Darlene Cates Weighed 500 LB. In What’s Eating Gilbert Grape Before Her Weight Loss Journey

Darlene Cates Weighed 500 LB. In What’s Eating Gilbert Grape Before Her Weight Loss Journey

Darlene Cates’ health problems persisted despite her significant weight loss. She was able to lose some weight, but her health issues made it difficult for her to lose weight properly. The former actress was bedridden and weighed 500 pounds when she was cast in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. She died at the age of 69 on March 26, 2017, while she was sleeping.

Darlene Cates, best known for her role as Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio’s obese, housebound mother in the 1993 film What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, died peacefully in her sleep at the age of 69. In 1994, the actress’s weight reached nearly 600 pounds at one point.

As Cates opened up about her long-standing struggles with obesity and how overcoming her self-consciousness, it led to the unexpected launch of her Hollywood career,  How did she manage to lose so much weight at the time? Here’s everything you need to know about Darlene Cates’ weight loss journey.

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Darlene Cates Weight Loss Before and After Pictures: She Struggled With Her Weight Her Entire Life

Darlene Cates struggled with her weight loss journey since she was a teenager. She was successful in losing some weight, but her health issues prevented her from losing weight properly. She weighed 575 pounds when he started his weight loss journey. Her weight dropped to 330 pounds after she lost 240 pounds. She lost nearly half of her weight in an attempt to become healthier and return to acting. When Cates was cast in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, she was bedridden and weighed 575 pounds.

The former actress has had four surgeries to help her lose weight and has also overcome diabetes. At one point, her weight reached an all-time high of 600 pounds. In fact, the film What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? was entirely factual in its presentation. Darlene was forced to stay in her home for five years because she was unable to relocate. She was unable to move in any way. She struggled with her weight her entire life and tried numerous coping mechanisms. Some were successful, while others were not.

Darlene Cates in What's Eating Gilbert Grapes.

Darlene Cates in What’s Eating Gilbert Grapes.
Source: CBS News

Cates has struggled with her weight since she was a teenager and was unable to participate in the majority of activities that other children her age do. She didn’t realize her fat was causing her internal health to deteriorate until it become a significant portion of her life since she last changed and made the decision to lose weight. Darlene Cates decided to experiment with various diets, but none of them seemed to work for him. To put it another way, sticking to a single eating plan was far too difficult.

Darlene then decided to have surgery and underwent gastric bypass surgery in 1984, which resulted in her losing 100 pounds at the time before gradually gaining it back. She later stated that she did not believe surgery was a quick fix. Cate wanted to lose another 100 pounds. Despite being a Hollywood celebrity, she struggled with her weight. Going from 410 pounds to 310 pounds, then gaining the pounds back and more, totaling 550 pounds.

Cates tried to lose weight but found it difficult to change her eating habits because her husband worked abroad. When she became ill, it became critical for her to lose weight. Even after fighting the infection, she couldn’t stand or walk. She suffered from severe depression as a result of her inability to leave the house. Darlene fell into such a deep depression after the operation failed that she stopped making any effort to leave the house. However, it took some time, but something eventually shifted, and Cates made another attempt to lose weight.

Darlene Cates with co-stars Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Darlene Cates with co-stars Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio.
Source: NBC News

Darlene Cates decided to begin his weight loss journey in 2012 after struggling with obesity for nearly two decades. Her decision was also influenced by the fact that her health was deteriorating. She was admitted to the hospital after experiencing health issues caused by her weight. Cates was advised to lose weight as soon as possible and she followed the doctor’s advice and embarked on her journey to a healthier weight. Cates was able to lose 240 pounds of excess weight by undergoing weight loss surgery and following a strict diet.

Despite her significant weight loss, Darlene Cates continued to struggle with health issues. She died on March 26, 2017, at the age of 69. The only thing that is known about her death is that she died while she was sleeping. Darlene’s daughter, Sheri Cates Morgan, issued a statement on Facebook in which she informed her friends and family of her mother’s death.