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Joe Mantegna Is Father of Two Marvelous Daughters!

By Ethan Young on December 15, 2022
Joe Mantegna’s Daughters: Take a Peek at Joe Mantegna’s Loving Family!

Joe Mantegna is happily living with his family alongside his wife, Arlene Vrhel, and two daughters; Mia Mantegna, who has autism disability, and Gia Mantegna, an actress. Joe is one of the major cast of the American series, Criminal Minds. He recently appeared as David Rossi in Criminal Minds: Evolution, which is the revival of Criminal Minds. 

Joseph Anthony Mantegna, mostly known as Joe Mantegna has come into the spotlight now with Criminal Minds. An incredible actor who won a Tony Award for Best Featured Actor and a Joseph Jefferson Award, Mantegna started his acting career with the Chicago version of the musical Hair in 1969 and is thriving to date in the realm of Hollywood.

Mantegna oversaw the direction of a renowned Los Angeles theatrical run of David Mamet's Lakeboat. Later, he played the lead in the Lakeboat movie. In addition to The Godfather III, Bugsy, Three Amigos, Forget Paris, Up Close & Personal, Searching for Bobby Fisher, House of Games, Things Change, Homicide, and Redbelt, Mantegna has appeared in over 100 movies.

Besides these, the actor has emerged in other different box office hits and award-winning television series and has won various awards for his roles. However, Joe is recently in the spotlight because he seemed to have had a stroke, and rumors were that he was even dead, but the news is false. The 75-year-old actor also recently appeared as David Rossi in Criminal Minds: Evolution - the revival of Criminal Minds. This article explains everything you need to know about Joe Mantegna, including the complete details of his daughter!

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Joe Mantegna’s Daughter: The Criminal Minds: Evolution Star Has Two Daughters; Mia and Gia!

First three episodes of Criminal Minds: Evolution is out, and now every cast members of the series are in the spotlight, including Joe Mantegna (@joemantegna). The 75-year-old actor has two daughters; Mia Mantegna, who has autism disability and works as a makeup artist, and Gia Mantegna, an actress.

You may know who Joe Mantegna is if you are a cinephile; the 75-year-old actor has appeared on Criminal Minds, and recently he also made an appearance as David Rossi in Criminal Minds: Evolution which is the revolution of Criminal Minds. However, you might not know that the actor is the parent of an autistic daughter who appears to be Mia Mantegna and works as a make-up artist.

What would occur to you when you sit across from the doctor, and the doctor says, "I’m pretty sure your daughter is autistic"? I would imagine no one would want to hear those words, but twenty-eight years ago, Joe and his wife had to listen to them and found out they had an autistic child. Mia was two and a half years old when the couple discovered Mia's disability. Joe has also shared how hard it has been for him and his wife to raise an autistic child: to find the right schools for her and to search for needed resources. The couple had to go through a lot, according to Joe.

Autism is a neurological developmental condition affecting one to two percent of people in the United States and worldwide. Each person's unique experience with autism and their needs for support and services can vary significantly due to the uniqueness of the disease.

Mia is not the only child of Joe; you might be familiar with the name Gia Mantegna (@giamantegna). Gia Cristine Mantegna, whom you all may refer to as Gia, is an American actress best known for her role as Devin Levin on the ABC sitcom The Middle, but it's not the only series she has made her appearance. Gia has appeared in other movies and series, including Gigantic, Uncle Nino, 13 Going on 30, and many more. In Uncle Nino, Gia appeared alongside her father; she was thirteen then, and Uncle Nino was her debut film. 

That was not the only time she appeared with her father behind the curtain; she also featured with her father on her father's show Criminal Minds, where she played Lindsey Vaughn, a teen who was abducted along with her friend by Ryan Phillips and his gang.

The actress has also been announced as the 2011 Miss Golden Globe for the 68th Annual Golden Globe Award Ceremony, and her parents couldn't be more proud. Both father and daughter have played a significant role in the movie industry.

Regarding the mother of the children, Joe Mantegna married Arlene Vrhel on October 3, 1975; however, there's not much information about Arlene. We can only assume the couple might be leading a happy life. Some also think that the 75-year-old actor has sons; however, Joe only has two daughters, Mia and Gia.

There was another rumor that was spreading, saying the 75-year-old actor had a stroke and even died however the story appeared to be false as he is fit and fine.