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Here’s a Peek at Merrick Watt’s Amazing Weight Loss Journey

By Harper Lee on February 20, 2023
Merrick Watts’ Weight Loss: An Insider on Watts’ Amazing Transformation and 5 KG Weight Loss

Merrick Watts' transformation through weight loss has surprised his fans. After appearing in the new traveling show, To Escape, the 49-year-old Australian comedian's physical appearance has been a new topic. The comedian used to weigh 100 kg, but right now he weighs between 80 and 85 kg. The father of two started working out regularly at 5 a.m., gave up alcohol, and avoided fatty foods, which resulted in a weight loss of more than 12.5 kg.

Merrick Watts is a radio and television presenter and comedian from Australia. He was born on November 18, 1973, in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, to Australian parents. He completed his education at Eltham High School and Diamond Valley College, located in his hometown. Watts was involved in extracurricular activities throughout his schooling, and after working in various local places, he decided to open a comedy show in 1996.

Merrick's career in comedy began with the comedy show, which was co-created with Tim Ross. They performed at numerous comedy festivals and had numerous stand-up shows and comedy tours throughout Australia, which resulted in the publishing of the comedy books Merrick and Rosso, The Book, and Merrick and Rosso: The Book, Volume 2.

Merrick was offered a radio career with Tim Ross at Triple J in 1998, performing a weekly guest spot on the drive-time program on Triple J radio as Merrick and Rosso. He worked part-time in radio until he discovered his true passion for full-time presenters, and in 2001 he relocated to the newly launched commercial radio station Nova 96.9 for the breakfast radio shift.

After working as a full-time podcaster for more than 8 years, the 49-year-old comedian and SAS Australia star left the successful radio program in 2009. Merrick started appearing on radio shows, including the new Breakfast Program, Drive & Night Show, and many more. He has also appeared in television series as a host, including Tractor Monkeys.

Recently, Merrick has been featured in the new travel show Escape to.. with co-hosts Lizzy Hoo and Tyson Mayr. After watching the show, many people are curious to know more about the host's personal and private life. Well, we will be discussing his weight loss journey, current life, and married life in this article. To know more, read this article.

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Merrick Watts's Weight Loss: The 49-Year-Old Australian Comedian Has Shed More Than 12KG!

Merrick Watts'(@merrickwatts) weight loss journey has astounded his fans; he has lost more than 12.5 kg and attributes his success in being in the best physical and mental shape of his life to the time he put into it. After witnessing the transformation, not only the locals but several of his admirers were impressed with his commitment.

When Watts posted his gym look on February 1, people were amazed by his transformation, and many were inspired by his dedication. In terms of his body, he was not as fit as he is now but was previously healthier. People began to suspect Merrick had done something to get in shape after noticing certain changes in his body in 2020.

Well, Merrick himself has revealed his secrets for losing weight. In 2020, Merrick lost 12.5 kilograms and impressed his fans with his physical appearance. The 49-year-old Australian comedian credited his journey to being in the best physical and mental state he's ever been in his entire life to his time on Channel Seven's SAS Australia. During the interview, he also stated;

I knew that just the process of getting ready for SAS Australia would be enough to rebuild my confidence, and I was right. I look at myself a year ago, and I was in the worst mental state I've ever been in. I look at myself a year later, and I'm in the best physical and mental state I've been in in my entire life.

Watts also admitted that being surrounded by positive energy and the overall change had been exceptionally good for his mind and body, leading him to be an inspiration to many of his fans. Later in the interview on The Kyle and Jackie O Show, Merrick also talked about his morning habits and admitted to changing them; he got up at 5 a.m. every morning and started working out.

Speaking about his eating habits, he cut out booze and fatty foods in order to gain the look. Merrick also revealed to The Daily Edition that his new health-conscious lifestyle had resulted in him dropping TWO pants sizes. He also stated;

I feel really good, and pretty happy with the results,' he said, after revealing that running, weights, swimming, and yoga helped him lose weight.

Before his weight transformation, he used to be 100 kg, and as of now, he is between 80 and 85 kg. Watts appears more youthful in the gym look, and some celebrities, including Michelle Bridges and Melissa Leong, appear to be fans of Watts' gym look. The 49-year-old Australian comedian also loves to post the content of food and admitted to being a wine lover.