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Get To Know Stanislav Callas Who Plays Jorundr in Vikings: Valhalla Season 2

By Liam Scott on January 18, 2023
Jorundr of Vikings: Valhalla: An Insider on Actor Stanislav Callas Playing the Alluring Role in Season 2

In the second season of Vikings: Valhalla, Jorundr was introduced as a pirate Viking who wanted to help Freydis. He paid the price by having his hand cut off and being exiled, forced to fend for himself at sea. The character is played by actor Stanislav Callas, a 33-year-old Soviet actor, and cinematographer.

The events of Netflix's Vikings: Valhalla season 2 continued the story of the trio of Leif Erikson, Freydis, and Harald, who are now in the middle of a new adventure in their lives. Of course, Freydis chose her own path in life, and she is now a prominent figure in the Viking community due to her religious importance to her people. That's when she met Jorundr, a pirate Viking who would become an essential part of her journey.

Although Vikings: Valhalla is based on historical events, people, and places, it is not always historically accurate. In some cases, the show has taken real-life people's names and created entirely new stories for them, while other characters are a mash-up of different people.

Jorundr from Vikings: Valhall is a Jomsviking from a hidden settlement of Jomsborg. He was the one who initially assisted Freydis, Leif, and Harald in escaping Olaf's forces. He was eventually falsely accused of Freydis' death and exiled. He was in charge of bringing Olaf's forces to Jomsborg.

Jorundr's story in the series is a bit complicated but very relatable, as he lived in a world he thought was better than the one he and the other Jomsvikings left behind. However, he was also living in a world dissimilar to the one that he and the other Jomsvikings despised. Let's take a look at the character who plays Jorundr and his role in Vikings: Valhalla.

Stanislav Callas Plays the Role of Jorundr, a Pirate Viking From Vikings: Valhalla Season 2

Jorundr from Vikings: Valhalla is played by Soviet actor Stanislav Callas. Jorundr is placed in a boat and taken to the middle of the sea, where he warns the other men to be cautious. Following Harekr's betrayal, they could be next. Despite this, he's been released from the Viking longboat, unaware of what's happened back home, and left to fend for himself on a small rowing boat.

Vikings: Valhalla's Jorundr was introduced as a pirate Viking who wanted to help Freydis. He first encountered Leif, who turned down his advances, but he refused to give up and continued to follow the group. When Leif discovered they were being followed, he attempted to kill the character, but Freydis was curious about him. He had a distinct mark that Freydis had never seen before, and she suspected he had been sent to them for a reason.

Jorundr was the son of Yngvi of the House of Yngling and a Swedish king. When Jorund was young, he and his brother traversed the seas and looted, and they were strong fighters. He ruled Sweden from Uppsala, but he continued to pillage throughout the summer, and they were discovered by the Norwegian pirate Gylaug of Hlogaland one summer while docked in Oddesund. Gylaug and his troops outnumbered him, who lost the battle and was hanged by Gylaug. The character in Valhalla resembles his real-life counterpart more closely than Harekr, as both Jorundrs were strong warriors, though the real one had nothing to do with Jomsborg.

Freydis, who was carrying Harald's child, chose to travel with Jorundr instead of her brother and partner. She was brought to Jomsborg to meet with King Harekr and his wife Gudrid. The king slaughtered all the refugees after learning of Freydis and Jorundr's kindness to them. Jorundr, disgusted by the king's actions, decided to assist Freydis, as she was the king's next target. He helped her escape after warning her that the king was planning to kill her. Jorundr paid the price: his hand was cut off, and he was exiled, forced to fend for himself at sea.

Stanislav Callas is a 33-year-old Soviet actor who plays the character of Jorundr in Viking: Valhalla. He uses his social media to promote his latest venture, and his followers were ecstatic to see him in action. He is best known for his roles in the films The Golden Horde and Whiskey Cavalier. He's also appeared in Shadowplay, Das Boot, The Liberator, and Totems. The actor has an Instagram account (@stanislavcallas) and describes himself as a poet and the founder of Grizzly Media in Prague.

The Viking: Valhalla star was born in Novosibirsk, Siberia, and later moved to Moscow to study at the Russian Academy of Performing Arts. After graduating in 2010, the actor and cinematographer worked in several Moscow theaters before landing roles in several television shows and feature films. In 2017, he relocated to Prague to work with the Prague Shakespeare Company, the Czech Republic's largest English-language theater company.