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Did Jessob Reisbeck Divorce His Wife Jacqueline Ditto Before Openly Dating Lindsay Magyar?

By Liam Scott on January 31, 2023
Jessob Reisbeck’s Wife: Dwindling in Mystery, Did Jessob Reisbeck Divorce His Wife or Is He Cheating On Her Openly?

Jessob Reisbeck has been wedded to his wife Jacqueline Ditto. The couple married on September 18, 2019, and has two children. Despite the fact that no information about the couple's divorce is available, they are no longer together because Jessob appears to be dating his current girlfriend, Lindsay Magyar, as seen on Instagram.

Jessob Reisbeck is a journalist and news anchor from the United States. He is now employed by CBS 58 WDJT in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He is most frequently seen on Channel 58's 5 and 10 p.m. newscasts, as well as on Channel 49's WMLW with Natalie Shepherd. Jessob even worked at WITI for five years before joining CBS. He was a news anchor at Fox 6 News in Milwaukee before joining WDJT-TV.

The 38-year-old TV personality was recognized for his work and contributions to broadcast journalism. He has extensive experience working with several state and national news channels over the course of his one-and-a-half-decade career. Throughout his journey, he has amassed fame and fortune, establishing him as a well-known television personality.

The reporter is a proud father of two boys, whom he adores. He is married to Jacqueline Ditto but now he appears to be in a relationship with Lindsay Magyar. Even though there is no information about the couple's divorce, they are no longer together. As a result, fans are eager to learn more about Jessob Reisbeck's wife and relationship. Here's everything you need to know.

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Jessob Reisbeck Has a Wife Named Jacqueline Ditto: They Are No Longer Together Because The Journalist Appears to Be Dating Lindsay Magyar

Jessob Reisbeck (@jessob_reisbeck) is married to his wife, Jacqueline Ditto (@jax.ditto). The pair got engaged on September 18, 2019. The couple is blessed with two kids named Jensen (b. December 3, 2013) and Jase (March 23, 2017). Jessob spends as much time as he can with them and always takes the time to enjoy their company. He also enjoys spending time with his parents and other family members, with whom he appears to be close.

The news anchor and Jacqueline met for the first time at a sports bar in Fresno, California called Ozzie's, during Jax's best friend's birthday. They bonded through sports as Jessob's best friend Blakely played and practiced basketball at Fresno State. Slowly they exchanged contacts and decided to start hanging out. Meanwhile, the couple seems to be in their separate ways. They haven't been spotted together for quite a long time.

Despite the fact that the American journalist has not revealed any details about his wedding or bride, an Instagram photo posted by Jax on October 20, 2019, reveals that they married in 2019. When they were in a live-in relationship, they may have welcomed their children. The television personality posted the first photo of them together on Instagram on July 30, 2012. Since then, he has not repeatedly posted photos with his wife.

Even though there is no information about the couple's divorce, they are no longer together because Jessob appears to be dating his current girlfriend, Lindsay Magyar, as seen on Instagram. They've both been seen in each other's Instagram posts. According to the salon's website, his partner, Lindsey, is the owner of Shear Beaute Salon and has been a hairstylist for 11 years. She specializes in balayage, as evidenced by her Instagram account (@lindsay.magyar).

Detail on the New Netflix Series: The Hatchet-Wielding Hitchhiker

On January 10, 2023, Netflix released The Hatchet-Wielding Hitchhiker, a new true crime documentary. Interviews with Jessob Reisbeck, Kimmel's staff, McGill Vary's family, and law enforcement figures involved in his case, among others, are included in the documentary. It tells the story of a troubled Canadian hitchhiker who rose to prominence, albeit briefly, as a result of a viral meme in 2013. Kai Lawrence became an overnight sensation after a rambling TV interview was streamed millions of times in a matter of weeks.

Lawrence claimed that while he was in the car with the driver, the driver admitted to raping a 14-year-old girl and then intentionally hitting a pedestrian with his truck before attacking a woman who stopped to help. Lawrence claims he then reacted by repeatedly hitting the driver's head with a hatchet in an attempt to help the injured bystanders. He was arrested for the murder of Joseph Galfy, whom he claimed sexually assaulted him. In 2019, Lawrence was convicted of first-degree murder after investigators discovered inconsistencies in his story.

However, he is currently serving a 57-year sentence at the New Jersey State Prison in Trenton. Being the first to break a story is every news reporter's dream. Not far behind is nearly exclusive access to one of the most viral public figures. Thanks to Kai, Jessob Reisbeck was able to realize his dreams, and he did everything he could to help the hitchhiker.