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Fans Can’t Help but Speculate Theo Von Might Be Gay Since He Has Never Ever Made Any of His Relationships Public

By Ethan Young on March 5, 2023
Is Theo Von Gay? Never Publicizing His Love Affairs, the Fabulous Comedian Is Thought to Be a Part of LGBTQ Community

Theo Von's gay rumors have been trending on social media platforms, despite the fact that he has never publicly revealed his sexuality. Fans are perplexed because he is in his forties and has never been married or involved in a public relationship. He appears to be surprisingly thoughtful. It's surprising he doesn't have his own family by now. Perhaps he is gay, or perhaps he hasn't found the one.

Theo Von, 42, is a stand-up comedian, podcaster, television personality, and actor who rose to prominence after appearing on the reality show Road Rules: Maximum Velocity Tour. When he appeared on NBC's Last Comic Standing, he got his big break. He was also a panelist on the reality competition show American Prom Queen. His most well-known work has been as the host of the Netflix original series Theo Von: Regular People. He has appeared in many films and television shows such as This Is Not Happening, Inappropriate Comedy, Inside Amy Schumer, Addicted to Facebook, Bitcoin, and many more.

Hollywood is not known for accepting differences or being open-minded. Although minorities and LGBTQ characters are still underrepresented in television and film, there is a growing community of talented performers attempting to break through. There are many LGBTQ actors who are frequently forced to play and act straight in order to satisfy the Hollywood frenzy and whatever titles are popular.

Age is just a number; actors of all ages and genre-specific talents are members of the LGBTQ community, and we had no idea. Despite the fact that Theo Von Gay has never publicly revealed his sexuality, news about him being gay has been trending on social media platforms. Fans are already making assumptions about Theo Von's sexuality. Is he a gay man? Let's find out what's going on.

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Theo von Is Not Gay: Fans Believe the 42-Year-Old Comedian Is Gay Because He Is Yet to Marry & Has Never Been in a Public Relationship

Theo Von (@theovon) is not gay. He is in his forties and has never been married or in a public relationship. In terms of his dating history, he was previously romantically linked with a few women. And, we can't think of anything else that would fuel gay rumors besides being unmarried. Von has never publicly stated his sexual orientation. Several sources have indicated that he is gay, but no solid evidence supports them.

The stand-up comedian appears to be surprisingly thoughtful. It's surprising he doesn't have his own family by now. Perhaps he is gay, or perhaps he hasn't found the one. Some fans assume Theo is 100% straight because he's mentioned how he used to work as a sex educator for women and couples, which included bringing the woman to orgasm. He frequently talks about having sex with women while high before becoming sober.

On the other hand, Redditors have also debated Theo Von's sexuality. Some think he's gay, while others think he's not. Gay jokes were a big part of his childhood, but they're less common nowadays. Because he is still single at 42, many people assume Theo is gay. One Reddit user claims to have engaged in drug-induced homosexuality and wishes to be reassured that this is normal and that he is not gay.

Looking at his dating history, the 42-year-old podcaster was rumored to be dating Coral Smith in 2001 whom he met on MTV's The Challenge, though it's unclear whether their relationship was romantic or platonic. They were photographed strolling along the beach together. In April 2016, Smith revealed their relationship in an interview with The Daily Dish. Even though she did not formally declare him her lover, her excitement when she mentioned the comedian was palpable.

The TV personality's most endearing trait was his ability to make his loves laugh. She simply enjoyed being with him, demonstrating their undying love. What was supposed to be a happy story became a sad one. While working in their respective fields, their friendship grew more assertive. Unfortunately, due to their hectic schedules, their burgeoning romance took a dramatic turn for the worse, and the couple called it quits just a month after dating. Likewise, he was also linked to Sarah Greyson in 2003.

Other than this, Theo Von was also romantically linked to fellow television personality Brandi Glanville. They allegedly began dating in 2016, after meeting for his podcast, Allegedly with Theo Von & Matthew Cole Weiss. They even flirted via Twitter before reuniting for Glanville's podcast and going on their first date. On the other hand, their relationship was short-lived. Furthermore, Theo Von has remained silent about his current experiences since the split.