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Loud and Proud, Guy Benson Has Admitted to Being Gay

By Riley Long on March 6, 2023
Is Guy Benson Gay? Loud and Proud, the Radiant Political Genuis Has Opened Up Publicly About His Sexuality

Yes, Guy Benson is gay. He came out as gay to the world in his book End of Discussion in May 2015. The Fox News commentator is married to his boyfriend Adam Wise. Adam supported his decision to come out in an email in 2015, and the couple got married in 2019.

Guy Benson is a well-known columnist, commentator, and political pundit. He is best known for his Sunday night radio show, The Guy Ben Show, on Chicago's AM 560 WIND. In the years since he has also served as the political editor of In addition, he repeatedly appeared as a guest on cable news networks such as Fox News and CNBC.

Furthermore, in the spring 2021 academic semester, the politician worked at the Georgetown Institute of Politics and Public Service. Many people responded positively to Guy Benson's political views in the years since. They wonder if he is gay at this time. With that in mind, this article will look into whether Guy Benson is gay or not.

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Yes, Guy Benson Is Gay: He Came Out as Gay in His Book & Is Married to His Longtime Boyfriend Adam Wise

Yes, the well-known American journalist Guy Benson (@guypbenson) is gay. In May 2015, he came out as gay by announcing ahead of publication that his book, End of Discussion with a Footnote, included a footnote about staying:

Guy here. So, I'm gay.

Furthermore, he admitted that being gay is not the most crucial element in pursuing his dreams. The television personality has been open about being gay up to this pinpoint, where he is living a happy life with his partner.

Guy Benson is completely accepted by his family for who he is. He has a strong bond with his parents. He has a brother named George Benson. He updates his Instagram with photos of his family members and expresses his love for them.

The 37-year-old journalist preferred Megyn Kelly's show to expose his sexuality, and no one noticed. Talking about such a sensitive subject, according to Benson, did not feel safe with anyone other than Megyn. Benson justified his decision by saying that Megyn would be as elegant and experienced as she could be in this situation because he counts her. The columnist was glad because he was right and said he would never forget what Megyn did for him during that interview.

On September 10, 2019, the Fox News commentator married his boyfriend Adam Wise. Guy currently resides in Washington, D.C. with his partner Adam. Most recently, the couple had a great time in Jordan. Adam is a federal contractor from the United States. He earned his bachelor's degree from Colorado State University.

Benson is now working as a national government consultant. Benson's partner is one of the people who has sparked outrage among conservatives due to his marriage to Guy Benson. He needed help reconciling being a conservative and gay, and he met his love, Benson, by watching his interview with Kelly Wise on The Kelly File in 2015, during which Benson declared his sexual orientation.

The duo met in 2015 after Adam supported his decision to come out in an email and got engaged in 2018. Before getting married, Guy and Adam dated for nearly four years. Guy posted a photo on May 26, 2018, in which he seemed to have proposed to his boyfriend Adam on a boat, and his partner couldn't help but gasp with his hands on his face.

Guy confirmed his engagement in the caption, writing, "He said yes." Guy now resides in Washington, D.C. with his partner Adam. In front of about 150 of their closest friends and families, the pair married in a romantic ceremony at the Charles Krug Winery in Napa Valley, California.

Additionally, Benson and Wise looked dapper in matching gray J. Crew suits for their wedding. They wore colored ties that represented their alma maters. Following the brief ceremony, the couple and their guests dined on a three-course meal featuring a tomato, feta, and bacon salad, steak with a potato puree, and a sweet and savory cheese course. Instead of a traditional wedding cake, the happy men and their guests dined at a dessert station.

Other than this, the political pundit's sexual orientation has little bearing on who he is and how he votes. Aside from being gay, he considers himself Christian, patriotic, and a free-market Republican who favors the shrinking government. People reckon he's a self-hating gay man just because he's a conservative homosexual man, but he wants to clear the air. The truth that someone is conservative does not automatically make them homophobic, and everyone is free to hold their own opinions.