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As Pain and Mystery Surrounds Kyron Horman’s Case, Here’s What His Stepmother's Text Messages Revealed!

By Riley Long on November 25, 2022
Kyron Horman's Stepmother's Text messages: Details revealed on Dr. Phil

Kyron Horman's stepmother Terri Horman appeared on Dr. Phil in 2016 and was confronted with several accusations and text messages. When McGraw asked why she sent sexual texts and photos to Michael Cook just days after Kyron went missing, she said it was to retaliate against Kaine, who was allegedly doing something similar.

Kyron Horman's stepmother, Terri Horman took him to school on June 4, 2010, and photographed him posing with his frog model at the science fair. She allegedly left the school alone around 8:45 a.m. Kyron, on the other hand, did not attend any classes that day. According to her statement, she then went to two grocery stores before going to the gym. When she and Kaine Horman went to pick up Kyron from the school bus, they were told that Kyron had not boarded the bus.

Meanwhile, Terri Horman married Kyron's father, Kaine, in 2007. She had been involved with Kaine since Kaine and Kyron's mother, Desiree Young, were about to divorce. Kaine and Terri share a daughter. During the search, a crying Terri was seen with the family comforting Kaine and Desiree. Investigators informed Kaine, that Terri had asked a landscaper to murder Kaine in January 2010. Rodolfo Sanchez, the landscaper, testified in the case but he later recanted his statement. Nonetheless, he was forced to wear a wire and communicate with Terri, but it had no effect. Kaine soon filed for divorce and made a restraining order against Terri.

However, Terri failed two polygraph tests during the course of the investigation. An eyewitness from 2010 stated that a person was in the truck with Terri outside Kyron's school. Terri's friend DeDe Spicher stated that she assisted Terri in obtaining an untraceable cell phone. Desiree Young sued Terri in 2012, alleging that she was responsible for Kyron Horman's disappearance. Terri attempted to postpone the motion but it was denied. They dropped the lawsuit in 2013, claiming that it would interfere with the ongoing investigation.

Four days after Terri's stepson, Kyron Horman went missing, Dr. Phil examined one of her social media posts. And how does Terri, who was married to Kyron's father at the time, explain sending text messages to Michael Cook 26 days after Kyron went missing? Continue reading to find out more about Kyron Horman's stepmother's text messages.

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Grab Every Detail on Kyron Horman’s Stepmother's Text Messages!

Terri Horman appeared on Dr. Phil in 2016. Kyron Horman's stepmother was confronted with several accusations and text messages and sexually explicit photographs. She began posting on Facebook a few days later with things that some people were critical of, going to the gym and staying home until 8 p.m. four days after Kyren went missing. Many people see this as typical behavior for a distraught mother of a missing child.

Terri has been in the spotlight since Kyron, a 7-year-old boy from Portland, went missing on June 4, 2010. She began texting messages with Michael Cook 26 days after his son vanished. Kyron Horman's stepmother said whatever as if she'd never get any more. She added men avoid approaching her because they know she can outperform them. Terri also stated that she has never dated anyone and that she is unable to bench their weight. Furthermore, Kyron's stepmother stated that she knows how to roll and flirt. She also claimed to be stronger than him.

On the other hand, Tyron's stepmother also said she needed to arm wrestle and she could take him down but she didn't want to hurt him. She also said she would pin her down and sit on him. She revealed her attraction towards him in the text messages. Kyron's stepmom also wrote that she had no desire to enchant him in any way. Likewise, she added, insert evil grin with latex, and said whoops she said that loudly. Terri Hormon sent a photo, stating that it was only the left one. Similarly, she requested something bigger from him.

In addition, Terri said she can't talk about bugs in the house. She wanted him so badly and didn't know what it is about him that she is very attracted to. She asked him to give her 15 minutes to moan to him. Kyron Horman's stepmother added she can't do this where anybody can hear her with a very graphic photo. At last, she concluded that they are not even together anymore.

When McGraw asked why she sent sexual texts and photos to Michael Cook just days after Kyron went missing, she said it was to retaliate against Kaine Horman. She stated that Cook was Kaine's friend and she did that deliberately because she was angry and getting back at her husband. Other than this, Terri Horman revealed that she had no interest in having Michael Cook in her life. The text messages were something to screw with Kaine because she was angry with him. She also pointed out that he was doing the exact same thing with somebody else.

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