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Daddy’s Girl Nam Laks Net Worth Is Also in the Millions, Thanks to Her Dad Nakorn

By Ethan Young on January 25, 2023
Nam Laks’s Family’s Net Worth: Swinging in Her Daddy’s Fortune, Nam Laks Is Living the Luxurious Life of Millions

Nam Laks is worth $1 million, and her family is worth around $100 million, with her father accounting for the majority of it. The family has emerged as one of Thailand's wealthiest at the moment. Nam comes from a wealthy family and is the youngest of three children born to Thai businessman Nakorn.

Nam Laks is a fashion influencer, reality star, and graduate student who rose to prominence after her performance as a cast member in Netflix's original series Bling Empire: New York. She has appeared in the show since its first season. The second season of the series follows the extravagant lifestyles of eight cast members, which premiered on January 20, 2023. Dorothy Wang, Tina Leung, Richard Chang, Lynn Ban, Blake Abbie, Stephen Hung, and Vika Abbyaeva are among the stars cast in the new series.

The fashion influencer is a self-proclaimed daddy's girl who enjoys nothing more than a good shopping binge. When she appeared on Bling Empire: New York, the family name became more well-known. Although her father Nakorn Laksanakarn does not appear on the show physically, he is well-known to viewers due to his daughter's social media profile. As a result, fans are curious about Nam Lak's family net worth, including her father's fortune. Here's what we've covered so far.

Nam Laks’ Family Net Worth Is 100 Million Dollars: She Comes From a Wealthy Family and Lives a Lavish Lifestyle

Nam Lak's (@namlaks) family's net worth is $100 million with Nakorn Laksanakarn being responsible for the majority of it. Considering their lavish lifestyle and familial potential, the Laks family is one of Thailand's wealthiest families. Nam's father has held executive positions at the now $2 billion Bangkok-based Natural Park PCL. Throughout his time in upper management, he initiated and saw through multimillion-dollar initiatives. 

Nam's father is a real estate developer responsible for hotels, housing estates, and hospitals. However, no one knows what he does now, judging by his Facebook handle (@NakornLaksanakarn), he lives a pretty lavish lifestyle. Furthermore, he seems to be a car lover, because the majority of the photos on his social media are of cars he owns. Nakorn's daughter was the one who notified him of his fortune. His daughter is widely called the Blair Waldorf of Thailand because she has never hidden her family's wealth.

However, Nam Laks' net worth is estimated to be around $100,000 in 2023. She is still researching her career options and has not found a suitable field that suits her best. She may be earning a lot of money from being in a Netflix series. However, her family's overall fortune is far more massive in fact, estimated to be 1,000 times that amount. Meanwhile, the fashion influencer didn't want to pursue a Master's degree after graduating from the University of Manchester, but she did so at her father's demand. She admitted in the Bling Empire: New York that, her father loves it when his children graduate.

The 28-year-old reality star is clearly daddy's little girl, and her father does not always spoil her. A series of steps can be taken to persuade her father to agree. Nam moved to New York because she felt the need to break free from her her comfort zone. Her financial freedom did not manifest itself in any way; she did not learn to control her frivolous spending, and she did not supplement her income with a part-time job. Meanwhile, the graduate student lived in the opulent Latham Hotel, splurged on expensive brand-name clothing, and had a personal stylist who ensured she looked great for all of her fine events and classes. Her Instagram handle depicts her opulent lifestyle.

However, then there was the threat that Nam's connection would be severed if she didn't control her spending & work toward standing on her feet in New York, with the alternative being her return to Thailand. The truth is that her father, Nakorn, seems to understand the value of hard work because he was a successful business executive for most of his adult life, which he wants to instill in his children. Nam's father has the same expectations for her as he does for her brothers Nick and Nino: education and diligence.

Meanwhile, Nam Laks' father, Nakorn, rose through the ranks at Natural Park for several years before resigning in May 2016. This Thai Stock Exchange-listed company is involved in real estate business development on both a national and international scale. Furthermore, he claims that the country's political situation has had no effect on their business plans, implying that they can work and thrive in any case. It's no surprise, then, that Natural Park's assets, revenue, sales, & equity have all been in the millions in recent years.

It should be noted that it has also made investments in the life insurance market via Advance Life Insurance Public Company Limited. With Nakorn holding a position of power within the parent company, he would have benefited greatly. Considering all of the aforementioned factors, their lavish lifestyle, and their individual and familial potential, the Laks family appears to be one of the wealthiest families in Thailand at the moment.