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Jeff Lewis Claims to Be Monroe Lewis’s Biological Father While Both Her Fathers Are Raging Under the Battle of Custody!

By Bridgette Dane on November 28, 2022
Monroe Lewis’s Biological Father: Jeff Lewis Claims to Be Her Biological Father

After changing her name from Monroe Lewis to Monroe Christine Edward Lewis, people are interested in learning more about Monroe's past, especially the identity of her biological father. Gage Edward and Jeff Lewis welcomed Monroe Lewis into their family after a seven-year relationship. Monroe was born through surrogacy, and her surrogate mother is Alexander Trent. After Gage and Edward's separation, they have been sharing the parental responsibilities of Monroe.

Monroe Lewis was born in the United States on October 25, 2016. Monroe is a remarkable child who is well-known on social media. The seven-year-old child star has grown in popularity through social media and a reality show called Flipping Out. With several social media fan accounts, Lewis is living under the light of stardom.

The father of  Monroe, Jeff Lewis earlier, stated in 2019 that he was struggling to enroll his daughter in a private school, and in December, Monroe's application was denied by a private school. Monroe Lewis was accepted into one of the three schools, a beautiful institution far from where they live. Monroe is a brilliant girl who appears to be struggling with her school's distance.

Monroe has never been out of the public eye, and at this point in her life, she enjoys taking photographs with her parents and is experienced in appearing attractive in photos. When people saw the picture of tiny Monroe having her nails done, they were surprised and couldn't believe how quickly the kid was growing up.

Monroe Christine Edward Lewis was born through surrogacy and lived with her two fathers, Gage Edward and Jeff Lewis. Monroe Lewis seemed to be closer to Jeff than Gage. People also enjoy the reality program Flipping Out, where we can watch Monroe during her regular day.

Monroe Christine has been in the spotlight since her father, Jeff Lewis, talked about handling a child in a TV show called eff Lewis Live. People are curious to know more about Monroe's Biological Father. After Jeff and Gage's separation, people wonder why Monroe had to change her name. To learn more about Monroe's life, read this article!

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Monroe Lewis Is a Surrogate Child to Gage Edward and Jeff Lewis!

Monroe Lewis is the daughter of Gage Edward and Jeff Lewis, whom they both welcomed after a seven-year relationship. Monroe Lewis is a surrogate kid, and Alexander Trent is her surrogate mother. People online pay special attention to Monroe's life are care about every detail of her life and they were particularly interested to know who her biological father was as they are two males in a homosexual relationship.

Jeff Lewis (@jljefflewis) is a television and radio personality mainly known for his Bravo reality show Flipping Out and Jeff Lewis Live. Lewis started his career by working for a real estate broker as a licensed real estate salesperson in California after he graduated from college. Jeff started his career in television in 2007 by debating on Flipping Out.

Gage Edward (@mrgageedward) is an interior designer currently working as a partner in Onsidedoor, a platform to provide services that make interior designers more profitable. Gage also had caught the ‘flipping bug’ and worked as the project manager for one of Jeff Lewis's many flips, Old Hollywood. Gage also loves his little girl, Morone, and he’s always quick to share photos of them through his social media.

Father of Monroe Lewis, Jeff Lewis, who is a real estate speculator, interior designer, and television and also a radio personality, announced his happiness through social media that jeff and Gage were having a baby girl through surrogacy and also stated,

There were so many obstacles along the way. I can’t tell you how grateful and appreciative we are

Jeff Lewis and Gage Edward have different methods for parenting their daughter Monroe Christine Lewis. Jeff Lewis characterizes himself as a last-minute type of man, whereas Gage is more of a planner. When Monroe Christine Lewis was one year old, both parents were aware of their responsibilities, as seen by appearances on their reality show Flipping Out.

Jeff Lewis has claimed that he is Monroe Lewis's biological father. Gage Edward and Jeff Lewis separated in February 2019 and decided to share joint custody and physical custody of their 4-year-old daughter, Monroe.  After the separation, Morone's name was changed from Monroe Christine Lewis to Monroe Christine Edward Lewis.

In an interview with People, Jeff made claims saying,

She's biologically my child. I just think that complicates things.

Lewis and Edward are both named as Monroe's parents on her birth certificate, so by virtue of California State Law, they each have equal parental rights to Monroe, regardless of their biological relationship.

Regarding the present situation, Monroe Christine is enjoying her life with both parents equally. Although Lewis and Edward still get together occasionally when their daughter needs them, Jeff says he is focused on his daughter, Monroe, and his business.

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