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Reddit Users Speculate That Caroline and Sergei of Pressure Cooker Are Real Life Couple

By Ethan Young on January 15, 2023
Caroline and Sergei of Pressure Cooker: Are They Couples in Real Life? Know the Scandalous Insider!

When Caroline and Sergei formed a temporary alliance solely for the purpose of winning, the internet went crazy, and Reddit users are debating whether they are a real-life couple. However, they are not in a relationship, as Caroline is married and Sergei is dating.

Netflix's Pressure Cooker is a cooking competition in which eleven chefs compete while sharing a home. The participants in Netflix's cooking series compete for $100,000 using their culinary skills and smart moves. There is no judge or host on the show; contestants should judge and eliminate one another.

The eight-episode show premiered on January 6, 2023, and has received positive feedback from viewers. The show is billed as the first-ever house reality cooking competition and is frequently compared to a cross between Top Chef and Big Brother.

Pressure Cooker's 11 chefs come from a variety of culinary backgrounds. Sergei Nicholas Simonov and Caroline Gutierrez, two of the chefs, form a work-husband/work-wife dynamic and quickly become a power couple on the show. As a result, fans began to speculate about whether they were real-life partners. Are they linked? Let us now discover the truth.

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Caroline Gutierrez and Sergei Nicholas Simonov From Pressure Cooker Are Not Related: Reddit Users Thought They Were Dating Each Other!

Caroline Gutierrez's (@carolinevgutierrez) surreal connection with Sergei Nicholas Simonov (@chefsimonov) made Reddit user wonder if they were a real-life couple. According to one Reddit user, Sergei was extremely flirtatious and would constantly stare at as well as touch her in various ways. Another user stated that the scene in episode 5 where the pair is doing hearts before bed made him cringe. One user commented that he honestly thought Sergei is gay and that their relationship is cringe-worthy.

However, Sergei and Caroline formed a work-husband/work-wife dynamic and quickly become a power couple on the show. The two chefs formed a temporary alliance solely for the purpose of winning Pressure Cooker and surviving the show. In fact, the talented chef advanced to the show's semi-finals. We all had the impression, without a doubt, that they were in a relationship at some point. Unfortunately, we now know that they are not in a relationship and that one is married & the other is dating.

Caroline Gutierrez married his long-time boyfriend and fellow partner in her culinary business Matthew Ryder on January 18, 2020. They run Chefs C+M, a boutique private chef service in Atlanta, as well as virtual cooking classes. Gutierrez has over a decade of restaurant experience, and Matthew has a passionate and diverse culinary background.

Caroline's husband started working in the restaurant industry at 14, washing dishes and learning to love the satisfaction of delivering a delicious meal. He graduated from Cape Fear Community College in Wilmington, North Carolina, with an associate degree in Culinary Applied Sciences. Matthew has also worked as a consultant, head chef, sous chef, and, most recently, Executive Chef at Donetto, Atlanta's former Upscale Italian Restaurant.

Looking at Sergei's personal life, he is dating chef Joey, a pastry chef on Sweet Small Bites. The couple has not disclosed whether or not they are married, but they have been dating since 2014. She is passionate about food, scenery, and having fun; her photos and work can be found on Instagram. The couple has traveled the world together and appears to be as content as they could be.

Simonov is the executive chef at Santa Barbara's Loquita. It is a reservation-only Spanish restaurant where diners can enjoy tapas, fresh paella, and grilled seafood just steps from the beach. He, in addition to being featured on Loquita's page, uses his personal Instagram account to share kitchen photos — as well as the obligatory glamour shots of the food itself.

Meet the Pressure Cooker Season 1 Winner, Robbie Jester

In episode 8, Mike chose to send Sergei and Renee home. As a result, he and Robbie were the only two chefs to advance to the Pressure Cooker final. Mike, a 26-year-old private chef faced off against Robbie, a 36-year-old executive chef and restaurant owner. The chefs had to host a dinner party with a four-course menu that told their story through food in the show's final challenge. They had to each choose a sous chef to assist them in their final test. Mike chose Lana as his sous chef, while Robbie went with Ed.

The chefs all cast their final votes, and Robbie won the series with five votes to Mike's four. Some chose based on what they'd want to eat again, while others considered not only what they'd want to eat again, but also Robbie's caliber as a chef and restaurant owner. Mike was praised for his creative thinking, technical skill, and stunning plating, but it wasn't enough to secure the victory.