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Steven Bartlett Denied Being Gay and Is Currently Dating

By Ethan Young on February 4, 2023
Is Steven Bartlett Gay? Denying All the Allegations, the Fantastic TV Personality Claims to Be Straight

Steven Bartlett denied being gay in 2022 and stated that he is unmarried and straight. Despite not being in a relationship at the moment, he is not married but is living his best life with his girlfriend Melanie Vaz Lopez. The couple got together for the first time in 2016, but their lives had many ups and downs. 

Steven Cliff Bartlett is a British businessman, entrepreneur, and television personality who is also a co-founder of Social Chain. He was born on August 26, 1992, in Botswana, to an English father and a Nigerian mother. He moved to Plymouth, England, at the age of two with his parents.

He was raised in England and completed his education in his hometown. He began working for himself at an early age. He didn't finish his studies because he went to Manchester Metropolitan University and dropped out after one lecture. In 2013, Bartlett founded Wallpark and entered the business field.

In 2014, Bartlett co-founded Social Chain, a social media marketing company based in Manchester, UK, with Dominic McGregor, and started getting recognition. Steven has left as Social Chain's CEO in December 2020 to pursue other ventures. Cliff has also joined many other companies, including; Vivino, Isar Aerospace, and Huel.

Steven Bartlett has been crowned the BBC's Dragons' Den's youngest dragon ever in 2016. Following that, the English entrepreneur and CEO of Social Chain, a social media company, has experienced tremendous success. Bartlett was included in one of the Forbes 30 Under 30 lists in 2020 and has released his debut book, Happy Sexy Millionaire, which was a Sunday Times bestseller in 2021.

Steven has been in the spotlight since launching the $100 million fund. After the news, many people became curious to know about Steve's personal life. Well, read this article to know more about his life and whether Steven Bartlett is gay or not.

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Is Steven Bartlett Gay? The British Businessman Is Currently Dating Melanie Vaz Lopez!

Steven Bartlett(@steven) is not gay, and he denied all claims in 2022, claiming to be straight and single. Although he was not in a relationship at the time, he is now living his best life with his girlfriend Melanie Vaz Lopez. The couple was first partnered in 2016, but their relationship had many ups and downs and they were spilt in 2017 for a long time.

Steven Bartlett is a popular British entrepreneur, social media influencer, and author of the best-selling book Social Media Revolution. Steven is always in the spotlight for his work. Many people have spread rumors about his dating life and gender identification. Steven tries to keep his personal life private, but it's difficult to conceal it from the public.

People are always curious to know about Steven's dating life after hearing about his girlfriend a number of times on his hugely popular Diary of a CEO podcast. Despite the fact that he had not specifically mentioned her name, it was clear that the businessman was in love.

The first time Steve admitted having a girlfriend was when he interviewed writer Jay Shetty. During the discussion about meditation, Steven admitted his girlfriend had inspired him to try the method to keep calm and focused during his busy working life.

The multi-millionaire was linked with many celebrities until now, but he confirmed his relationship with Melanie Vaz Lopez in 2016. Steven and Melanie met on Instagram in 2016 and began dating after a few months of getting to know each other. The couple had many ups and downs and separated in 2017 because Steven was too preoccupied with his work to properly commit. After having broken up, Steven also confessed his feelings and expressed them as;

I've just come out of a long-term relationship that's lasted… well, in my mind it's long-term because I've never had a relationship other than this one, for about a year. That relationship was fantastic and all those things that relationships should be but unfortunately because of my lack of time and my lack of mental focus, and the amount of things I have competing for my attention every single day, that relationship fell apart.

Melanie is a social media influencer from Bordeaux, France who loves to travel the world. She owns a beauty and wellness company and is also a Reiki master. Melanie has amassed over 117k followers and works with local musicians to promote them on Instagram.

However, the couple's strongest bond has been re-united since 2022. In an attempt to win Melanie back, Steven traveled to Bali in February 2022. Melanie fell in love with him again after spending four days with him on the tropical island. Steven tried to impress her by taking a 22-hour flight, but as of now, the multi-millionaire would rather spend time with his girlfriend, Melanie Vaz Lopez.

Talking about the allegation, people have been saying that Steven is gay, but in 2022, before being reunited with Melanie, he denied the rumors and claimed that he is single and straight. People were confused because he was trying to keep his relationship a secret, but as of now, he is happy with his girlfriend and loves to spend time with her.