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Joe Goldberg Has Raging Scorpio Placements All Over His Birth Chart!

By Liam Scott on February 12, 2023
Joe Goldberg’s Zodiac Sign: The Mastermind Serial Killer Has Chilling Placements of Mysterious Scorpio All Over His Natal Chart

Joe Goldberg played by Penn Badgley not only has a Scorpio sun, but also a Scorpio moon, Mercury, Venus, and Pluto placements all in Scorpio. The spine-chilling yet mesmerizing serial killer has a Scorpio Stellium, Mars in Aquarius, Jupiter in Pisces, a Libra South Node, and an Aries North Node. Many sources list Badgley's rising sign as Aries, so all of these planetary placements in Scorpio are also in his eighth natal house.

Penn Badgley plays Joe Goldberg in Netflix's You, a brilliant serial killer and a certified stalker who has bounced from New York City to Los Angeles and is now on his way to London to avoid his murderous past. The plot continues to veer and turn, leveraging Joe's troubled childhood and the traumatic experiences that led him to the life of a love-struck killer. His character develops deeper, more intensely, and ultimately more twisted with each season, and now Season 4 is here!

In the last three seasons, he has demonstrated his absolute mastery of switching from charming to creepy, manipulating his love interests, and covering up the murders of over fifteen other characters. Because Joe is such a passionate, conflicting—and deadly—character, you may be wondering what Joe Goldberg's zodiac sign, MBTI personality type, ethnicity, and everything else about him are. We had to look into Penn Badgley's birth chart to understand how this character is so eerily believable. Why does Joe behave the way he does? What is his astrological chart, and how might it affect his personality? Here's a look at Joe Goldberg's zodiac sign from Netflix's You.

Joe Goldberg’s Zodiac Sign Is Scorpio: His Sun Sign Charts Reveals That He Has Not Only a Scorpio Sun, but Also a Scorpio Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Pluto

Joe Goldberg's zodiac sign is Scorpio, with the moon, Mercury, Venus, and Pluto all in Scorpio. He has Scorpio Stelliums which are rare occurrences in birth charts in astrology. This means that three or more planets have grouped together in any one sign or house in someone's chart and ultimately amplify that energy even more. His birth chart reveals that Penn Badgley can easily channel his character's intensity, fixation, and unwavering dedication to his character's love interests and their subsequent murders.

The sun represents someone's outward-facing personality in astrology. The moon provides details about a person's childhood and inner emotional landscape. Mercury positions influence how people communicate and network. Venus demonstrates how they love and desire to be loved. Mars explains how they act and defend themselves. On the other hand, Pluto has access to the subconscious thoughts and desires of others.

We can see that passion, control, and desire will pervade Penn Badgley's character's personality. The resemblance between his actual birth chart and Joe Goldberg's mysterious character is undeniable. Scorpio is a fixed water sign ruled by both Pluto in modern astrology and Mars in traditional astrology. When this unwavering, deeply emotional, and somewhat psychic energy is placed in someone's eighth house, it feels wildly amplified with darkness, death, and taboo topics.

Many sources list Penn Badgley's (@pennbadgley) rising sign as Aries, so all of these planetary placements in Scorpio are also in his eighth natal house. When many personal placements fall into the eighth house, there is an innate understanding of life's dark and gory aspects. People with their natal sun in the eighth house usually feel established in their careers and have an ambitious and opportunistic personality. With the sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, and Pluto all in this intense and fixed water sign energy, Penn's decision to launch his acting career as a serial killer makes perfect sense.

However, Penn's natal Jupiter is also in Pisces, a dreamy and emotional sign. People born under Jupiter in Pisces feel a solid connection to others, no matter how long they've known them. Consider how quickly and thoroughly Joe becomes obsessed with his romantic interests. There is a profoundly poetic and overly romanticized view of the women in his life, and given Penn's natal Jupiter placement, we wouldn't be surprised if he was like this in real life as well.

Finally, we can see that Penn Badgley's South Node is in Libra. In astrology, the South Node reveals a person's natural tendencies, which they must overcome in this lifetime in order to achieve true balance and fulfillment. This placement can indicate codependency issues and reliance on validation from partners for one's sense of worth. This placement does a good job of understanding compassion and empathy while keeping boundaries and self-preservation at the forefront of everything they do.

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