Peach PRC’s Ex Boyfriend Alex Williamson Accused of Abuse; Uncover Their Love Story

Peach PRC’s Ex Boyfriend Alex Williamson Accused of Abuse; Uncover Their Love Story

Peach PRC previously dated her ex-boyfriend Alex Williamson, an Australian radio host, and comedian. She made a series of Twitter posts and accused Alex of abusive, manipulative, and predatory behavior while the two were dating. However, Williamson has refuted all of the claims and claimed Peach made the post because she was jealous of his TikTok fame.

Shaylee Curnow, better known as Peach PRC, is known for infusing her music with feelings of vulnerability and difficult emotions, including writing about synesthesia and mental health. You may know her for being on TikTok with comedic and self-care advice videos before releasing her first single, Blondes, which has over 4 million Spotify streams. Sharing content about her life, ADHD self-care advice, drug and alcohol abuse, and music, Peach has made her presence well known.

The 25-year-old pop singer is one of the most successful Australian TikTok creators, with 2 million followers and over 138 million likes on the social media platform. Before going viral on TikTok in 2020, Peach impressed judges on Australia’s Got Talent, The X Factor, and The Voice. Despite her growing TikTok fame, she has continued to address people in her personal life through music. As a result, fans are curious to learn more about her love life. Who is the singer’s ex-boyfriend? Follow this article to learn everything about Peach PRC’s ex-boyfriend.

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Peach PRC Accused Ex-Boyfriend Alex Williamson of Abusive, Manipulative, and Predatory Behavior While the Two Were in a Relationship

Peach PRC (@peachprc) previously dated Alex Williamson (@shootawilliamson), her ex-boyfriend. Peach was 19 at the time and Alex was 29. Alex is an Australian comedian and radio presenter. He rose to prominence through his YouTube channel and Instagram, both of which have a large fan base. In 2007, he began performing stand-up comedy, and in 2009, he was a state finalist in Triple J’s RAW Comedy Competition. He then moved to radio, hosting a show on SAFM and Austereo’s digital comedy station Barry. He also co-starred in the Australian zombie comedy Me & My Mates vs. the Zombie Apocalypse with Jim Jefferies.

While the two were in a relationship, the God Is a Freak singer accused Alex of abusive, manipulative, and predatory behavior in a social media post on April 2021. However, Williamson responded by going on a staged Instagram rant in which he denied the allegations and blamed Peach. He also claimed Peach made the video out of jealousy of his TikTok fame.

Peach PRC and her ex-boyfriend Alex Williamson who was accused of domestic abuse

Peach PRC and her ex-boyfriend Alex Williamson who was accused of domestic abuse.
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Meanwhile, Alex’s management team at More Talent terminated their working relationship with him in the aftermath of the abuse allegations. He was also dropped from his upcoming performances at the Sydney Comedy Festival and the Perth Comedy Festival just days after the abuse allegations surfaced.

Moreover, Williamson broke his silence about his reaction and the subsequent fallout. He offered a half-apology for his comments in another Instagram story post, claiming that some of them were a slap in the face to survivors of sexual and physical abuse. All claims have been refuted by Williamson. Following the allegations, Instagram deleted Williamson’s profile.

Other than this, Williamson claimed Curnow attempted to de-platform him for the second time, after which she removed the posts. Other celebrities backed up Curnow’s story, revealing their own personal trauma with Williamson. Looking at Williamson’s dating history, his ex-girlfriend, Alex Paige Moore, also revealed that she dumped him after discovering him sending inappropriate texts to another woman and that they now only create content together.

Peach Prc’s Dark and Messy Past as an Adult Entertainer, and Why She Was Forced To Hide Her Real Name

Peach PRC has spoken out about her tumultuous past as an adult entertainer. After graduating from high school at 19, she worked as a stripper for four years. To keep her past private, she was forced to perform under a stage name. She didn’t want to give her real name to customers or release music under her real name because people can be creepy when they have too much information.

Peach went on to say she has no regrets and is extremely proud of her accomplishments. Her music and lyrics are heavily influenced by her life experiences, which she is grateful for. It comes after Peach PRC revealed that she is a lesbian. Previously, she had identified as bisexual. The singer announced the news on Instagram, along with a series of photos of herself posing in a garden in a sheer pink gown. Fans flocked to the musician’s side, leaving messages of encouragement in the comments section.