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Cole From Love Is Blind Celebrates His Birthday on 28th April!

By Riley Long on February 15, 2023
Cole From Love Is Blind’s Birthday: From His Date of Birth to All the Insiders, Here’s Everything We Have on Cole Barnett

Cole from Love Is Blind is an American realtor, internet celebrity, and reality TV star whose birthday is on April 23. He was born in Texas, United States, in 1995. Cole Barnett is now residing in Dallas, Texas, in the United States. He has a real estate company named Bdellium Real Estate and also works as an Acquisition Manager for JZ Home Buyers.

The hit Netflix dating show Love Is Blind has updated fans on the couples who got together during the third season. The series, hosted by married duo Nick and Vanessa Lachey, follows a group of singletons who are ready for the wedding as they meet potential suitors in pods, unable to see or speak to each other face to face. Love Is Blind contestants must get engaged without seeing their future life partners, and only after the proposals do they finally get to meet in person.

However, Cole Bernett's appearance in the series helped him gain public recognition because his personality drew thousands of viewers. Since his appearance on the Netflix dating show Love Is Blind, his social media handle following has skyrocketed and fans want to know more about him, such as his birthdate and other details. Everything you need to know is right here.

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Cole Barnett From Love Is Blind's Birthday Is on April 23: The Realtor Will Turn 28 This April

Cole from Love Is Blind is a US-based realtor, internet star, and reality star whose birthday is on April 23. He will turn 28 in April. He was born in 1995 in Texas, United States. He is now living in Dallas, Texas, USA. From 2016 to 2017, he completed his bachelor's degree in General Christian Studies at King's University. After graduation, Cole Barnett moved to San Diego for a while to work as a Youth pastor. He learned real estate and instantly fell in love with the work after working for some time. He returned to his hometown to start a career as a realtor.

The 27-year-old realtor used his savings to start a real estate company named Bdellium Real Estate in 2019. Though he wasn't able to do deals consistently at first, he now does 1-2 deals per month. He is scaling his business very quickly. His company focuses only on selling properties in Fort Worth. Likewise, he buys a property, renovates it, and eventually sells the property at a profitable price.

As per his Linkedin account, Cole Bernett works as an Acquisition Manager for a property investment company JZ Home Buyers. He tied this particular job position in May 2020 and is still a part of the company. Other than this, he still manages to run his company. Looking at his TV appearance, Love Is Blind marks his debut. Prior to this, he hasn't made it to any shows. His appearance in the series helped him become well-known to the people. Similarly, his personality attracted thousands of viewers. In fact, his social media handle (@colebrennanbarnett) following skyrocketed since his appearance in the Netflix reality show Love Is Blind.

Cole Barnett and Zanab Jaffrey of Love Is Blind Are Not Together

Cole Barnett made a name for himself on the dating show by dating realtor Zanab Jaffrey on Love Is Blind. They fell in love with each other when they first met. In fact, their professions correspond as Zanab is a realtor as well. However, they are not together post-season. The flight attendant bent down to her groom on their wedding day and opened up about how he made her feel over the weeks they spent together. The two are no longer following each other on Instagram.

Despite making it to their wedding day during Season 3, Cole and Zanab did not marry. During the reunion, Zanab revealed that she didn't hate Cole and had forgiven him completely. Cole and Zanab have had no relationship since filming the reunion special. Fans nitpicked the house flipper's manners as they watched their failed romance play out on the show, but after Cutiegate, Zainab found herself in the hot seat. Cole and Zanab's relationship hit a snag soon after their engagement. Their first fight happened after they joined the other engaged couples at a pool party.

During the reunion episode, Jaffrey revealed Cole made a remark about her overeating while she was snacking on a clementine. However, the scene played out during the credits, revealing that Zanab's story was a little dramatic. What she didn't say was that they were about to leave for a dinner reservation at a steakhouse, and Cole didn't want her to ruin her appetite. Cole disclosed that he went to therapy after the show and revealed the news during an Instagram Stories Q&A in November 2022. As if things couldn't get any worse for the ex-couple, Zanab revealed in a TikTok video posted on November 22, 2022, that she met with Cole's ex-wife.