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Kim Novak’s Botched Plastic Surgery Is Being Tantalized in the Internet!

By Bridgette Dane on January 1, 2023
Kim Novak’s Plastic Surgery: Be the First to Know All About Kim’s Ruined Plastic Surgery

Kim Novak's appearance changed abruptly, and her plastic surgery is mentioned shortly after her name. Her face appears bloated and has grown larger over time as a result of a botched surgery. The actress is unhappy with her cosmetic procedures. In an interview, she admitted that getting fat injections in her face was the dumbest thing she'd ever done.

Marilyn Pauline Novak, aka, Kim Novak is an American painter and former actress who rose to prominence in the mid-to-late 1950s. Her most famous role in Alfred Hitchcock's classic film Vertigo made Novak live in the glam of Hollywood.

Kim Novak was born on February 13, 1933, in Chicago, Illinois to Joseph and Blanche Novak. She went to Farragut High School, William Penn Elementary, and Wright Junior College. Moreover, Novak received two scholarships to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and went on a cross-country tour modeling for a refrigerator company at trade shows during the summer break of her final semester of junior college.

Kim began her career with Columbia Pictures in 1954 and quickly rose to prominence as one of Hollywood's top box office stars, appearing in films such as Picnic, The Man with the Golden Arm, and Pal Joey. Bell, Book and Candle, Strangers When We Meet, and Of Human Bondage is among the other notable films. She also received two Golden Globe Awards, an Honorary Golden Bear Award, and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for her contributions to film.

Kim Novak, like many other Hollywood celebrities, has undergone several plastic surgery procedures in recent years. Many people thought her face looked drastically different, unnatural, and overdone after her plastic surgery. Follow this article to learn more about Kim Novak's plastic surgery procedures.

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Kim Novak Is No Stranger to Plastic Surgery; The Stunning Blonde Now Strikes Only With the Failures of Numerous Surgeries

People are surprised to see Kim Novak today because her face appears bloated and has grown larger over the years following multiple plastic surgeries. She used to be a petite lady with a small face, which became her trademark. That is why no one expects her to make that big face when she gets older. However, some experts believe that her big face is the result of a botched plastic surgery procedure.

For decades, the former actress has been a symbol of natural beauty in Hollywood. She made headlines in 2014 after her contentious Oscar performance. Her appearance, however, stunned Oscar viewers. Many people, including Donald Trump, took to Twitter to mock and ridicule her face. Novak has regrets about cosmetic procedures. She admitted in an interview that getting fat injections in her face was the dumbest thing she'd ever done. According to the actress, she decided to retire from acting due to the constant online criticism of her new look.

The Vertigo star's younger features were delicate and feminine. She had a Cupid's bow mouth, a small pointy chin, defined cheekbones, and a Cupid's bow chin. She certainly does not want to appear with a sunken cheek as she is already in her eighties. This is why she seeks the assistance of cheek implants to make her cheek appear plump and fresh. However, the implant went wrong, and her face is swelling as a result of the mishap.

It appears that the factors causing her face to appear bloated are not limited to the cheek implant. The reason for this is that there is also a noticeable change in her chin. She had her chin done because the angle of her chin has changed and the size of her chin has increased. Chin implants are the only way to explain how she went from having a dainty feminine chin to having a masculine chin.

Even if her other procedure does not work well, we can say that the American painter benefited greatly from anti-aging treatments such as Botox injections. People in their eighties usually have a lot of aging signs like wrinkles and sagging skin all over their faces. However, when you look at Kim Novak, you will notice that she has no wrinkles on her skin. Her skin is still smooth, and her face is tight, with no visible sag that should be visible on her face and neck.

Similarly, her face is treated with a facelift treatment so that her sagging skin can be removed from her face. To finish the procedure, she probably did a neck lift to avoid the turkey neck that is common in people her age. Likewise, Novak has been able to maintain her skin beauty and look much younger thanks to a number of successful anti-aging treatments.

Other than this, the Picnic star has also had upper and lower eyelid surgery. This has been proposed because her eyelids appear firm and devoid of puffiness, which should be normal for someone her age. The report examined how her brows appeared excessively elevated during her Oscar appearance. Additionally, it was also speculated that her nose appeared thinner than before, which could be the result of rhinoplasty.