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The Power Duo: Bodybuilder Kim Kang Min and Wife Song A-Reum Are Starring in Physical:100

By Bridgette Dane on January 28, 2023
Bodybuilder Kim Kang Min: The Physical: 100 Is Star Is Starring in the Series With His Loving Wife Song A-Reum

Bodybuilder Kim Kang Min has become well-known thanks to the Netflix reality series Physical: 100. The bodybuilder has entered the show with his wife Song A-reum. Kim's supporters have been rooting for him to win the program since, prior to competing on the show, he was well-known on Instagram for his fitness reels and had won a number of fitness competitions. 

Kim Kang Min is a South Korean athlete who was born on August 17, 1995. He was born and raised with a younger sister in, South Korea to Korean parents. There is no more information about his father and mother and as of now according to his social media, he seems to be living far from his parents.

Kims is well educated and he might have done his education in his hometown as their no more information about his early life. The bodybuilder came to fame from social media where he share many fitness videos and blogs.

Kim Kang Min has won the titles of NABBA Korea Grand Prix Final, NABBA Asia Open Championship, NABBA WFF Asia Open Championship, and NABBA WFF Asia Open Championship (Pro). As of now, Kim is one of the richest and most popular celebrities. Kim has recently gained popularity after appearing in the Netflix series called, Physical: 100 with his wife Song A-reum.

After the show, people are wondering to know about his personal life, age, height, and secrets. well, we will cover everything that is available on the internet. To know more about Kim Kang-min's bodybuilder's personal life and profession, read this article.

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Body Builder Kim Kang Min Has Been Married to Bikini Athlete Song A-Reum for Six Years!

Kim Kang Min (@kang_min_kim), a bodybuilder, has been gaining fame through the Netflix reality show; Physical: 100. The bodybuilder has entered the show with his wife, Song A-reum (@ssong_rme). Before coming to the show, Kim was popular through his Instagram for his fitness reels and has won numerous titles in fitness, and as a result, his fans have been supporting him to win the show.

On January 24, 2023, the reality show's first two episodes debuted, attracting large audiences eager to learn more. If the top 10 TV shows on Netflix are any evidence, Physical: 100 is doing very well for itself. It is currently at No. 7 and doesn't appear to be dropping off any time soon as of Jan. 26. The creator of the reality competition, Physical: 100 is Jang Ho-g.

The cast involved people from different occupations, such as national team athletes, weight lifters, actors, bodybuilders, ice climbers, influencers, TV personalities, MMA fighters, etc. Among them, Kim and Song become the first married couple to join the other contestants in the room of torsos. the pair has been married for more than six years and has a daughter together.

When Song and Kim enter the Physical: 100 chambers, other cast members inquire whether Kim Kang Min can lift 1000 kg or anything. Kim has a verified Instagram account with 196K followers, and he shares various fitness products and his daily routine with his admirers. Kim Kang Min not only has followers on Instagram, but he also has a YouTube channel with almost 440k subscribers as of this writing.

Song A-Reum, Kim's wife, also works as a fitness model and competes in fitness competitions. In 2019 and 2021, she won second and third in women's bikini contests. She is no stranger to hard physical training or competing against others when it comes to fitness, but she appears to be a fitness obsessive who enjoys working out.

They also had a daughter together, who was born on October 10, 2017. Their daughter referred to her mother as a Bikini Athlete and her father as a Daddy Bodybuilder on Instagram. Her name is Kim So-Eun, and she uses Instagram to keep her followers up to date on her everyday activities. On the occasion of the new year, Kim posts a reel of his family and wishes every fan and follower a happy new year.

The duo, along with other bodybuilders such as An Da-Jeong, Kim Chun-ri, and Ma Sun-ho, have also made appearances in the show. As of the show's premiere, each cast member competes against one another in difficult challenges to demonstrate their physical strength and for the chance to win the title of most perfect physique and the $300 million cash prize.