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'Alice in Borderland' Star Asahina Aya is NOT Transgender in Real Life Despite Fans' Speculations

By Harper Lee on December 25, 2022
Is the Hikaru Kuina Actress, Asahina Aya, Transgender in Real Life? Alice in Borderland Update!

Asahina Aya, the Japanese actress who plays the role of Hikari Kuina in Netflix's Alice in Borderland, is not transgender in real life. In fact, she is happily married to her husband, Kenjiro Yamashita, since 2021.

Asahina Aya is a Japanese model, television personality, and actress best known for playing Mirei "Mr. M" Hoshimiya in Girl Gun Lady. She was born on October 6, 1993, in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. Since March 2014, Asahina has been a part of Ikushima Planning Inc and was named an exclusive model for the fashion magazine Oggi in 2019.

On October 13, she won the Grand Prize at the 3rd DHC Cinderella Awards. The following month, she was hired as an exclusive model for the fashion magazine Ray. And on September 27, 2015, she performed a swimsuit show on the Guam Visitors Bureau of Tourism EXPO Japan special stage.

Recently, Asahina Aya issued a statement through the studio announcing the marriage of Kenjiro Yamashita, a famous Japanese dancer, and actor. It is said that she and Kenjiro Yamashita met through a friend and had a secret affair for two years before marrying, so there is no flash marriage. Fans, however, found it unacceptable and insisted that it was a flash marriage.

Asahina Aya played a transgender character, Hikari Kuina, in the Japanese Netflix drama, Alice in Borderland last year. The show received a positive response, and she rose to fame after successfully transitioning from a fashion model to a film and television actor. Since she played the transgender character, many people have questioned the actress' gender and are curious to know if Asahina Aya is transgender in real life.

Alice in Borderland: Asahina Aya, Who Plays the Role of the Transgender Character, Hikari Kuina, Isn’t Trans in Real Life!

In the Japanese dystopian science fiction thriller drama series, Alice in Borderland, Asahina Aya (@asahina_aya) played the transgender character, Water Chicken Hikari Kuina, from a male to a daughter, wearing a braided head and a bikini, sassy and dazzling, with countless fans.  However, the Japanese actress isn't transgender like her character in real life. She also doesn't have any masculine features like trans women do, so it's very evident that she is a girl.

Asahina Aya, a Japanese citizen who was born in 1993 and raised in Sumoto City, Hyogo Prefecture, is a Japanese supermodel who has gained popularity in recent years. And the Japanese regard her as a true beauty with nine heads. As a supermodel, Asahina Aya not only has a beautiful body, but she also has incredible looks. Many male fans regard her as their ideal lover.

Likely, the actress has been a mistress oversea since she was a young child. He was a member of the track and field club from kindergarten to high school graduation. She was also a standout athlete on campus. Her best sports were the 100-meter sprint, long jump, and 400-meter relay. Asahina Nasai set a new personal best in 100 meters in his third year of high school: 12.8 seconds!

After that, Nasai Asahina, who had graduated from high school, briefly worked as an assistant to a midwife in obstetrics and gynecology, but with her height of 171cm and well-proportioned nine-headed body, she did not enter the entertainment industry. There is no reason.

So, naturally, she entered the modeling circle under the stage name Kitagawa Aya in 2013 and became a Japanese magazine Exclusive model of Ray. As a racing girl at the time, she was involved in a variety of activities. The following year, she changed her stage name to "Asahina Aya" and quickly won the DHC Cinderella competition awards.

At the same time, Asahina is a boxing fan. She has been in contact with boxing for 6 years and has relied on fighting to maintain a fit body, even going to watch RIZIN and K1 events when she is addicted to it, and she is still quite attractive when she fights.

What's more surprising is that Asahina once competed in the Japanese sports variety show Extreme Fitness King and won. In general, combat effectiveness is low. Asahina Aya has gradually gained the favor of the entertainment industry with her sweet appearance and X-sense figure.

Many action scenes in Alice in Borderland must be filmed. Training and careful thought are required. She fights men with weapons with her bare hands in many scenes in the play, and her aggressive posture also frightens the audience. This character in the play is entirely dependent on Asahina's own physical abilities. We also believe that this character is tailor-made for her, but it also necessitates Asahina Aya's precipitation in sports and physical fitness, so her popularity is not unreasonable.

She doesn't have much work right now. In addition to Alice in Borderland, she appeared in three Japanese dramas. However, given her current popularity, we believe her works will become increasingly popular in the future.