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Pranking Everyone by Cross-Dressing, Fans Have Now Begun Believing That Finnster Might Actually Be Trans

By Ethan Young on January 23, 2023
Is Finnster Trans? Dressing Up as a Femboy, Finnster Has Everyone Wondering About His Sexuality

Finnster is not trans because there's no evidence to the contrary. He's never admitted to being one, and the fact that he dresses up as a girl suggests he's a troll. The YouTuber identifies himself as a cis male crossdresser/Femboy and prefers to use he/him pronouns.

Finn, aka, F1NN5TER is a British video gamer, online streamer, YouTuber, and content creator. He is also well-known for his YouTube channels (Finn & F1nn5terLIVE), on which he primarily features his e-girl persona, Rose. His e-girl content, in which he dresses up as a girl, has a sizable fanbase.

The social media star is well-known for his Minecraft videos and for being outrageously funny. His love for the game Minecraft began as a child, and he now makes Minecraft videos every day. His fans and subscribers are drawn to him not only for his video style but also for his witty humor. Finnster enjoys trolling people and watching how his audience reacts to his antics. Some may consider him unconventional, but he is still well-liked by many.

The online streamer has been accused of being a trans person, but he denies the allegations. However, some assume that he is a female. Rumors began to circulate when he began dressing as an e-girl on his streams to troll his fans and friends. Is Finnster trans? What is his sexuality? Well, here is what we have covered so far.

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Finnster Is Not Trans: He Prefers to Use He/Him Pronouns & Identifies Himself as a Cis Male Crossdresser/Femboy

Finnster (@F1NN5TER) is not a trans person. There is no hint to the contrary, he has never admitted to being one, and the fact that he dresses up as a girl indicates that he is a troll. This is all a joke, and he believes that people believed the rumors because of their insecurities. Dressing up as a girl was planned as a prank rather than being taken seriously as gender dysphoria.

In addition, the 22-year-old internet star identifies himself as a cis male crossdresser/Femboy. When asked if he considers himself Trans, he stated in one of his videos that he considers himself male and prefers to use he/him pronouns. However, F1nn5ter has been accused of being transgender, but he denies the allegations. However, some have claimed that he is a female while others say he is not.

Rumors began to circulate when Finn began dressing as an e-girl on his streams to troll his fans and friends. When a women's clothing brand that hadn't seen his channel wanted to sponsor him in 2018, they sent him a bunch of women's clothing. He lost a bet with one of his friends after a year, and his punishment was that one of his friends did his makeup.

Meanwhile, the British video gamer's main channel had 100,000+ subscribers in December 2019, so he decided to do e-girl Livestream on his main channel around Christmas time. This Livestream grew in popularity, and his second channel video began to gain traction. The number of subscribers began to skyrocket. Following the success of his first video on his second channel, he began uploading more videos in which he trolled people online while clothing like a girl.

However, his video playlist So I Pretended To Be A GIRL On OMEGLE! has received over 15,000,000 views. Finn began streaming as an e-girl on Twitch every day in May 2020 after losing another bet to one of his friends. These streams grew in popularity, attracting a large number of viewers which led Finn to decide to keep doing e-girl streams after the bet ended due to his popularity.

The content creator's sexual orientation is debated on Reddit. Many believe he discovered a way to explore this side of himself while earning a living. It's clear he enjoys femininity, but that doesn't make one trans. He does it because he enjoys dressing up as a woman. He does not consider himself to be transgender, but rather a male crossdresser. He has avoided anything permanent in terms of feminization, such as his aversion to using female hormones.

Similarly, Finn has been on the path of transition for some time and has adopted and embraced many of these characteristics. His makeup skills, hair care, and sense of style are undeniably feminine. His focus on his appearance checks the all-girl box. Finnster is genuinely reacting to compliments as a girl would, and it is not all an act. The fact that he is a little flirtatious while streaming indicates that he is doing more than just his job.