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Why are Fans Wondering If Fletcher Cox is Gay?

By Harper Lee on February 15, 2023
Is Fletcher Cox Gay? Fans Wonder If He is Married to a Wife!

Fletcher Cox, the American defensive tackle, for the Philadelphia Eagles, has been rising to controversy for his Superbowl outfit, and thus, people have assumed his sexuality to be gay. Is Fletcher Cox actually gay? Is he married? Does he have a wife? Let's find out.

Everyone was crazy about the Super Bowl, right? Some were favoring the Eagles and others were wholeheartedly supporting The Chiefs. Although The Chiefs won the match with The Eagles, the excitement the game had cannot be described in words. Fletcher Cox, who doesn't know the defensive tackle for the Philadelphia Eagles? The player who has won the Pro Bowl almost six times.

There's no time when Fletcher Cox hasn't been surrounded by fame and limelight in his professional field but as of now, after the end of the Superbowl, Cox has been the hot topic for everyone. To be specific, people's curiosity in determining Cox's sexuality and assuming him to be gay has been covering all the news platforms. So, is Fletcher Cox gay or is it just random speculation?

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Is Fletcher Cox Gay?

The American defensive tackler for the Philadelphia Eagles, Fletcher Cox is one of the renowned personalities. Starting his football journey since his college, Fletcher was first drafted by the Eagles in 2012. Renowned as  Super Bowl Champion, Fletcher (@fcoxx_91) has been selected to the Pro Bowl Six times and has always been surrounded by immense fame and recognition.

Fletcher Cox was born in 1990 in Yazoo City, Ms, and was born to Melissa Cox Bright. In his years at Mississippi  State University, Fletcher Cox played for three seasons. Cox has been a part of the Eagles since 2012 and is the highest-selected Mississippi State Bulldog since Michael Haddix in 1983. Today, Fletcher has been rising to the controversy not for his involvement in American football but for his sexuality.

Scandals have always surrounded Fletcher Cox regarding his sexuality and people have always been invested in Cox's relationship and dating life. Maybe people had made this assumption because of how Cox dresses but that doesn't necessarily prove Cox's sexuality. Cox has always been open regarding the outfits that he puts on. He is even comfortable flaunting the so-called feminine outfits and doesn't confine himself to society's outfit standards. Therefore, his solace in putting every other outfit might have misled the public into assuming Cox was gay.

Cox has never come out of the closet and has never identified himself as a gay man. Moreover, it might be surprising to know that Fletcher Cox caught himself in an affair with a married lady. According to a TMZ Sports report, the defensive tackler, Fletcher Cox is being sued for allegedly having sex with a married lady. The married woman with whom Fletcher was having an affair, with her husband filed a case against Fletcher blaming him to be the cause of the falling of his relationship.

It is true that having an affair with a married woman is totally unethical and what Cox did isn't to be supported but this incident totally hints at identifying Fletcher's sexuality. Fletcher Cox was found sleeping with a lady and therefore, it acts as enough evidence to justify that Cox isn't gay.

If Fletcher Cox were to be gay, he would be found having affair with a man and not a woman. Therefore, people should put a full stop to their random assumptions about someone else's sexuality, and rather than judging the outfit and falling into the typical societal stereotype, they should be more open when it comes to outfits, and people's choices.

As of now, the Super Bowl defensive tackler, Fletcher is single. However, as per some sources, it has been found that he is probably seeing Kaycee Marchetti. While Kaycee and Fletcher haven't tied their wedding knots till today, there's a high possibility that in the near future, they might be sharing their wedding vows.

Fletcher Cox Superbowl Suit?

Making his appearance in a metallic silver suit, Fletcher Cox arrived in Arizona for the 2023  NFL Super Bowl for the match between the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs. His outfit had a shiny lilac blouse and blazer power suit combo. Fletcher's outfit before the Superbowl caught people's attention and while some people were huge fans of his look, there were few who couldn't take it and made troll out of it.

From Twitter to all the following social media platforms, people have been brutal and some have claimed that the Eagles star, Fletcher Cox looked like Kamala Harris in his outfit. People shouldn't have been that harsh on Fletcher's suit as it's his choice, and rather than putting on fingers, they should have been happy for Cox.