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Deion Sanders Is Ecstatic and in Love With His Present Girlfriend Tracey Edmonds!

By Liam Scott on December 10, 2022
Deion Sanders’ Girlfriend: The Coach Is Ecstatic With His Loving Girlfriend Tracey Edmonds

Deion Sanders is dating his girlfriend Tracey Edmonds as of 2022. The couple is still together after ten years of dating. The pair had an engagement that was made public in 2019. Although viewers think of Tracey as his wife, Sanders and Edmonds do not appear to be getting married anytime soon.

Deion Sanders is the head football coach at the University of Colorado and a former American football player. He won two Super Bowl championships and made one World Series appearance in 1992. Known as Prime Time, Sanders played for the Atlanta Falcons, San Francisco 49ers, Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins, and Baltimore Ravens during 14 seasons in the National Football League (NFL). He enrolled at Florida State University and participated in football, baseball, and track for the Florida State Seminoles.

Deion Sanders pursued a career as a sports analyst and coach after quitting as a player. From 2020 to 2022, he was the head football coach at Jackson State University. The phenomenal athlete guided the team to its first-ever undefeated season and two consecutive appearances in the Celebration Bowl. Sanders was hired as the head football coach at Colorado near the end of the 2022 campaign.

On Saturday, Deion Sanders was seen rejoicing with friends and family over winning the SWAC. Tracey Edmonds, Deion's longtime lover, is the lady sitting next to him. At this point, the power couple has been dating for more than ten years. Viewers are now curious about his relationship in 2022.

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Deion Sanders and His Girlfriend Tracey Edmonds Aren’t Planning to Tie the Knot Anytime Soon After Their Engagement!

As of 2022, Deion Sanders (@deionsanders), the football coach, is dating Tracey Edmonds (@traceyeedmonds), the former Extra host. As per The Sun, the couple began dating in 2012. Years after his Hall of Fame athletic career came to an end, the lovers connected at the movie premiere party. The couple is still together after ten years of dating.

Sanders and Edmonds previously had high-profile relationships and marriages, but they were unsuccessful and ended. From 1992 through 2005, Edmonds was married to the musician and singer Babyface. In 2008, she and actor Eddie Murphy also conducted a symbolic wedding ceremony in Bora Bora; however, it ended two weeks later. From 1989 through 1998, Deion Sanders was married to Carolyn Chambers. Then, from 1999 to 2013, he was married to Pilar Biggers-Sanders (@pilarsanders).

On May 21, 1999, Deion Sanders and Pilar Sanders exchanged vows and made their entrance down the aisle. American model, actor, fitness instructor, and producer Pilar was represented in the fashion industry by Ford Models.

When the Sanders family appeared in the 2008 television reality program Deion and Pilar: Prime Time Love, they drew attention to themselves. However, their union did not last, and on June 28, 2013, divorce papers were served, marking the end of their union. Sanders prevailed in a contentious custody dispute following the divorce, but the ruling was later overturned. Additionally, their divorce ended up being a massacre. During the custody dispute, the model was detained for seven days as punishment for contempt of court.

Deion Sanders has now, however, met the love of his life. He made his engagement public in 2019. After being engaged, marriage is often the next step for celebrities. Sanders and Edmonds do not appear to be getting married anytime soon, though.

Deion's present girlfriend Tracey Edmonds is an entrepreneur, television producer, and public figure. She served as the anchor of the television program Extra before becoming the CEO of Edmonds Entertainment Group Inc. and AlrightNow. She now holds a position on the Producers Guild of America's national board of directors.

Deion Sanders has explained why it took the couple eight years to get engaged. The Jackson State football coach claimed that he was afraid to marry because of their long-distance relationship. He expressed the following on the podcast Journeys of Faith with Paula Faris. He stated:

First and foremost, I opposed distant marriages. Second, her youngest son graduates this year along with the rest of her children. My son, along with my other two children, resides with their mother. He has two more years because he is currently a sophomore. I don't believe in long-distance relationships, so there will have to be sacrificed on both sides. So just think all that through, walk all that through, and make sure we do the right thing. And although one must mature, one is frequently unwilling to make compromises.

Sanders also stated that they do not want an extravagant wedding when they eventually get married. The Hall of Fame defensive back had his birthday earlier this month, and Tracey Edmonds, Sanders' longtime girlfriend, made a popular Instagram post.

Despite leading busy lives, they have managed to make it work. Deion Sanders claims to be fortunate to have a girlfriend who is both caring and supportive.