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Kristin Cavallari’s Mom Is Lowkey Unlike Her Father Who Was on The Hills and Laguna Beach!

By Ethan Young on November 25, 2022
Kristin Cavallari's Mom: All About Judith Eifrig's Lifestyle, House and More!

Fans are curious about Kristin Cavallari's mom, Judith, after already knowing about her dad, Dennis who has appeared on The Hills and Laguna Beach. Fans want to know where she lives, her warehouse as well as her lifestyle. Cavallari's mother has always stayed low-key but is occasionally seen walking with her daughter and grandchildren. 

Kristin Cavallari is a fashion designer, actress, author, and American reality star. She rose to prominence in 2004 as a cast member on the popular MTV reality television series Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County, then on the spin-off MTV reality television series The Hills, and was later given her own E! reality series, Very Cavallari, to star in. She also appeared in television shows and films including National Lampoon's Van Wilder: Freshman Year and parts in Middle, Wild Cherry, CSI: NY, and Fingerprints. In addition, Cavallari founded Uncommon James in 2017, which sells jewelry, homeware, skincare, and beauty products.

The 35-year-old fashion designer regularly interacts with her million Instagram and Twitter followers, using the platforms to promote her businesses, give shout-outs to friends, and clap back at critics. Now a successful businesswoman and best-selling author, Cavallari released her first book, Balancing in Heels: My Journey to Health, Happiness, and Making It All Work, in March 2016.

While recounting her rise to fame as a television personality and the years that followed, the book also included some of her favorite recipes and workout tips, propelling it to the top of The New York Times best-seller list. Likewise, she then released True Roots: A Mindful Kitchen with More Than 100 Recipes Free of Gluten, Dairy, and Refined Sugar in April 2018.

Kristin's father, Dennis Cavallari is the founder of the Cavallari Group and a real estate developer at SteelWave. He currently resides in California. After divorcing his first wife, Kristin Cavallari's mom, Judith Eifrig, he married yoga trainer Nicole King Cavallari in 2003. It was revealed in 2012 that he had a secret lover for 5 years, and Nicole filed for divorce in 2013. Dennis declared bankruptcy in 2018. The celebrity's father, by the way, has appeared on The Hills and Laguna Beach. Kristin claims that he is the source of her motivation and drive.

Kristin's father is well-known but her mother has never been in the spotlight. As a result, fans are looking for more information and stories about Kristin's mother. Here is what you need to know about Kristin Cavallari's mom!

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Meet Kristin Cavallari’s Mom, Judith Spies Eifrig: The Chicago Native Has Always Stayed Low Key!

Kristin Cavallari (@kristincavallari) was born to her mom, Judith Spies Eifrig, and father, Dennis Cavallari in Denver, Colorado. She has an older brother Michael Cavallari. Her brother was reportedly bipolar and had run into trouble with the law before going missing in late 2015. He was discovered dead of hypothermia in a remote area of eastern Utah that December.

The reality star has Italian ancestors through her father and German ancestors through her mother. The reality star moved from Denver to Barrington, Illinois, a Chicago suburb, with her mother after her parents divorced, where she lived until her junior year of high school, when she moved to Laguna Beach, California, to live with her father.

Cavallari's mom, Judith Eifrig was born on April 15, 1953. Dennis Cavallari is Judith's ex-husband who worked as a commercial real estate developer. They were estranged from each other when Kristin was a child, although, she had two children. Kristin's mother, Judith Eifrig lives in Illinois, Chicago. Her mom's warehouse is still under wraps. She makes an effort to avoid the spotlight. She is occasionally seen walking with her daughter and grandchildren. However, many are unaware of Judith's job.

Meanwhile, the cookbook author's mom was arrested at a DUI checkpoint in 2010, according to police in Barrington, Illinois. According to law enforcement sources, Kristin was riding a shotgun at the time, and she was apparently a very hungry passenger. Kristin insisted on fleeing to a nearby Subway and yelling at cops to get her water while Eifrig was subjected to field sobriety testing. Judith was arrested for driving under the influence. Moreover, Kristin's car was seized by police after she admitted to being drunk and unable to drive.

On the other hand, The Laguna Beach star was photographed with her mom, Judith, and her daughter Saylor James, whom she shares with her ex-husband, former quarterback Jay Cutler. Her mother wore a lavender sweater, black pants, and black sandals, while Saylor stood facing her mother in a grey and pink dress with a pair of red cowboy boots. Moreover, she has mentioned that her mother is the best mama on the planet on Instagram. In addition, Kristin Cavallari's mom doesn't seem to be re-married after her divorce. The mother-daughter duo has a fine relationship to sum it all up!

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