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Gwen Stefani’s Plastic Surgery Left Talk Show Host Dr. Zelken Surprised With Her New Look!

By Harper Lee on November 18, 2022
Gwen Stefani’s Plastic Surgery Left Talk Show Host Dr. Zelken Surprised With Her New Look!

Gwen Stefani's plastic surgery is coming into highlight with a talk show host covering how different she looks now. Speculated to have performed multiple cosmetic interventions, fans are digging up if Stefani's recent glow-up is not just makeup and skincare but intrusive knives and blades. Explore the truth behind all that's being said about the pop queen and her plastic surgery rumors. 

American singer, songwriter, fashion designer, and actor, Gwen Stefani is no stranger to the world. Co-founder, main vocalist, and principal composer of the band No Doubt, Stefani has released multiple bangers but now is making headlines for plastic surgery rumors.

With her mesmerizing voice and just as catchy songs, 53 years old Gwen has won three Grammy Awards. As a solo performer, she has garnered an American Music Award, Brit Award, World Music Award, and two Billboard Music Awards. Young Stefani received her support in music as her parents were fans of folk music. She was then exposed her to the realm of melody by singers like Bob Dylan and Emmylou Harris.

In 2003, Gwen Stefani established her apparel line L.A.M.B. and expanded her collection with the 2005 Harajuku Lovers line, inspired by Japanese culture and fashion. The California-born singer's signature fashion line stands for love, angel, and music.

In 2020, Stefani received a dyslexia diagnosis. In regards to her personal life, the Rich Girl singer has gone through many ups and downs, but as of now, she is happily married to Blake Shelton. The two have collaborated on music several times since they first met and have produced multiple hits.

Gwen Stefani's remarkable physical makeover has stunned the audience. Some even theorized that she may have undergone plastic surgery to achieve it. Recently it came up as a talk show host began digging up what the pop diva could have opted to do to her face to change it. Read this article to find out everything there is to know about Gwen Stefan's plastic surgery.

With Drastic Changes in Her Face, Gwen Stefani’s Plastic Surgery Rumors Are Fueling Up, and Here’s What the Talk Show Has Revealed!

Gwen Stefani (@gwenstefani) has always been rumored of having had numerous plastic surgeries, and changes in her physical appearance every time one sees her in public. Stefani's news of having plastic surgery got flooded over the internet as one YouTube celebrity and talk show host said that the Libra singer has undergone a few substantial cosmetic surgeries since the 90s.

When talking about her appearance in public she always pulled her beauty and confidence with herself. Plastic surgery is truly a private matter and lots of celebrities are hesitant to talk about it since they are not ready for all those adversely bombarded remarks. Gwen too hasn't openly spoken about any cosmetic interventions she decided to take.

People have been noticing Gwen Stefani's cosmetic surgery since 2017 when she began to get plastic bands in her neck, which is very common for women in the industry. This is done to keep the saggy part of the neck tight. As the Luxurious singer looks timelessly young even in her 50s, there is a chance that Stefani has undergone surgeries such as Botox and Fillers.

Going through the internet gossip there is a lot of speculation on Stefani's plastic surgery stories. But comparing her from 2016 to 2022, the star-studded diva's whole face seems to be changed. Thus, no one can deny that she looks more like in her twenties and more energetic lately as she might have done botox and Facial resurfacing to remove all the wrinkles.

Dr. Zelken, a plastic surgeon and talk show host, explores the debate in his talk show and media excitement around modifications and Gwen Stefani's facial look. Dr. Zelken also hints at Stefani's Rhinoplasty at some point to contour the tip of her nose. Zelken's initial impression as he viewed the new appearance of The Voice's coach was that she looks 10 years younger. With a changed haircut, and cosmetics look to volumize her face,

The talk show host also commented about how unrecognizable Stefani's face has been now since the 90s. Accompanied by volumized and gigantic lips, the speculation of the pop singer getting fillers can't be ignored. Many believe that Gwen uses fillers in her lips, cheeks, chin, under-eye hollows, jawline, and the back of her hands.

Despite all the rumors and allegations, Gwen Stefani never discussed and revealed if she ever went under the blades. Thus, many have concluded that the pop diva could have gotten plastic surgery here and there to retain her glamorous glow and youthful advent.

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