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Joe Goldberg’s INFJ MBTI Personality Type Is a Raging Topic of Debate on Reddit

By Bridgette Dane on February 14, 2023
Joe Goldberg’s Mbti: You’s Main Character’s Personality Type Has Been a Tantalizing Topic of Debate on Reddit

Joe Goldberg, played by Penn Badgley, is an INFJ, also known as a thoughtful idealist, according to the MBTI. INFJ is a unique combination of three functions (introverted Feeling, which is dominant in this type, moderately developed Sensing, and judging) that allows him to compensate for his introverted intuition. On Reddit, there has been a lot of discussion about Joe Goldberg's personality type, with most people settling on INFP and others saying INFJ.

You is back for season 4, and this time around, Joe Goldberg has a new name, career, and home, as well as a new group of friends. The Netflix original film tells the story of serial killer Joe. Aside from the murder, he shares many characteristics with other creeps and killers. He is motivated by his passion, emotion, and expectations of reality, rather than by reality itself.

Goldberg has a short fuse and is prone to making life-altering, or rather, life-ending decisions. Many readers and viewers have labeled Joe Goldberg as a narcissist. Some believe he is simply selfish and manipulative, while others believe his actions and thoughts are the results of a much deeper issue. Whatever one believes, Joe Goldberg is a complex character whose actions are difficult to explain.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is an introspective self-report questionnaire used in personality typology to identify different psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions. Fans of the show YOU are curious about Joe Goldberg's MTBI type, zodiac sign, ethnicity, and all that there is about the character. Here is what we have covered.

Joe Goldberg From You Is an INFJ Personality Type According to MBTI: He Has a Serious Personality Disorder; The Majority of Reddit Users Believe Joe Is an INFJ

According to The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Joe Goldberg, played by actor Penn Badgley (@pennbadgely), is an INFJ, also known as a thoughtful idealist. INFJ is a combination of three functions (introverted Feeling, which is dominant in this type, moderately developed Sensing, and judging) that gives him a unique perspective on life that he can use to compensate for his introverted intuition. They can understand people's emotions and empathize with their problems. INFJs are frequently overwhelmed by the emotions of others, lose their own identities, and seek ways to please others.

Goldberg from You has a strong opinion about how the world should be, and it irritates him that people make mistakes and don't always do what he wants. Of course, he's a truly evil person, but he doesn't see himself that way. Joe approaches his love life with moral commitments, as do INFPs. He is also devoted and selective, and he places a high value on relationships. While Joe isn't the type of guy anyone should date, he does have moments when he appears gentle and sensitive, just like INFPs.

Joe is unable to fall in love with anyone. He can't love anything, no matter how addicted or obsessed he is with it. The main reason for this is that he has never experienced heartbreak from anyone other than Love, Candace, or Beck. He killed Beck and Candace, covered his tracks, and moved on as soon as he realized he was the murderer.

Joe, a rare INFJ, suffers from a serious personality disorder. He has a distorted sense of self-worth. He kills people because he believes that it is necessary to kill them in order to protect his loved ones and improve the world around him. Strong morals, idealistic beliefs, and a desire to live a better life influenced his upbringing.

The lead actor from You is the epitome of Yandere. A yandere is someone who is initially gentle, kind, and sweet before becoming brutal and deranged. Joe and Love's murders differ in several ways, as do the types of serial killers. Joe's life goal is to torture and kill, and he enjoys it. She enjoys stealing from and murdering her victims when she is in love.

Unlike Joe, both serial killers are typically narcissistic, with Joe being a textbook example of Yangere and Love being a typical, garden-variety killer. Joe is a textbook case because he is a violent and depraved person who enjoys killing and torturing his victims.

For a long time, there has been a lot of debate on Reddit about Joe Goldberg's character type, with most people settling on INFP and others saying INFJ. According to one Reddit user, Joe is so painfully INFJ that he doesn't know how anyone could argue otherwise. Another user claims that while he likes to argue that fringe-type people/characters are INFP, Goldberg appears to be firmly INFJ. The overwhelming majority of Reddit users believe Joe is an INFJ, and this appears to be true.

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