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Madison Bailey Has Been in Relationship With Mariah Linney for About 3 Years Now

By Liam Scott on February 28, 2023
Madison Bailey’s Partner: The Fabulous Actress Has Been in a Loving Relationship With Mariah Linney for 3 Years Now!

Madison Bailey is dating her partner, Mariah Linney in 2023. In 2020, she made her relationship official in a TikTok video and revealed that she was pansexual. On Instagram, the couple continually shares glimpses of their relationship. They have been together for three years and have yet to marry. Bailey doesn't have a spouse & hasn't had a kid yet.

Madison Bailey, 24, has been acting and modeling since 2015. She portrayed Wendy Hernandez in the iconic queer superhero show Black Lightning for two seasons. Her breakthrough role, however, has been as Kiara Carrera in the Netflix teen drama Outer Banks. Kie, an empowered character who doesn't take crap from anyone and cares fiercely for her friends, is brought to life by Bailey's passion and verve.

Since its debut in 2020, the series has amassed a massive fan following and helped launch the careers of its young stars like Rudy Pankow, Chase Stokes, and Madelyn Cline. Likewise, Madison Bailey has won the hearts of Netflix viewers all over the world thanks to her remarkable performance in Outer Banks. Her fans want to know more about her partner. So read on to learn everything there is to know about Madison Bailey's partner.

Madison Bailey Is Dating Her Partner Mariah Linney in 2023: The Couple Is Dating Since 2020 & Are Yet to Be Married- The Outer Banks Star Doesn’t Have a Kid

Madison Bailey (@madisonbaileybabe) is dating her partner, Mariah Linney in 2023. Madison and Mariah have been together since 2020. In May 2020, Bailey revealed that she was pansexual and confirmed her relationship with Linney in a TikTok video. TikTok is responsible for the couple's relationship. Bailey found Linney on Instagram after seeing one of her videos. Before finally meeting in person, the two exchanged messages.

The duo has continued to share glimpses into their relationship on their respective social channels since their social media debut, from shopping trips to vacations to casual hangs. Linney shared a carousel of candid photos of herself and her new girlfriend posing in Nike high tops shortly after the partners made their TikTok debut. Since then, the Outer Banks star has emerged on Linney's social media, and vice versa.

Mariah Linney, Madison Bailey's partner, is from Goose Creek, South Carolina. Her Instagram (@mofiyah99) and TikTok pages are full of family photos. She's shared multiple photos of her blended family, indicating that she's surrounded by love and support. Linney has been a basketball player for most of her life, beginning when she was a child. While at UNC Charlotte, she majored in sociology with minors in American studies and women's and gender studies.

During her senior year of high school, she was named Miss Basketball in the state of South Carolina by the High School Sports Report. Among other honors, she was named Charleston Post and Courier Player of the Year and USA Today High School Sports State Player of the Year. She went on to play guard for the University of North Carolina Charlotte women's basketball team until 2021 when she graduated.

On the other hand, Linney is also a fashionista, with a signature look consisting of a pair of jeans, chinos, or shorts, a graphic or white T-shirt, and a fitted hat, all paired with Converse or Nikes. She oftentimes shares her sporty-casual style with her Instagram followers by posting photos of her outfits. She also has an outstanding collection of hats and sneakers. Additionally, Linney is not only a basketball star, but she is also a skilled gamer. She's been playing video games since she was a child and repeatedly broadcasts live on Twitch.

Madison Bailey’s Net Worth Explored

Madison Bailey's net worth is estimated to be around $500,000. Her actual net worth is primarily derived from TV shows and movies. Sponsorships and brand endorsements also add greatly to her net worth. She is the show's third highest-paid actress. Her net worth is quite higher than that of some of her co-stars, but this is due to her marvelous acting experience. Her net worth will undoubtedly rise, especially if the series continues for many seasons.

Madison began her career in 2015 with a guest appearance on NBC's Constantine. She played Caroline in one of the Waiting for the Man episodes, in which she performed alongside Matt Ryan, Charles Halford, and Angelica Celaya. In 2017, she made her film debut in the film Fist Fight. Mr. Mercedes Show and Impractical Jokers: The Movie featured her prominently. Her fame grew after she starred as Kiara in the Netflix series Outer Banks. She has appeared in 31 episodes which has added massive money to her net worth.