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Erik Rubin Has Come Forward and Addressed All the Allegations of Him Being Gay

By Ethan Young on March 2, 2023
Is Erik Rubin Gay? Erin Rubin Has Denied All Allegations of Being Gay and Cleared Any Unusual Gossips

Erik Rubin is not gay and has denied all the rumors pointing in that direction.  After spotting the artist at his concert in 2022 close to the Apio Quijano, people started to speculate about his identity. Later on, it was established that Erick almost helped Apoi when Apoi's microphone went missing. Recently Erik was seen with his ex-wife, Andrea, in Acapulco, prompting fans to inquire about their connection. Well, they met through mutual friends and were able to sit together after a long.

Erik Rubin Milanszenko, known professionally as Erik Rubin, is a Mexican singer and actor. He was born on January 30, 1971, to Mexican parents, Mayra Milanszenko and Jose Angel Rubin. He was introduced to music at a young age and attended a famous music school where he specialized in guitar and composition.

Erik began playing in bars and festivals throughout Mexico after graduating from high school and following that work he began working with Timbiriche when he was 12 years old. Timbiriche is one of the most famous and influential pop bands of the 1980s on the Spanish-language charts. He worked on it until their tenth hit and relocated to Los Chicos in 1993 when he founded the group with his childhood friend Fernando Valln.

Together they had a string of hits that included Tonto Corazon and Todo Tiene Su Final. They released three albums before disbanding in 1997. After the split, Rubin embarked on a solo career and released his debut album Amanecer in 2000. The album was an instant success and spawned several hit singles such as Por Ti and Enamorado De Ti.

Rubin, in addition to being a singer, has appeared as an actor on television and in live theater throughout his career. He is well-known for the telenovelas Lazos de Amor Rebelde and Alcanzar una estrella II, for which he received two Premios Heraldos. The aspiring singer is also frequently invited to perform or present awards at numerous Spanish-language pop culture ceremonies in both Mexico and the United States.

Erik was recently photographed with his ex-wife, Andrea, in Acapulco, prompting fans to inquire about their connection. Many were curious about the couple when the news went viral. We'll be talking about Andrea and Erik's relationship. Read this article to learn more about Erik Rubin's sexuality and whether he is homosexual or not.

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Is Erik Rubin Gay? The Mexican Singer Denied the Rumors of Kissing Apio Quijano!

Erik Rubin (@erikrubinoficial) denied the rumors of being gay. People began to wonder about the 52-year-old singer's identity after seeing him close to the Apio Quijano during his concert in 2022. Well, Later it was confirmed that due to Apoi's missing microphone, Erick came close to assisting him.

Erik Rubin has been in the limelight since he was in his teens. He's experienced both the negative and positive aspects of being in the spotlight. The 52-year-old has performed at numerous concerts around the world, and his fans have always adored him. People began to wonder about the singer's identity after seeing him close to the Apio Quijano during his concert in 2022.

On April 2022, the Kabah and Timbiriche singer appeared in a moment of closeness on the 90′s Pop Tour, which was taken as a romance. During the concert in Veracruz, members of Erik and Apio Quijano were singing and decided to come over for a hug; nevertheless, they extended the moment for several seconds, leaving very little space between their lips. They then danced momentarily, began to lower their heads until they met, and then parted ways.

People began spreading rumors and labeling them as a dating couple after witnessing their closeness. In an interview, Erik denied the rumors were false and expressed his feelings. He claimed that the rumors were spread by members of the LGBTQ+ community. He also stated:

What hurt me is not what was said, but the way and the way they said things, which were very hurtful and I tell you, I was surprised that it was women and the gay community that were like that, so it's like again saying you have to respect, we want respect, let's also respect

Although he appears to be supportive of the LGBTQ+ community, he does not appear to be pleased with the way his news is being delivered. It was later revealed that, due to Apoi's missing microphone, Erick came close to assisting him. Apio stated unequivocally:

At that particular moment, I was singing the choir and I was singing, I don't know what was dancing and when I forgot that I had to sing with him, then I go out and go with him, I came with him without a microphone, then it's my turn to sing and I didn't have the microphone and what Erick did was protect me; flat out I laughed with him, we hugged each other And that's it, the situation looks very tempting, but... no

Fans were entirely misled at the time because both singers denied the claims. Erik appears to be happy being single. Erik seemed to be content with his single status. He was previously married to Andrea Legarreta, with whom he had two children, Mia Rubin, and Nina Rubin. The couple married on April 1, 2000, and after 22 years of marriage, they divorced.

Andrea Legarreta aka Andrea Legarreta Martinez is a Mexican actress and television host. She was born on July 12, 1972, in Texcoco, Mexico's State of Mexico. She is well-known for being one of the primary hosts of the English morning television show Hoy. Andrea has appeared in over thirty television shows and five Mexican films to date.