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Jackson Mahomes Has Been Facing Homophobic Abuses Though He Claimed He Isn’t Gay

By Bridgette Dane on February 22, 2023
Is Jackson Mahomes Gay? Abused as Gay Due to His Voice, Jackson Has Been Fighting for His Identity

Jackson Mahomes is not gay but many people continue to believe he is gay because of his feminine voice and they frequently use this as an excuse to harass him on social media. Although, he has responded, stating that he is not gay and is straight. 

Jackson Mahomes has gained notoriety on social media in part by documenting his attendance at Patrick's games, cheering him on, and dancing on the sidelines. He currently has over one million TikTok followers and 258k Instagram followers. Jackson frequently collaborates with brands such as Casetify and Amazon Prime to share game day posts, dance trends, and other vlog-style videos.

The 22-year-old internet star has sparked controversy with some of his social media posts, gay rumors, and sideline behavior at games over the years. Many people believe Jackson is gay. Is this true? Everything you need to know about Jackson Mahomes' sexuality and relationship status is right here.

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Jackson Mahomes Is Not Gay but Many People Continue to Insist That He Is Gay Because of His Feminine Voice and Often Use That as an Excuse to Throw Abuse at Him on Social Media

Jackson Mahomes (@jacksonmahomes) has responded, stating that he is not gay and is straight. He keeps his personal life out of the spotlight and has not revealed who he is dating which has led fans to speculate about his sexuality. Many people have questioned the online celebrity's sexuality, owing to his feminine voice. Mahomes, on the other hand, stated in his first YouTube video, which he posted in 2021, that he is not gay and is attracted to girls. Such judgemental assumptions were offensive to him, and the whole thing made him feel insecure about his voice.

Despite these clarifications, many people continue to believe Jackson Mahomes is gay, and they frequently use this as an excuse to harass him on social media. When he posted something on Instagram or Twitter, many people responded with the word "gay." Others would also hurl derogatory remarks at him. It's a pitiful situation, but Jackson has had to deal with it for a long time. When his older brother Patrick Mahomes won the Super Bowl in 2020, several people vented their rage by calling him homophobic slurs.

The incident occurred at Denver's Empower Field at Mile High, and the video of the interaction went viral on social media. Throughout the NFL season, Jackson Mahomes has been the subject of some debate. He was forced to respond and revealed that, in addition to the public comments, he received thousands of private insulting messages. He stated that he was thinking about writing to his detractors' employees to share the message he received. He also advised people not to apologize after they had done something wrong.

It's been two years since then, and Jackson still receives homophobic abuse on occasion. For example, during a Kansas City Chiefs game in March 2022, he was on the sidelines as usual, recording TikTok videos, when an unidentified fan hurled homophobic abuse at him. The abuse was a combination of his surname and a derogatory variation of the word "gay," and it left him stunned and unable to respond.

It is also possible that Jackson has a girlfriend and is choosing to stay away from the spotlight which can be intrusive and negative at times. In 2022, Jackson was romantically linked to a fellow TikTok star, Dayna Marie. The speculation arose after they were spotted kissing which didn't last for long though before the clip came to an end. It is therefore possible that Dayna is Jackson's girlfriend. This is however not confirmed and may only be a stunt that Jackson pulled in his continuing effort to convince people that he is not gay.

Amaya Ward, Jackson Mahomes' self-proclaimed best friend, is another woman who could be his girlfriend. She is a student journalist at Oakland University and regularly anchors news on the university's TV channel. Jackson and Ward are good friends judging from their social media activity and they regularly retweet each other's posts. Such closeness may raise the possibility that the two are dating, but there is no confirmation.

On the other hand, Jackson was rumored to be dating Brittany Matthews but they were never together and have never dated each other. Brittany is Jackson's sister-in-law and they are a great friend. They have attended many of Patrick's games together and Brittany often joins Jackson on the sidelines as he records his TikTok videos. The two are really close and they have been inevitably caught up in some controversies. In addition, Brittany stood up for Jackson and chided the man for being so rude when a fan hurled homophobic slurs at him in 2022.