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Who Are Mark Madoff’s Wives and Where Are They Now?

By Ethan Young on January 10, 2023
Mark Madoff’s Wife: Uncover Who Mark Madoff’s Lovely Wives Were and Where Are They Now

Mark Madoff had two marriages. Susan Elkin, his first wife, has not made any recent public appearances and has not revealed anything about herself since their divorce. From 2004 until his death in 2010, Mark was married to his second wife, Stephanie Madoff Mack. He had four children, two from his previous relationship and two with Stephanie.

Madoff: The Monster of Wall Street is a true crime documentary on Netflix about American fraudster Bernie Madoff, who orchestrated the largest Ponzi scheme worth $64.8 billion and duped several Wall Street investors. The series is divided into four parts that thoroughly investigate the root cause of financial fraud.

The series is centered on Madoff's Ponzi Scheme, which was the largest financial fraud in the United States from the early 1990s until 2008. Late, Bernie Madoff was a prominent financier along and former non-executive chairman of the NASDAQ stock exchange who ran the scheme through his business ventures.

Bernard Madoff, whose name became synonymous with financial fraud, died in Federal Prison while serving a 150-year sentence. He was 82 years old when he died in prison in 2021. In the years following the revelation of his scheme, his family was hit by a wave of tragedy.

His two sons are also no longer alive. Mark Madoff, Bernie's eldest son, committed suicide in 2010, on the two-year anniversary of his father's arrest. Bernie's second son, Andrew Madoff, died later due to cancer. Mark was married twice and has four children. As a result, fans are looking for information on Mark's wife and his kids. Where is she now? Read on to learn more about Mark Madoff's wife.

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Meet Mark Madoff’s First Wife Susan Elkin and His Second Wife Stephanie Madoff Mack!

Mark Madoff was married to Stephanie Madoff Mack (@steph_mack) from 2004 until his death in 2010. Stephanie Mack has not remarried since her husband's death. Her Instagram bio confirms that she is a personal fashion stylist and image consultant. After meeting on a blind date when Miss Mack worked in fashion and Mark worked in finance, the couple married in 2004. Both had four children, two from his previous relationship and two from their relationship. Daniel and Audrey were from his previous relationship, and Kate and Nicholas were from Stephanie's.

Mark Madoff was previously married to Susan Elkin. They were in a relationship since their college days and were married until the year 2000. Much about Susan's personal life has yet to be revealed, but her relationship with the Madoff family ended long before the family became involved in the Ponzi scheme. She hasn't made any recent public appearances and hasn't revealed anything about herself since her divorce from Mark.

Given the circumstances surrounding Mark's death and his family's ongoing financial difficulties, his both wife were involved in a $255.3 million lawsuit alleging that they should have known about the fraud in the family business and reported it to the authorities. Mark's first wife Susan Elkin was sued for $2.4 million, while Stephanie Madoff was sued for $27.5 million.

Meanwhile, Mark's wife has changed her name to Mack from her previous alias Madoff Mack in order to avoid the attention she received. She is no longer ashamed, but she does not want to hear it. Mack was inspired by the letter M from Madoff and the airport code for Nantucket, Massachusetts, where she and Mark spent a lot of time together.

Moreover, Stephanie Mack revealed that she was overcome with emotion the first time she returned to the house where her husband committed suicide. Mark Madoff's widow said she was also horrified to see the marks left by the dog leash on one of the beams used in the hanging. She never intended to return to their Manhattan, New York apartment, but did so with their two children to provide them with some normalcy.

After Mark's suicide in 2010, she vowed she would never return to her old Manhattan apartment. Meanwhile, she had hired a builder to cover up the steel beam from which Mark hung himself, but the scuff marks on the ceiling remained visible. Miss Mack, who is now living in a rented apartment in Manhattan's Tribeca neighborhood with her children, opened up about how Mark's death had affected them. She stated that her kids don't talk much about Grandpa Bernie Madoff and that Mark had a boo-boo on his brain that caused his heart to stop when asked about their father.

Mark's wife Stephanie Mack gave an interview with ABC News in which she said that if she saw Bernie she'd tell him that she holds him fully responsible for killing her husband, and she would spit in his face. She also wrote a scathing memoir, The End Of Normal: A Wife's Anguish, A Widow's New Life, in which she discussed how she dealt with the public humiliation of being a member of America's most notorious family.

According to the book, Bernie once looked up at her bottom while she was pregnant with his grandchild and made crude jokes about how big it was. Moreover, miss Mack also claimed that his wife Ruth Madoff was such a diet freak that she poured copious amounts of salt on the food to prevent her from eating more than she considered necessary.