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Colleen From Love Is Blind Is a Scorpion- Here’s Her Birth Chart Explored

By Harper Lee on February 17, 2023
Colleen From Love Is Blind’s Birth Chart: The Astonishing Ballet Star Has Mysterious Scorpio Dominant Chart

According to her birth chart, Colleen from Love Is Blind is born under the sign of Scorpio. Scorpios, like Water signs, are emotional, sincere, vibrant, and devoted to their professional and personal relationships. Fans of the show believe Matt's domineering behavior has suffocated Colleen, who was once a laid-back and feisty Scorpio.

Love Is Blind: After the Altar has updated fans on the couples who got together during the Season 3 of the hit Netflix dating show. The series, hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey, follows a group of singletons who are ready for marriage as they get to understand mixed potential suitors in pods, unable to see or speak to each other face to face. Love Is Blind contestants must get engaged without seeing their future life partners, and only after the proposals are made do they finally get to meet in person.

The three After the Altar episodes, which aired on February 10, followed couples a year after their weddings and provided some engaging senses into the contestants' lives. One of the Love Is Blind couple Colleen Reed and Matt Bolton shocked everyone by saying "I do" on their wedding day.

The duo had a bumpy road to the altar, and both admitted on the morning of their wedding that they had no idea how the day would unfold. Reed and Bolton have been living apart since their wedding, but After the Altar episodes show them making plans to move in together, and they seem to be stronger than ever. Along with them, Alexa, Cole, and Brennon are also part of the show.

Colleen admits to the other women one fact that the first six months of their marriage were difficult, but that they are now in their honeymoon phase. Fans of Love Is Blind season 3 were taken aback by their turbulent relationship, and they have been looking for more information on Colleen's birth chart. So read on to learn everything there is to know about Colleen from Love Is Blind birth chart.

Colleen Love Is Blind Star Birth Chart:  She Is a Devoted and Mysterious Scorpio

According to Colleen (@jellybean.colleen)from Love Is Blind birth chart, she is a Scorpio. She was born on October 28, 1995, on Halloween. She began the third season of the show with a bubbly personality full of energy, but by the time the reunion special aired, she seemed to be a shell of her former self. Fans of the show deem that Matt's controlling behavior has squashed the easygoing and faun Scorpio that Colleen once was.

Scorpios are emotional, intense, passionate, and devoted to their professional and personal relationships, as Water signs are. Scorpios are apprehended for their ferocity. They are described as people who put their all into whatever they do, but getting them to commit to something is rarely easy. In fact, it's best not to try to persuade them to do anything. Solar Scorpios have their own thoughts.

Based on Colleen Reed's journey in Love Is Blind season 3, these characteristics are spot on. Although viewers mocked Colleen for her constant references to ballet, there's no denying that she is dedicated to her career and puts her heart and soul into everything she does. This was also apparent in her relationship with Matt. Despite their difficulties in Love Is Blind, Colleen never wanted to abandon Matt.

Mars is the planetary ruler of both Aries and Scorpio in classical astrology. Mars was thought to have a day, or diurnal, home in Aries, with a second nocturnal home in brooding and secretive Scorpio. Mars has complete affinity and potency in Scorpio's warrior-like tendencies, but because it is in its nocturnal home, these powers take on a more secretive and covert expression. This placement is characterized by a slower, cooler, and more calculated expression of anger and drive.

On the other hand, Colleen is a 28-year-old American ballet dancer, reality star, and digital PR strategist who rose to prominence in 2022 after being cast in Netflix’s Love is Blind Season 3. She is originally from Easton, Pennsylvania, began dancing as a child, and hasn't stopped since. She studied at the Pennsylvania Youth Ballet and participated in summer intensives at The Rock School in Philadelphia, the Boston Ballet, the Orlando Ballet, the Carolina Ballet, and the Nashville Ballet.

Likewise, the Love Is Blind star has appeared in a number of high-profile productions. She's had some significant roles, including several in The Nutcracker. She has also appeared in productions such as Mizrah and Night on the Trinity. Colleen does not appear to be a full-time dancer. According to LinkedIn, she also works as a senior digital PR strategist for Fractl, where she has been since 2019. Her picture is also on the company's leadership list.