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After a Son and a Daughter, Mina From Good Bones Is Not Pregnant Again!

By Liam Scott on December 3, 2022
Is Mina From Good Bones Pregnant Again? After 2 Kids, Mina and Her Husband Want No More!

Mina from Decent Bones is making a good life for herself and her husband, Steve Hawk, with Good Bones and her other hustles. The TV presenter currently has two children; Jack Richard, a son, and Charlotte, a daughter. Though speculated by fans, Mina is currently not pregnant. 

Mina Starsiak, who was born on November 26, 1987, in Indianapolis, Indiana, is a well-known real estate agent, businesswoman, renovator, public figure, and television personality. She became well-known across the country as a result of her role in the popular HGTV reality series Good Bones. Also has been hosting the show for some time, Starsiak is constantly transforming homes in a gorgeous and unique way.

Starsiak rose to fame after releasing her most expensive, risky, and ambitious endeavor in September 2022. She reportedly contributed to a nearly 8,000-square-foot antique mansion with a carriage house in Indianapolis. Mina's creative and perceptive thinking turns the house into a premier event location, bed & breakfast, etc. She also works as a real estate agent and has helped many people buy their American dream homes with the help of her mother, Karen Laine. She and her mother jointly operate the company Two Chicks and a Hammer.

Following the release of the season 7 finale of the television series Good Bones, the show's host Starsiak has come to the attention of the show's viewers and fans online who wonder if she is married and if is she pregnant again. Read this article to know if Starsiak from Good Bones is married and if is she pregnant again.

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Mina From Good Bones and Her Husband Revealed That They Are Done Having Children!

Mina Starsiak (@mina_starsiak_hawk) from Good Bones is utilizing her wonderful judgment and common sense to create a good life for herself and her husband, Steve Hawk. They have a son, Jack Richard, and a daughter Charlotte. The reality star is not currently pregnant as of this writing. In fact, she explicitly stated that she is done having children in an Instagram Q&A. She even disclosed that her hubby was having a vasectomy back in 2020.

Steve hasn't been involved in much of Two Chicks and a Hammer (@twochicksandahammer), in contrast to the majority of Mina's family. He has, however, made just enough of an appearance on Good Bones with his wife to spark people's interest in his tale. As it turns out, Steve's professional history and path to marriage with Mina are as intriguing as any of the series' episodes.

In 2013, the pair connected through mutual friends on Facebook. Karen stepped in with a different version of events after Mina said she thought Steve was cute. According to the 39-year-old actress, Steve was stunningly gorgeous. Their first date wasn't the best because Steve ignored her the entire time while his friends flirted with her. Mina thankfully agreed to give Steve another shot. After exchanging numbers she texted:

We're going to try this again tomorrow — you get one more shot.

Steve proposed to Mina in March 2015, soon before the Good Bones pilot was shot. To propose to Mina, Steve brought her to the Indianapolis Colts practice field. Steve and Mina wed on June 11, 2016, and Jack, the couple's first child, was born in august 2018. Steve and Mina revealed in 2020 that they were having difficulty getting pregnant again. During the couple's experimentation with in vitro fertilization, Steve appeared frequently on Good Bones. Steve and Mina's daughter, Charlotte, was born in September 2020.

Steve is an account executive for the CoStar Group, a commercial real estate firm when he isn't busy with family. He obtained his expertise at Indiana University Bloomington. Even though he is business-minded, Steve's life is focused on his Good Bones family, as seen on his Instagram account.

Steve may not be the real star of his family, but he has established himself as an important figure in the Good Bones legend. Steve has proven that he is a model husband both on and off of reality TV, despite his hard beginning with Mina and his ability to overcome years of infertility. Although he prefers to keep his personal life private, Good Bones fans hope to learn more about Steve and his handy family.

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