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Who Is Leif Eriksson’s Wife in Vikings: Valhalla Season 2

By Harper Lee on January 18, 2023
Leif Erikson’s Wife: Uncover the Love Story Behing Leif Erikson and His Wife Thorgunna in Vikings: Valhalla Season 2

During his time in the Hebrides, Leif Erikson married his wife, Thorgunna. They have a son named Thorkell. The pair most likely met while sitting around her father's table while he hosted Leif and his crew. Erikson's wife stayed in the Hebrides after Leif left because he refused to take her without her family's approval.

Vikings: Valhalla is a Netflix historical drama series created by Jeb Stuart. The Vikings' sequel takes place a century after the original series and follows the exploits of brave Norsemen Leif Eriksson, Freyds Eirksdottir, Harald Sigurdsson, and King William the Conqueror. As they sail across the seas in search of new territories, they face numerous difficulties and terrifying foes. Leif Eriksson, the son of Erik the Red is a Viking explorer. He is Freyds Eirksdóttir's half-brother. He is a Greenlander who grew up on the outskirts of the known world.

Vikings: Valhalla is the continuation of the Viking legacy that began with the first Vikings series. While it is a sequel series, Valhalla follows the lives of entirely new historical characters from the Viking Age. Leif Eriksson, one of the series' main characters, is one such Viking on whom the Netflix series focuses heavily. So, in Vikings: Valhalla, who is Leif Erikson's wife? Everything you need to know is right here.

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Meet Leif Erikson’s Wife Thorgunna: They Had a Son Named Thorgils

Leif Erikson met his future wife Thorgunna for the first time in the Hebrides. He married Thorgunna, a noblewoman, and had a child named Thorgils. His wife has not appeared in the Vikings: Valhalla. Leif is described as a wise, caring, and physically strong man. She was probably much younger than Leif because he was around thirty at the time.

They most likely got to know each other while sitting around her father's table as he hosted Leif and his crew. He'd also noticed that she was margining, or well-versed in many subjects. Erikson's wife remained in the Hebrides after Leif left because he refused to take her without the approval of her family.

Leif is devoted to his family, particularly his sister Freydis. He is a brave and fearless sailor who is also physically tough. He has a strained relationship with his father, who is notoriously violent. Eriksson is adamant that he is not like his father because he does not kill people for no reason.

Moreover, he is determined to emerge from his father's shadow. Leif is brave and courageous without the need to brag or show off to others. He believes in himself and his abilities. His humble demeanor distinguishes him from the typical Viking warrior. He pretends to be thoughtful and in control, but he has the same temper as his sister and father.

Additionally, Leif Erikson was regarded as a wise, thoughtful, and powerful man with an extraordinary physical appearance. In Vikings: Valhalla, he is one of the main characters who arrive in Kattegat from Greenland with his sister, Freydis, and friends. Leif is an Icelandic Norse explorer who is thought to be the first European to set foot on continental North America. Erikson, the historical figure, converts to Christianity while in Norway and then leads missionary efforts to Greenland, with mixed results.

Who is the actor who plays Leif Eriksson in Vikings: Valhalla?

Sam Corlett (@samcorlett) is the actor who plays Leif Eriksson in Vikings: Valhalla. You might recognize him from the Netflix original series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina as Caliban. Vikings is only Corlett's sixth acting role in his young acting career. He studied drama in Australia for three years before beginning acting. His first acting role came in 2018 when he played Oscar in a short film. He then appeared in Pretty Face, before landing a role as one of the lead actors in the 2020 Australian drama The Dry.

Following that, Sam Corlett rose to fame as Caliban in the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Because of his performance in the Sabrina series, he was given the opportunity to play Leif Eriksson. Corlett, on the other hand, almost didn't accept the role of Leif because he thought it would be a long commitment. After all, the original Vikings series lasted six seasons, and the same seems to be true for Vikings: Valhalla.

But it was Leif Eriksson's trauma with his father, Erik the Red, that ultimately convinced Sam Corlett to take the role because he felt his mother had a similar experience when she was younger. He wanted to atone for his mother's trauma by creating a character who had gone through something similar.