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Here’s All You Need to Know About Leia Forman of That ‘90S Show and Her Sexuality

By Liam Scott on January 24, 2023
Is Leia Gay in That ‘90S Show? Sneak a Peek at the Character’s Interesting Story and Sexual Identity

One of the main characters in Netflix's That '90s show, Leia Forman is not gay. People are still confused by the character's personalities and question whether they will be able to find the plot twist with the different gender identities in the next season. Well, it's unclear this season, and Leia is seen dating Jay, a teenage boy with whom the pair reminds of different characters of that 70s show. 

Callie Haverda, aka Leia Forman, is a US-based American actress who was born on February 22, 2007. She was born to an American family, Tony Haverda and Denise Harvard, in Austin, TX, USA. Though she attended Westwood High School, she was homeschooled for most of her life as she is usually busy with her career.

Callie started her career by appearing in the 2010 short film, Paper Memories. After that, Callie started performing in theater plays, including The Phantom Toll Booth, Any Turkey Can Tango, and Peter Pan, which helped make her name recognized. In addition to acting in plays, she was also able to work in commercials for many brands, such as KFC, Shutterfly, and Hyundai.

Callie made her acting debut, after appearing in several plays, with the feature film The Adventures of Pepper and Paula. She amazed her fans by performing in the lead role. She came into the limelight for notable acting performances such as That '90s Show, Shut Eye, The Lost Husband, etc. She has been acting professionally for over a decade.

After the success of That '90s show, which has been available on Netflix since January 2023, all of the characters have increased in popularity. Similarly, Callie, aka the character Leia Forman, has amassed her own fan base through her performances. Well, we will be discussing Leia's character and real-life personality. To know more about the beloved character's real life and whether Leia is gay in that 90s show or not, read this article.

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Is Leia Gay in That 90S Show?: The Teen Daughter of Eric and Donna Forman Is Dating the Son of Michael Kelso and Jackie Burkhart!

Leia Forman, played by Callie Haverda (@calliehhaverda), the teen daughter of Eric and Donna Forman, one of the main characters in the Netflix comedy series, is portrayed as heterosexual in That 90s show; Leia is not gay. People are still puzzled by the characters' personalities in this season and wonder if the plot twist with the different gender identities will be revealed in the next season.  However, it is unclear, and as of this season, Leia is seen dating a teenage boy Jay.

Though the plot of the 1990s show was similar to that of the series, That 70s show, many characters changed, and Leia is the new character seen in this series. She is a fifteen-year-old teen girl who moves in with her grandparents, Red and Kitty, for the summer. She is portrayed as the main character, a smart, snarky adolescent who enjoys adventure. She is also best friends with the characters Gwen Runck, Ozzie, Jay Kelso, Nate Runck, and Nikki, who helped her come out of her shell, despite the fact that she thought they were all way cooler than she was.

Jay Kelso played by Mace Coronel is another main character who played the son of Michael Kelso and Jackie Burkhart, the boyfriend of Leia Forman. He played a teenage boy who is charming and flirty. In the series, he seems to be interested in video cameras and captures the whole world in his film set.

The plot created much confusion regarding their relationship in their first week of seeing each other. She initially thought Jay wasn't serious about their relationship, but this proved to be false, and Jay had feelings for young Forman and claimed that he didn't want her to be some random hookup. After a few weeks of back and forth, she kissed him on her birthday, and they officially began a relationship.

However, when Leia overheard Jay discussing breaking up with her because he didn't want a long-distance relationship, she became enraged. Jay tells her that, despite his mistake, he still wants to be friends with her. Forman agreed and promised to call him when she got home. Though the series ends with her and Jay being friends, people are wanting to see more of their relationship in the next season.

As for people Jay and Leia are called the new Eric and Donna which somehow works for the show. People have been discussing their character with the That '70s shows and according to them the couple is a bit awkward like Donna and Eric; you are left guessing who is going to make the first move. The whole of Jay sneaking into Leia's room is a reminder of what Donna used to do with Eric. They have similar charm and flirting to Kelso and Jackie.

People are still confused by the character personalities in the Netflix comedy series, That '90s show, and wonder if they would be able to identify the character with a different gender identity in the upcoming season. Although it is unclear if the actors will be portrayed in different sexuality in the next season, people are curious to see how the plot will turn out. Leia and Gwen being queer are thought to be the twist in the upcoming season.