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Don’t Worry! There’s More Than Season 4 Part 1 of Your Favorite Series You!

By Ethan Young on February 14, 2023
Is Season 4 the Last Season of You? Spoiler Alert! You Has 2 Parts of Season 4 With Chances of Coming Back for 5th Season

Season 4 of You is not the last season because there are more episodes to come from the season. Season 4 is divided into two halves, and the final five episodes will be released on March 9 as part 2. There's a possibility we won't find out anything about the show's season 5 until after Part 2 of season 2 is released in March.

With the arrival of Netflix's psychological thriller, You season 4 has finally returned. The action moves across the pond in the new season, where Joe Goldberg believes the identity of a college professor named Jonathan Moore. Without giving too much away for those who are still watching the new episodes, let's just say that the new season changes things up a bit, with Joe becoming the one who is being watched and terrorized this time around.

Eat the Rich Killer, who has started killing London's most powerful people and has started a game of cat and mouse with Joe. The new episodes have given fans a lot to think about, and they're already curious about what's next for their favorite series. This begs the question, will we see more of You after Season 4? Is season 4 of You the last season? Here's everything we know about whether You Season 4 will be the last season or not.

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Season 4 of You Isn’t the Last Season Because There Are More Episodes to Come From the Season: You Has Not Been Renewed for Season 5, but the Odds Appear to Be in the Show’s Favor

Season 4 of You is not the last season because there are more episodes to come. If you are left wanting more after the fifth episode of season 4, you're in luck because there are still more episodes to come from season 4. Given the show's success, it seems safe to suppose that if season 4 was intended to be the final season, Netflix would have leaned into that news with its promotion of the season. Instead, there have been no rumors about the show's end, which seems to be a good sign for fans hoping for a fifth season.

While Netflix has traditionally released new seasons of You in their entirety, allowing viewers to see the entire seasons immediately upon release. The streaming service changed its release strategy with the fourth season of You. Rather than releasing the entire season at once, Netflix is dividing it into two parts, each with five episodes. The first five episodes of the season were cast as part 1 on February 9, and the final five episodes will be released as part 2 on March 9.

Because season 4 is divided into two parts, we may not learn anything about the show's future until after part 2 is released in March. However, there has been little to no talk of season five. Meanwhile, the chances seem to be in the show's favor, and no end game has been charted for the series as of yet. While some creative teams will map out a show's timeline by devising a strategy to tell a story over a set number of seasons, showrunner and co-creator Sera Gamble has previously stated that there has never been a specific plan in place.

The existence of a fifth season is likely to be possible on Joe Goldberg survives the events of season four. Given that he has had more than a few close calls in the past, most notably at the end of season three when he barely escaped with his life, his obsession with Marienne, which has taken him overseas, may not end well for him, especially given the company he has chosen to keep.

With the fourth season of You now available on Netflix, viewers may be thinking about the future of the hit drama—and the serial killer it follows. Joe (Penn Badgley) turns over a new leaf in London, where he's now working as a professor, but his past catches up with him when an anonymous killer begins targeting members of his wealthy new friend group and pinning the murders on him. He discovers who has been framing him by the end of episode 5 and embarks on a mission to stop his tormentor.

Not yet, but given the show's popularity, a renewal seems highly likely. Sera Gamble, the showrunner, has stated that the series will have multiple seasons. While no specific season count was mentioned, it appears that the creative team does not yet have an endgame in mind, which is a good sign for fans. The setup for the next season is dependent on what happens in Season 4, Part 2 next month. Gamble also told that after the end of this season, fans will know what the next season will be. Despite the lengthy wait, Gamble might be already brainstorming plot ideas for Season 5.