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Neighbour’s Actor Felix Mallard Is Currently Single! Is He Ready to Mingle?

By Riley Long on February 12, 2023
Felix Mallard’s Girlfriend in 2023: The Fabulous Actor Is Currently Not in Any Love Relationship

Felix Mallard has no girlfriend in 2023. He appears to be single right now. However, because the actor rarely speaks about his love life, it's possible that he's simply keeping any potential romances a secret. Similarly, the Neighbours star has reached the pinnacle of his career, so he should prioritize his career rather than dating a girlfriend. Or, he might be waiting for the perfect girl to be in a relationship.

Australian actor, Felix Mallard is a musician and model well-known for his role as Ben Krik in the popular television series Neighbours from 2014 to 2019. He is a talented singer and guitarist in addition to being an actor. The 24-year-old Australian began his career on Neighbours before moving on to a string of Netflix TV shows, including Locke & Key and Ginny & Georgia, as well as playing a Harry Styles-inspired character on the tragically canceled Happy Together.

Ladies have gone crazy over the Australian actor's striking appearance and captivating personality. His fans on social media are eager to learn about his love life because he has a sizable female fan base. Who exactly is Felix Mallard dating? Does he have a girlfriend in 2023? While we don't have concrete evidence, the internet believes they have a few ideas about who. Let us check to see if Felix Mallard has a girlfriend.

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Felix Mallard Doesn’t Have a Girlfriend in 2023: The Australian Star Rarely Speaks About His Love Life; The Mystery of Who He’s Dating Is Yet to Be Solved

In 2023, Felix Mallard (@itsfeliwhat) doesn't have a girlfriend. He appears to be single at the moment. However, the actor rarely speaks about his love life, so it's possible that he's simply keeping any potential romances under wraps. His private life has always been a source of contention for him. We can't confirm Felix's current relationship because he hasn't shared much about his personal life on social media.

The Australian actor only posted photos of his professional life and lifestyle on Instagram. However, no photographs of him steer him into a romantic relationship. Mallard is nearing the pinnacle of his career in 2023, so he should prioritize his career over his relationship. He could be waiting for the right girl to fall in love with him.

Meanwhile, Mallard did mention having a girlfriend in an interview in 2021, telling Young Hollywood that she was one of the first to congratulate him on his appearance on the hit Netflix show. Naturally, his fans went into overdrive trying to figure out who it could be. Surprisingly, one name kept appearing: Zoe Crammond. She was born in New Zealand and is best known for her roles in Neighbours and Packed To The Rafters. However, there are no photos of Zoe with Felix on her Instagram.

Similarly, the evidence is scant, but the rumored pair briefly co-starred on Neighbours and were first seen together in public in 2018 while attending a red-carpet event in Hollywood. They were reportedly seen together on the Neighbours float at the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade the following year. The rumored couple hasn't been seen together in public since then.

Additionally, fans were quick to point out the age difference between the two—Crammond is now 38, while the Locke & Key star is 24. Having said that, they wouldn't be the first couple in Hollywood to be separated for a few years. And maybe that fateful interview in which the Ginny & Georgia actor mentioned his alleged significant other was just a slip of the tongue because Mallard hasn't said anything about it since.

While Felix Mallard and Zoe Cramond have yet to comment on the romance speculation, other fans believe he's dating one of his friends, Lucinda Everist. She is an Australian model based in Melbourne. The young beauty queen works as a retail assistant at Kloke, according to her LinkedIn profile. On Instagram, the two are currently following each other. We don't have much to add to this theory because neither of them is tagged in the other's Instagram photos.

Many fans believe Antonia Gentry and Felix Mallard have a romantic relationship outside of the context of the show, though this may not be entirely true. Although Antonia (_antoniagentry_) and Felix appear to be in a hot romantic relationship on screen, their real-life relationship is different. They are currently following each other on Instagram, indicating that they are most likely close friends despite not being a couple.

On the other hand, there have been several rumors about his love life, and the 24-year-old actor's name has been frequently linked with his Neighbour's co-star Lilly Van Der Meer, but neither has been confirmed. They have frequently denied any such relationship and consider each other to be friends. However, the rumors eventually died down, just as they had begun. The information was not confirmed or denied by Felix or his alleged girlfriend.