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Who Is Hwang Ji Hoon Agent H From Physical: 100? Here’s All the Details About the UDT Reservist

By Riley Long on January 30, 2023
Hwang Ji Hoon AKA Agent H: Uncover All About the South Korean Udt Reservist Height, Wife, Instagram, & YouTube Account

Hwang Ji Hoon, aka, Agent H is a cast member on Netflix's Physical: 100. The 6-fit tall South Korean reality star doesn't have a wife & is probably single at the moment. His YouTube channel features videos of the military, exercise, and entertainment content and has 872k subscribers. Similarly, his Instagram account has 218k followers and he is known as UDT Bro on Instagram.

Physical: 100, the first Netflix Korean survival reality series, is now available to stream. Jang Ho-gi created the reality competition show. There are nine episodes in total, with two new episodes added to Netflix every Tuesday. It is now rated seventh on the list and does not seem to be leaving anytime soon. The show follows 100 athletes who vary in age, gender, and physical characteristics.

They compete fiercely with one another to prove their physical prowess and win the title of possessing the most excellent body. Naturally, the winner receives a prize of $300 million. The cast includes national team athletes, weight lifters, actors, bodybuilders, ice climbers, influencers, television stars, MMA fighters, and other professionals. Kim Eun-ji, Kim Kang-min, Yang Hak-Seon, Kim Ye-Hyun, Tarzan, and many more can be seen.

Agent H, aka, Hwang Ji Hoon is one of 100 contestants competing for the cash prize and title. Following his appearance on the show, he has already gained thousands of fans on social media. Several fans are rooting for him to win the show, and viewers are curious about his age, height, Instagram, and YouTube channel. Let's get into more specifics about him.

Hwang Ji Hoon, AKA, Agent H From Physical 100 Is 6 Fit Tall: The UDT Reservist Doesn’t Have a Wife: Know About His Instagram and YouTube Account

Hwang Ji Hoon, aka Agent H, was born on January 18, 1987, and is 36 years old. His origins are unknown because his company is based in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, he is probably a Seoul native. He is a cast member on Netflix's Physical: 100. He rose to fame in 2021 on Toy Soldiers: Fake Men 2 The Complete and Do You Lightsum. He is now working as a model and CEO of Kick the Hurdle Studio, a broadcasting and media production company/studio/youtube channel creator.

The 6-fit tall model operated as a non-commissioned officer in the Navy Special Warfare Corps at 21. He was discharged as a sergeant five years later. He was assigned to the Cheonghae Unit and participated in the first round of the MUSAT instructor program. He served in the military as a member of the Underwater Demolition Team, also known as a Korean Navy SEAL, and as a sniper. His main weapon for sniping was AWM.

Agent H, also known as UDT Bro on Instagram (@udtbro), has 218k followers. His page includes military photos, snippets of his YouTube content, and some more relaxed shots from his daily life. Furthermore, he has at least 3 fan accounts on Instagram. He has already garnered thousands of fans after his appearance on the show. Several fans are rooting for him to win the show and wishing him luck on his IG.

Agent H's YouTube channel (@MissionPossible_AgentH) features videos of military, exercise, and entertainment content. The channel has over 872k subscribers and over 141 million views. He's friends with Kim Jin-young, with whom he works, and is usually found at KTHD studio. In April 2020, he posted his first YouTube video, in which he discussed what it takes to be a sniper. On his YouTube channels, he has interviewed ex-militants, the army, Air Force, and the Navy.

The Physical: 100's star announced in a YouTube video from May 2020, that he has three herniated lumbar discs (numbers 3, 4, and 5). He was rehabilitating and began working out again to maintain the balance he had while in the military. The South Korean UDT reservist earlier shot a rifle while on duty while wearing earplugs. He's had a ringing in his ears that sounds like a long beep since then.

Talking about Agent H's personal life, unfortunately, no information about his love life is available, and he is most likely to be single in 2023. Looking at his Instagram handle, there is no hint that he is in a relationship. He has appeared with a child in a few posts, but comments on the posts reveal that the child is his nephew. The 36-year-old model is not married and has not yet found a wife.

During the first Physical 100 challenge, Agent H was one of the top contenders who endured the longest. His military background and physique frighten every contender. At the end of the second episode, Agent H and Seol engage in bloody combat, leaving viewers hanging. The other competitors agree that the fight will be challenging because both are extremely athletic and muscular. The goal of their challenge is to see who can control a weighted ball first before the timer runs out. Agent H lunged for the ball in slow motion amid a melee of fighting, muddy water, and hostility in the show's final sequence.