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Jeffrey Star Is Teasing Fans Through Mirror Selfies With His Boyfriend

By Harper Lee on February 4, 2023
Jeffree Star’s Boyfriend in 2023: Jeffry Star Is Teasing His Love Affair With NFL Boyfriend on His Instagram

Jeffree Star sparked public interest in who Carl Nassib is dating after teasing his 2023 boyfriend is an NFL player with a mirror selfie. Andre Marhold and Nathan Schwandt were his last known boyfriends. Some fans believe they've figured it out and that Star is most likely dating Justin Herbert. Fans are still no closer to determining which NFL player the YouTube star is dating despite their best efforts.

Jeffrey Lynn Steininger Jr. (b. November 15, 1985) is a singer, makeup artist, and entrepreneur from the United States. Jeffree Star Cosmetics is the name of his company. Star has built a successful career in fashion, music, and cosmetics. He got his start as a fashion designer and singer on the Myspace platform.

Star amassed a large number of Myspace followers and rose to the position of a top independent artist. His musical career began in 2007 with the True Colors Tour. Jeffree has attended numerous pride parades and musical events since then. His debut album, Beauty Killer, was a huge success.

The fashion designer has appeared in several music videos, including Kesha's Take It Off. Jeffree also runs his own makeup line, Jeffree Star Cosmetics. Liquid lipsticks, highlighter palettes, lip scrubs, eyeshadow palettes, clothing accessories, and other make-up products are among his most well-known products. He has, however, never been free of controversy due to his unusual and demeaning remarks about his fellow makeup artists.

Jeffree Star, in all of his eccentricities, has been sweeping the glam world with his music and beauty-focused videos. Jeffree's electrifying persona, complete with hot-pink hair and heavily-done eye makeup, has been the talk of the town for quite some time now!

From being a beauty guru to now using social media as a platform to share information about his mysterious boyfriend. Fans are eager to learn who Jeffree Star will be dating in 2023. So far, here's what we know.

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Jeffree Star Boyfriend 2023: The Makeup Artist Is Dropping Hints as Fans Try to Figure Out His New Alleged Lover

Jeffree Star (@jeffreestarcosmetics) shared a cryptic photo on Twitter from his private jet with his new mysterious NFL boyfriend in 2023. Fans have been zooming in on the mystery man's Vans sneakers and his hand wrapped around Jeffree's. But no one has been able to narrow it down so far. Despite all of their efforts, fans are still no closer to determining which NFL player the YouTube star is dating. The makeup artist appears to be introducing a new boyfriend, implying that he is a professional athlete.

Most recently, the internet celebrity shared another picture with his mysterious boyfriend and revealed that his team couldn't make it to the Super Bowl. Jeffree also revealed that his boyfriend is 6'6" tall and plays perfectly in the bedroom. He wore a brown and orange Louis Vuitton getup beneath his clean-cut brown hair. The couple was again holding hands.

Jeffree Star sparked public interest in who Carl Nassib is dating after teasing that his boyfriend is an NFL player. Star teased the height of his NFL boyfriend in the tweet, drawing attention to Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive end Carl Nassib. Carl Nassib, on the other hand, is dating Danish Olympic swimmer Sren Dahl.

Some fans believe they've figured it out but haven't been kind enough to share their theories. Others take a more cooperative approach. So far, Tom Brady (he is newly single, after all), Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen, and Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert have all been suggested. Others believe the small mark on the mystery man's hand is a birthmark, a mole, or a freckle, but it is an identifiable feature.

Meanwhile, Jeffree had been fighting off bizarre rumors that he was dating Kanye West before he sent his followers into a frenzy with this new mystery man. Although Jeffree flatly denied dating West (who was still married to Kim Kardashian at the time), the influencer did suggest that many other rappers were interested. Jeffree's final known boyfriend was basketball player Andre Marhold, whom he dated in 2020.

During a heated argument, however, the YouTuber accused his ex of stealing from him. The celebrity also dated Nathan Schwandt for five years before splitting up in the first month of 2020. Following his breakup with Nathan Schwandt, Jeffree revealed that he is dating again, documenting his first date with Big Brother and The Challenge star Jozea Flores.