Harold and Carol Hillam oversaw the Portugal Lisbon Mission. According to a 1990 Ensign article, their oldest daughter, Linda, had already received her call to the Portugal Lisbon Mission and was in the Missionary Training Center when her parents were assigned to the same mission as her daughter

Bonnie was later called to serve in Portugal under her parents' leadership before graduating from high school. As a result, Bonnie was assigned to be Linda's companion during the final month of her sister's mission.

Sister Bonnie Cordon also had a one-of-a-kind experience due to the timing of her mission call. Members of the Young Women and Young Men General Presidencies recently shared their perspectives on what it means to "trust in the Lord" in light of the 2022 Youth Theme from Proverbs 3:5-6.