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Who Was Jenna Ortega Dating in 2020 and What’s Her Relationship Status Now?

By Liam Scott on December 23, 2022
Jenna Ortega’s Boyfriend in 2022: Sneak a Peek at Who the Horror Icon Was in Love With in 2020

Jenna Ortega wasn't dating anyone in 2020; however, there was a rumor that she was dating Asher Angle in 2019, which she denied. The 20-year-old actress is recently in the spotlight because of her fantastic performance on the Netflix series Wednesday, which recently premiered on November 23, 2022. For a long time, Ortega's romantic life has been a hot issue among her followers. According to her dating life allegations, everything until 2022 was a hoax and merely newsworthy rumors.

Jenna Marie Ortega, aka Jenna Ortega, is an American actress born on September 27, 2002. Ortega was raised in a Mexican family where her father, Edward A. Ortega, is a businessman, and her mother, Natalie Ortega, is a nurse. She was raised with six siblings; among them, she was the fourth child.

Jenna started her career as a child actress in a comedy-drama show called Jane the Virgin on The CW, where she played the role of young Jane. After her appearances in Jane the Virgin, Jenna came to play Harley Diaz on the Disney Channel show Stuck in the Middle from 2016 to 2018, for which she won an Imagen Award. In 2019, she played Ellie Alves in the second season of the Netflix thriller series You and led the cast of the Netflix family movie Yes Day.

Ortega has been interested in the acting field since she was six, and by the age of eight, Jenna began receiving auditions. She made her first acting debut in 2012 with a guest appearance for Rob in the episode Baby Bug with her mother's help. Her many roles and hardworking nature led her to the position of Wednesday Addams in the Netflix comedy horror series Wednesday. Jenna is gaining more and more recognition after the release of Wednesday, and people are curious to know more about the personal life of Wednesday's lead. Here's everything about Jenna Ortega's boyfriend in 2022!

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Jenna Ortega Claims She has Never Been In a Relationship and Had No Boyfriend in 2020

Jenna Ortega(@jennaortega) stated that she was single in 2020 and has never been in a relationship with Asher Angle. Ortega's fans have been interested in her love life for a long time. Jenna has not dated anyone till now, which means she doesn’t have a boyfriend. All the rumors about her are false and are just street gossip that became a headline. On top of it, the internet is swirling with the news that Jenna is a lesbian and is being forced to come out.

The dating life of the young Disney actress, Jenna Ortega has been in the spotlight for her romantic relationships since 2016. In 2016, it was reported that Jenna was in a relationship with Isaak Presley(@isaakpresley). A Disney series called Stuck in the Middle featured Jenna and Isaak as a co-starting couple. Isaak Presley is an American actor born on June 20, 2002. Isaak is most recognized for his roles as Bobby Popko on the Netflix comedy Fuller House and Ethan Diaz in the Disney Channel original series, Stuck in the Middle.

The rumors that Jenna Ortega and Isaak were dating didn't last long because, in October of 2017, Jenna became the subject of new allegations that she was dating Jacob Sartorius. The music video for Chapstick by Jacob was filmed in New York City, where the couple was spotted together for the first time. The fact that the music couple appears to have good chemistry and that both of them have been seen engaging in romantic activities together, such as eating ice cream, playing carnival games, and crossing the Brooklyn Bridge, leads to the assumption that they were a couple.

Rolf Jacob Sartorius(@jacobsartorius), often known by his stage name Jacob Sartorius, is an American singer and internet celebrity who came to fame through social media after posting lip-syncing videos on the app Musically. Jacob's first official music video, Sweatshirt, was a huge success, ranking on the Hot 100 in the US and Canada in 2016.

After Jacob, Jenna was reportedly dating Asher Angel in October 2018. The couple was co-stars in the Disney Channel movie Andi Mack. People began to speculate that Jenna was romantically involved with her co-star Asher when they saw the two of them attending a red carpet event dressed in matching Halloween costumes that matched each other. After Halloween, they were seen attending a fashion event, from which Asher posted a picture on his Instagram account with the caption, this one together, followed by an emoji of a heart.

Asher Dov Angel(@asherangel) is an American actor born on September 6, 2002. Asher began his career as a child actor in the 2008 movie Jolene, which also starred Jessica Chastain. Asher is one of the rising actors in the Hollywood industry and is best known for his roles in hit movies like Andi Mack, which came out in 2017 on the Disney Channel.

At the beginning of 2019, Jenna explained big news about her dating life on the Just Between Us podcast set, which Bailee Madison and Kaitlin Vilasuso hosted. Janna told everyone about all of her relationships. You might be surprised that Jenna denied all her data during the podcast. She was unequivocal that she had never been with Asher, Jacob, or anyone else. Jenna also stated that:

According to the internet, I dated like six guys, [but I] dated none of them.

Although the goth icon as the internet likes to call Jenna now, dating someone was always a hot topic, all of them were rumors because no one had made any official commitments. Jenna still denies being romantically involved with anyone in the present as of 2022.