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Here’s a Peek at Love Is Blind Season 3’s Complete Timeline and All the Other Insiders

By Riley Long on February 18, 2023
Love Is Blind Season 3’s Timeline: With Its Season 3, Here’s a Detailed Look at the Intoxicating Show’s Timeline

According to the Love Is Blind Season 3 timeline, the season premiered on 19 October 2022 and was actually filmed in the summer of 2021. The latest three episodes After the Altar were released on February 10, 2023. The cast, on the other hand, did not film the season 3 reunion until October 2022, after all of the episodes were available on Netflix.

Love is Blind season 3, like previous seasons of Netflix's dating reality television series, allows viewers to catch up with all of season 3's contestants and relationships. Maybe we're all a little too invested in Love Is Blind. We can't help but be enthralled by the show's intimate and intense experience for the participants. And, because we all have strong feelings about love and relationships, we can't help but feel a little bit involved in the lives of these strangers.

That's why, when a new season of Love Is Blind premieres its After the Altar episodes, the rest of the world comes to a halt. The episodes follow the season 3 cast to see how their lives are now. However, fans of the show who follow the cast on social media are puzzled by some of the scenes seen during After the Altar. So, when was Season 3 of Love Is Blind filmed? Here is complete detail on Love Is Blind season 3 timeline.

Love Is Blind Season 3 Timeline: The Season Was Filmed in the Summer of 2021 & Premiered on 19 October 2022- The Cast Did Not Film the Season 3 Reunion Until October 2022

Looking at Love Is Blind Season 3 timeline it premiered in the fall of 2022 & the season was actually shot in the summer of 2021. The latest three episodes of Love Is Blind: After the Altar was released on February 10, 2023. The cast, however, did not film the season 3 reunion until October 2022, after all of the episodes had been released on Netflix. When it comes to determining when certain reality TV timelines and moments look no further than Instagram. Instagram serves as a visual diary of some cast members' lives.

Even if an NDA prohibits them from posting photos from their on-camera moments until after they have aired, cast members will occasionally post innocent selfies with vague captions and nondescript backgrounds. We noticed that the entire Love Is Blind cast took a break from the app in August 2022 after scrolling through their Instagram feeds. That includes the most active cast members (Zanab, Raven, Alexa, and Cole). To be more specific, check out Bartise and Nancy's Instagram post.

In After the Altar, take a look at what they're wearing to Alexa's birthday party. And now take a look at what they're wearing in these photos, which were taken one day apart: Both photos are also geotagged "Dallas, Texas," and Alexa's birthday party was held at DEC on Dragon St. in Dallas. All of this seems to indicate that After the Altar was shot in August 2022, before Season 3 premiered. Even though Netflix releases episodes of Love is Blind in batches, the After the Altar special is released on the same day.

Love Is Blind Season 1 became a hit just before lockdowns in early 2020, despite the fact that it had been filmed almost 18 months earlier, in the fall of 2018. Due to delays in launching Season 2, the series did not return until February 2022. Netflix, on the other hand, made up for it by filming Seasons 2 and 3 back-to-back in the late spring and summer of 2021. Like the previous two seasons, the After the Altar segment has only three episodes.

Love Is Blind: After the Altar Cast Members Relationship Update

Only two couples from Love Is Blind: After the Altar is together. Alexa and Brennon are still together, and they intend to start a family. The happy couple is currently enjoying married life and is considering having children. Similarly, Colleen and Matt are married but do not live together. However, they were not financially prepared to move in together after getting married after falling in love on the show because they were both already locked into leases. They see each other every day, but they've never lived together.

Additionally, SK and Raven announced their breakup on Instagram in late 2022. The breakup was thought to be the result of accusations that SK cheated on Raven, which he has since denied. At the end of Season 3, Zanab told Cole at the Love Is Blind: After the Altar that she couldn't marry him because he had destroyed her self-confidence during their time together. Moreover, she has since gone to therapy and is now in the best health and happiness she has ever experienced. In addition, Nancy and Bartise are both recovering from their breakup.