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Mia Thronton and Bestie Jacqueline Blake Had a Nasty Fallout!

By Bridgette Dane on December 3, 2022
Mia Thronton’s Best Friend: Peek at Rhop Star and Jacqueline Blake’s Nasty Fight!

Mia Thronton and her Real Housewives of Potomac best friend Jacqueline Blake are no longer friends. Their friendship lasted approximately 22 years. The best friends seemed to suffer after Jacqueline joined the cast. They recently unfollowed each other, despite the fact that they have photos of each other on Jacqueline's social media.

Mia Thronton is a well-known entrepreneur, reality TV star, and Instagram influencer. She is the founder and CEO of Amilleon London and the Joint Chiro's Multi Clinic franchise owner. She rose to fame as a result of the reality show The Real Housewives of Potomac. Also, a branding expert who has assisted numerous start-ups in finding their way to success, the reality star supports Autism Speaks, a Better World UNCF, Elizabeth City State University, St. Jude, a Child's Place, and CASADC. She is involved in a variety of charitable endeavors which has made her the fans' favorite.

Mia was born on November 25, 1984. Hailing from Dallas, Texas, she graduated from North Carolina's Southeastern Institute with a degree in Neuromuscular Massage Therapy. Following graduation, Thornton began her career as a clinic director in Charlotte, North Carolina. She eventually landed a five-year partnership with a Fortune 500 company as well as ownership of Massage Envy Spas. When asked about her upbringing, family, and parents, the TV star revealed that she lived with her foster family. Daryl E. Lynem and Robin Elaine Lynem, her adoptive parents, raised her.

Mia Thronton introduced her new best friend Jacqueline Blake to the Real Housewives of Potomac cast just a few months ago. Mia and Jacqueline, who had allegedly been labeled as the influencer's lapdog by the other women after joining the show, have unfollowed one another on Instagram, seemingly confirming an apparent feud. As a result, fans are curious to learn more about Mia Thronton's best friend. Here is what we have got!

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Why Did Mia Thronton end her friendship with Best friend Jacqueline Blake?

Mia Thronton (@mrsmiathronton) and her best friend Jacqueline Blake (@thejacquelineblake) from The Real Housewives of Potomac appear to be very close on the show but are no longer friends now. They have been close friends for a long time, so much so that the latter was invited to appear on the Bravo show. Their friendship appeared to have taken a hit after Jacqueline joined the cast. Despite the fact that their friendship lasted for about 22 years. Although the former best friends have photos of each other on Jacqueline's social media, they recently unfollowed each other.

However, the reality star's recent Twitter feud with Jacqueline's niece proves the two are no longer friends. She took the ladies to Miami and invited her high school friend, Jacqueline, on the most recent episodes of RHOP. Mia was upset that Jacqueline did not bring her own products on the trip. Blake's niece took to Twitter to blast Thorton for humiliating her aunt on the Bravo reality show despite the fact that they had helped her when she was homeless.

According to Jacqueline's niece, Mia is dogging her aunt Jacqueline as if she didn't have to come live with them for years. She also accused Thronton of being impoverished while living with them. She also stated that she possessed nothing of her own. Furthermore, her mother has been nannying Mia for the past year or so. She also claimed that Mia unfollowed her on all of her accounts after she tweeted.

Other than this, Mia also put Jaqueline on display over the weekend when she shared a video of her ex-bestie getting into a physical altercation with her partner. The video showed Jacqueline hurling objects and striking the man filming the chaotic incident. Many believe Mia posted the incriminating video to sabotage Jacqueline's RHOP debut season. On the other hand, Jacqueline is now friends with Karen Huger.

Jacqueline Blake describes herself as a manifesto, and she frequently attends her daughter's cheerleading competitions. Despite her obvious career aspirations, the newcomer says nothing beats being a mother. On the other hand, she has been sharing her father's wisdom since his death, revealing that he taught her to live and be happy. Mina Thronton's ex-best friend is the CEO of Ava & Blakely, her own VA-HR Consulting company.

On Instagram, the reality star describes herself as working in the health and beauty industry. The mother of two works full-time while raising her two young daughters, after whom she named her company. Yes, one of her daughters is named Ava, and the other is named Blakely. Ava is the eldest, with ambitions to become an actress when she grows up, Blakely, born in Maryland, is the youngest of Jacqueline's two children.

The feud between the former best friends is currently flamed down. However, there's no sign of the two getting back together with each other.

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