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How Did Kim Novak Botch Her Beauty With Facelift and Surgeries?

By Riley Long on February 21, 2023
Kim Novak’s Facelift: The Alluring Beauty Regrets Her Facelift Decision After Ruined and Nasty Result

Kim Novak's face has undergone numerous facelifts in order to remove sagging skin. She has been able to keep her skin looking beautiful and younger thanks to a number of successful anti-aging treatments. In an interview, the actress admitted that getting fat injections in her face was the dumbest thing she'd ever done.

Kim Novak is known for her timeless beauty, which she used to break into the entertainment industry in the 1950s. That is why she has been cast in a variety of roles, allowing her name to spread and her talent to be recognized. Then the incredible actress got a lot of offers, but she abruptly refused to do any roles again in the 1960s. However, when fans saw her suddenly change her appearance, the term Kim Novak plastic surgery appears after her name.

Many people have speculated that Novak's plastic surgery was the result of the pressure she is under to look younger despite her age. Several plastic surgeons have discussed the shocking number of facelifts she appears to have had. Continue reading to learn more about Kim Novak's facelift procedure.

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Kim Novak Facelift: She Regrets Plastic Surgery Procedures & Getting Fat Injections in Her Face Was the Dumbest Thing She’d Ever Done

Kim Novak's face is treated with a lot of facelifts so that her sagging skin can be removed. To finish the procedure, she might do a neck lift to avoid the turkey neck that is common in people her age. She has been able to maintain her skin beauty and look much younger thanks to a number of successful anti-aging treatments.

The 90-year-old actress has been the face of natural beauty in Hollywood since her film debut. Fans flocked to her naturally beautiful face, particularly after her pivotal role in the 1955 classic film Picnic. She has appeared in films such as The Man with the Golden Arm, Picnic, and Vertigo. However, after Novak's face reportedly looked very unnatural in her 2014 Oscar appearance, fans and people all over the world began mocking her.

The Vertigo star made headlines in 2014 after her contentious Oscar performance. She presented the awards for Best Animated Short Film and Best Animated Feature Film alongside Matthew McConaughey. Her appearance, however, stunned Oscar viewers. Many people, including Donald Trump, took to Twitter to mock and ridicule the face of Kim Novak.

Like many other Hollywood celebrities, Novak has undergone several plastic surgery procedures in recent years. However, many people thought her face looked drastically different, unnatural, and overdone after her plastic surgery. She has undergone fat transfer surgery on her face. As a result of the surgery, Novak's face appeared too plump and round. She also used chemical peels and lasers to smooth out her skin as part of the surgery. According to the report, the Picnic actor had her skin tightly pulled around her face and neck. As a result, her face is devoid of facial sagging, loose skin, wrinkles, and even laugh lines, implying that Novak has had a facelift and/or a neck lift.

The American actress explained that she was insecure and thought a cosmetic procedure would help. She decided to retire from acting due to the constant online criticism of her new look. She claimed she was too vulnerable for Hollywood and took things too personally. The actress has regrets about cosmetic procedures & she admitted in an interview that getting fat injections in her face was the dumbest thing she'd ever done. Dermal fillers are more popular than they've ever been, but it's all too easy for facial injections to go wrong.

Kim Novak Also Has Cheek & Chin Implant

People are surprised to see Kim Novak today because her face appears bloated and has grown larger over the years. She used to be a petite lady with a small face, which became her trademark. Nobody expects her to make that big face when she gets older. However, some experts believe that her big face is the result of a botched procedure on her face.

Kim certainly does not want to appear with a sunken cheek as she is already in her eighties. This is why she seeks the assistance of cheek implants to make her cheek appear plump and fresh. However, the expert claims that the implant failed and that her face is swelling as a result of the mishap. Let's just hope she doesn't use silicon on her cheek because it won't come off even after years. However, if she uses other procedures, such as Juvederm filler, we can expect her face to return to normal size.

In addition, it appears that the causes of her bloated face are not limited to the cheek implant. The reason for this is that there is also a noticeable change in her chin. Our expert believes she has chin implants because the angle of her chin has changed and the size of her chin has increased. It could also be related to the first implant she had done on her cheek. We hope she never does it again because it appears that she does not work well with the implant.