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Hailey Bieber Can’t Seem to Get a Break! This Time Its About Her Plastic Surgery- A Before and After Look

By Liam Scott on March 6, 2023
Hailey Bieber Before Plastic Surgery: Making Highlights Over the Years, Hailey’s Supposed Cosmetic Procedure Is Being Scrutinized

Hailey Bieber's face has been a hot topic of discussion in recent years, and fans believe she had a softer, more feminine appearance before plastic surgery. While others say Mrs. Bieber looked great in the after pictures as well. Despite the fact, she has shot down plastic surgery claims multiple times many believe she has gone under the knife to enhance her appearance. 

Hailey Rhode Bieber is a 26-year-old model, socialite, and social media personality best known for three things: she is popular in fashion campaigns, she is the daughter of Stephen Baldwin, and she is married to Justin Bieber. Hailey is a well-known fashion celebrity who is frequently seen on the runway. She has appeared on television, social media, and magazine covers.

The young model is no stranger to rumors about plastic surgery. She has matured in the spotlight, and countless articles have been written about her transformation over the years. However, the model insists she has never had plastic surgery, despite the fact that many fans believe she has benefited from it. Fans want to know how she looked before she had plastic surgery. Continue reading to learn more about the subject.

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Hailey Bieber Before Plastic Surgery: Fans Say the Model Was Beautiful Before, but the Procedures Have Slightly Improved the Overall Harmony of Her Face

Hailey Bieber's (@haileybieber) face has been a hot topic of discussion in recent years, and fans believe she looked much better before plastic surgery. Fans claim that Hailey looked much better before, with a softer, more feminine appearance. She ruined her appearance, and the surgery she had made her appear older than her years. She used to be much more attractive. Apparently, Hailey wished to meet the beauty standards in the famous environment and grow up quickly.

As the old adage goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and many other people thought Mrs. Bieber looked great in the after pictures also. Other than this, the supermodel was beautiful before, but the procedures slightly improved the overall harmony of her face. She appears to be less distinctive now. Her appearance had aged dramatically as a result of the plastic surgery procedures. But she does appear more glamorous, and many people have speculated about what work she may have done to her face.

Following Kanye West's allegations that Hailey had a nose job, plastic surgeon Dr. Gary Linkov posted a detailed YouTube video in October 2022. Linkov speculated that she may have had a rhinoplasty around 2013, and showed a picture of the model from 2011 alongside one from 2013. Her tip appears narrower and less bulbous, but her hub remains unchanged, giving the impression that less work was done. She most likely took a closed posture to conceal any external scarring.

Meanwhile, Hailey and her husband Justin Bieber announced that they were suing a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon for claims he made on TikTok. The couple's lawyers accuse Dr. Daniel Barrett of commercially advertising your plastic surgery practice and spreading false, uncorroborated claims that Mrs. Bieber has undergone plastic surgery using Hailey's name, image, and likeness. Dr. Barrett suggested that she had had a nose job, skin tightening, jawline contouring, genioplasty, and cheek and lip fillers.

However, Hailey and her husband Justin have strongly denied it. Regardless of what the model and those close to her say about what she has and hasn't done surgically or non-surgically, there's no denying that she looks drastically different from how she did at the start of her career, which hasn't stopped fans from commenting or speculating about what she may have had done.

When comparing new and old photos of Hailey, the difference is astounding, especially in terms of the shape and size of her eyes and nose. It's unclear whether the changes were achieved through surgery or less invasive procedures, and everything we and her fans say is purely speculative due to Hailey's denial of having any work done.

However, Justin Bieber's wife also worked with doctors on her upper eyelids. Overhanging eyelids are visible in the early photo, visually reducing the eyes. She appears to have had upper blepharoplasty based on her before and after Instagram photos. She also had her cheekbones done. Most likely, an operation was performed to remove lumps of bish, followed by either a volume contour plastic with dense fillers or implant fixation to the zygomatic bone.

In addition, Hailey follows in the footsteps of her Kardashian family friend, emphasizing the volume of her lips with hyaluronic acid fillers. This is evidenced by the upper lip's outlined and slightly turned red border. However, Hailey has also revealed that she has not had lip fillers and that her fuller pout is the result of genetics. The supermodel most likely stabs Botox in order for the forehead to remain perfectly smooth and free of moving facial expressions.