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Here’s What Jonathan Ross Has to Say About His Weight Loss Journey and Diet Plan

By Ethan Young on March 15, 2023
Jonathan Ross’s Weight Loss: Sneak Peek At How the Comedian Turn Host Transformed His Body Into Its Phenomenal Form Losing 60 kg

Jonathan Ross is always eager to show off the results of his incredible weight loss. Before returning to television with a chat show and series The Masked Singer, the comedian went on a liquid diet and lost a stone in four weeks. He has undergone several changes in the last few years, and fans are curious about his transformation.

Jonathan Ross is an English broadcaster, comedian, writer, producer, and actor best known for hosting Friday Night with Jonathan Ross on BBC One. He is well-known for his role as a judge on The Masked Singer and its spin-off series The Masked Dancer.

Ross's appearance has changed since his first appearance in the spotlight, as has his career path, with the star slimming down in recent years. How did he lose so much weight? This article will teach you everything you need to know about Jonathan Ross's weight loss journey.

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Jonathan Ross Has Opened Up About His Weight Loss Journey and the Diet Plan He Used To Lose a Stone in Four Weeks

Jonathan Ross (@mewossy) has been on a mission to live a healthier lifestyle and is always eager to show the results of his incredible weight loss. He has made several changes in the last few years. Ross put on weight during the lockdown. However, in order to lose weight before returning to television with a chat show and a series of The Masked Singer, the comedian embarked on a grueling liquid diet that saw him lose a whopping stone in four weeks.

The chat show's host became a vegan and a teetotaler in 2020, but when he stepped on the scales in 2021 and realized his weight had crept up on him, he decided to embark on a radical diet. He changed his meals to protein shakes and lost a stone in a month as a result. When he stopped drinking, he realized he had more than his fair share. When asked if he misses a non-vegan diet, Jonathan admitted to eating eggs once or twice by accident. It hasn't changed him at all, and he's not a vegan diet poster boy.

Back in 2015, the father-of-three revealed that he lost weight by following the keto diet plan. His wife wanted him to start eating healthy, so Jonathan looked up weight loss motivation on the internet and discovered the keto diet. He made the decision to eliminate sugar and carbohydrates from his diet. He also sought advice from Reddit users, noting that many of them were discussing the Keto diet. This isn't the first time Jonathan has gone on a diet to lose weight.

Other than this, the 62-year-old English broadcaster appeared on Loose Women in October 2015, during which his two-stone weight loss became a hot topic. The ladies were so taken with his newly slimmed-down figure that they asked him to stand up and twirl for them, to which he joked about feeling harassed. He revealed his weight-loss secret, telling that his diet consisted of almost no carbs. He went on to say that his eating habits were far from strict, claiming that he and his family enjoy hearty fry-ups and bacon with everything.

Meet Jonathan Ross’ Wife Jane Goldman & His Three Adult Children

Jonathan Ross is married to Jane Goldman. The couple met in 1986 when Jane was 16 and working as a showbiz journalist, and Jonathan was 26 and a rising star. They married two years later. They separated after ten years of marriage due to Jane's mental health and other strains on the marriage; they decided to split for the sake of their children. The couple reconnected, and their relationship history is fascinating. They have three adult children: Betty, Harvey, and Honey. While Betty and Harvey have pursued careers outside of the entertainment industry, Jonathan's youngest daughter Honey has become a plus-size fashion model, podcast host, and body positivity campaigner in her own right.

Jonathan's wife is the woman behind some of the highest-grossing films of the last decade; she co-wrote the screenplays for Kingsman: The Secret Service, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, X-Men: First Class, Kick-Ass and Stardust with Matthew Vaughn. Goldman also wrote the screenplay for Disney's live-action remake of The Little Mermaid. She has also worked as an executive producer on Channel 4's The Big Fat Quiz of the Year, in which her husband has appeared on several occasions. Working alone, she wrote the scripts for the adaptations of The Woman In Black and Rebecca in 2020.