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Mike Rowe Is Taking a Break From Relationships and Currently Swaying Single

By Ethan Young on January 4, 2023
Mike Rowe’s Girlfriend in 2022: Discover Why the Podcast Pro Is Taking a Break From Dating and Love

As of 2022, Mike Rowe is unmarried and has no girlfriend. Although Mike is linked with Sandy Dotson and Danielle Burgio, he has never come out officially with anyone until now. People are trying to learn more about Mike's personal life after his podcast got ranked among the top 200 podcasts in the world. Not only that, after stalking Mike on his social media, people have linked Mike and Mary Sullivan after Mike’s post, but the post clearly mentions Mary as his business partner.

Michael Gregory Rowe, alias Mike Rowe, was born on March 18, 1962, and serves as the host, narrator, and television personality. Mike was born and raised in Baltimore County, Maryland, by his parents, John and Peggy Rowe. Both of his parents were teachers who used to support their child's extracurricular activities. The talented host attended Overlea High School, where he specialized in drama and music. He earned a bachelor's degree in communication studies from Towson University in 1985.

Rowe began his career as a host on American Airlines On-Air TV, FX's No Relation, and PBS's New York Expeditions. Mike is well-known as the executive producer of one of the Discovery Channel's most popular shows, Dirty Jobs. In the series, Mike works at what is considered the worst job in the world. The celeb appears to be quite close to his father and grandparents, as he mentioned in the Dirty Jobs advertising that the program is a tribute to his father and grandfather.

Besides being good at hosting programs, Rowe has an extensive background as a narrator. He has narrated many Discovery Channel shows, including American Chopper, American Hot Rod, Deadliest Catch, Wild Pacific, Silver Rush, Ghost Lab, How the Universe Works, and Syfy's Ghost Hunters.

Rowe is also a founder of the mikeroweWORKS Foundation, which is focused on the decline in blue-collar trades and the crumbling state of infrastructure. Rowe is gaining more popularity after his podcast got ranked among the top 200 podcasts in the world. People are interested in Mike's children, Mike Rowe's girlfriend in 2022, and Mike Rowe's dating history. Here's everything we have on Mike Rowe's girlfriend in 2022.

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Mike Rowe Hasn’t Given Any Official Statements About His Dating Life and Girlfriend

Mike Rowe(@mikerowe) is single and has no girlfriend as of 2022. Although Sandy Dotson and Danielle Burgio have been tied to Mike, he has never publicly announced a relationship until now. Additionally, after stalking Mike on social media, people have linked him to Mary Sullivan after Mike's post, despite the fact that Mary is clearly mentioned in the article as his business partner.

Talking about Mike Rowe's dating life, Mike has always been a private person. People have only linked Mike with two women throughout his public life. In 2012, the TV host was first linked to Danielle Burgio, an American actress best known for her roles in Fear the Walking Dead. The pair was photographed many times in public, and due to their closeness, people concluded that Mike was in a relationship with Danielle Burgio.

Danielle Burgio was an actress who had a successful Hollywood career and was born in 1968. She began her acting career by appearing in various films, such as Showgirls with Elizabeth Berkley, John Carpenter's Vampires, and the biographical drama Summer of Sam with John Leguizamo. Danielle's creativity has also been pushed behind the camera, as she wrote, directed, and produced two short films, Lucy Falls and Girl Trip, which showed at film festivals around the US.

Danielle's performances in The Amazing Spider-Man, The Walking Dead, and Hangover 3 astounded the public. As of now, Danielle is married to Robert Merrill, who was her co-star in the movie Backlash, but both co-stars have maintained their personal lives, and there are only a few things known by the public.

According to some sources, Mike went so far as to propose to Danielle. Rowe and Danielle were also regarded as a Hollywood couple up until 2015, despite the fact that they never appeared in public together. The couple's relationship specifics are unknown, and because they never mentioned one another in interviews at the time, no one is certain of their connections, and all the rumors may not be true.

Mike and Danielle's relationship rumors didn’t last long, as in 2016, the podcast pro was reported to be in a relationship with Sandy Dotson. Mike and Sandy were linked after people photographed the pair during their vacation together, and it seemed they were dating.

After the news was flooded all over the internet, Rowe stated that he was in a long-term relationship with an understanding woman from San Francisco. However, he never said who the woman was or confirmed whether he was dating Sandy Dotson, and as of now, there's no official statement from Mike about his relationship.

In addition to being single, Mike Rowe also does not have kids. As to sources, Rowe has said that he has nothing against having children and has also discussed the advantages and disadvantages of parenthood using the examples of his friends. Additionally, Mike stated that he thinks most parents shouldn't be parents and that having a child is easy in theory but difficult in practice.