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Dealing With Mental Health and Body-Shaming Issues, Jenny Ryan’s Weight Loss Is the New Talk of the Town

By Bridgette Dane on March 19, 2023
Jenny Ryan’s Weight Loss: The TV Presenter Is Dealing With Body-Shaming and Mental Health Issues

Up until this point, Jenny has remained silent about her weight gain and loss status. Although she showed confidence in her profession, she has been dealing with body shaming issues and mental health issues since the beginning of her career. It's never been hidden from her fans that she hasn't tried to maintain her weight, but it seems like her weight is genetic.

Jenny Alexis Ryan, aka Jenny Ryan, is an English quizzer, singer, and television personality, best known as one of the six chasers on the ITV game show The Chase. She was born on April 2, 1982, in Bolton, England, to British parents. She holds British nationality by birth but belongs to the white ethnicity.

Jenny attended a local high school in Bolton before attending the University of Leeds, where she earned a degree in law. She had her first televised appearance in 2003 when she helped her university reach the semi-finals of the University Challenge. She appeared on Mastermind three years later, as well as on the American television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Ryan's big break came in 2015 when she joined The Chase as a chaser and made her first appearance on September 2. She was known as The Vixen on the show because of her red hair, freckles, and ponytail. Being a well-known media figure she has appeared in over ten films and television shows to date. She also sings and plays the ukulele with the band Nanukes of the North.

Talking about her personal life, she is currently in a happy marital relationship with her husband, Alan McCredie, who is a freelance photographer working with big agencies in Scotland. The couple has been married for more than five years and still seems to have a healthy relationship.

After Bradley Walsh of ITV's, The Chase disagreed with Jenny Ryan, he was called embarrassed. Following that, both Bradley and Jenny have been in the news. Recently, Jennifer has also been claimed by her fans to have lost some weight. In this article, we will be discussing the conversation between Ryan and Badley as well as her physical transformation.

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Jenny Ryan’s Weight Loss Is the New Topic of the Talk With Raging Body-Shaming Comments on the Internet

Jenny Ryan (@jenny_from_the_quiz) hasn't revealed whether she has ever lost weight or when she gained the most weight until now. Although she looked confident in her work, she has been facing mental health problems and body shaming problems from the being of her career. Well, seems like the vixen is stronger and a fighter and is more focused on her work.

When Bradley Walsh returned to host Wednesday's episode of the ITV game show, the quizzers competed against Jenny Ryan for a $1,000 reward. The team got off to a great start, as the first two players advanced to win £8,000 in the Final Chase. When Badley expressed during the head-to-head moment;

Laugh for laugh Mrs Brown Boys is a bigger hit rate. Gavin and Stacey, it's not a laugh out loud.

When Ryan disagreed with him during the conversation, and after the video began to circulate on the internet, many people began to remark that Bradley should be ashamed of his opinions on Gavin and Stacey. Even though the team completed 18 steps, they were caught with 29 seconds remaining.

Talking about Jenny's physical appearance, she is always known as the healthiest celebrity. According to some online sources, she is 72 kg but is very confident when it comes to her work. She has faced numerous bullies for her weight till now, and her weight has been a trolling subject for many of her fans.

Jenny has always been a talented quizzer, singer, and television host. While seeming highly brilliant and confident on The Chase and stage, she has poor mental health and has been housebound for months at a time due to depression and panic attacks. Ryan was diagnosed with depression in her late teens, following an incident in which she believed her brain had stopped working one day. She also stated her feeling in the interview;

I’d always been the genius of the family. Teachers said I’d definitely go to a top university and could do anything, even be Prime Minister. Suddenly, things got harder. I used to enjoy doing homework but stopped trying and felt drained. Anxiety started to build and I didn’t understand what was going on. 

Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It influences our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. According to one study, those who battle with obesity have a 55% higher lifetime chance of acquiring depression than those who do not. Being overweight is significantly associated with elevated rates of serious depression, bipolar illness, and panic or agoraphobia.

Besides the teen trauma, Ryan has also shared through her Twitter post that she experienced body shame from her doctor. She admitted that she had lost some weight, but that wasn't enough, according to the doctor. In the Twitter post, she states:

Isn't modern life great? Your GP can now fat-shame you over the phone, so you don't have to waste time travelling and sitting in a waiting room before being made to feel awful about your own existence!

As of now, she hasn't revealed whether she has ever lost weight or when she gained the most weight. She seems to have been wealthy since her childhood days. Even though she doesn't have a curved fit body, she has never failed to amaze her fans through her style.